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Families covered: Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch

Berry shows the following Thomas as son of another Thomas and elder brother of William who m. a dau of John Brockman.
Thomas Knatchbull
m. Eleanora
1. Richard Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch (a 1485)
  m. Catherine Lewknor (dau of Sir Thomas Lewknor)
  A. Richard Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch (d 1523)
  m. Agnes Brent (dau of Robert Brent)
  i. John Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch (d 1540)
m. Alice Fowle (or Foch or Fonte) of Tenterden
  a. Richard Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch (b c1525, d 22.08.1582)
  m1. Joan Sheaf
  (1) Richard Knatchbull (b c1554, d 20.01.1590)
  m. Anne Scot (dau of Sir Thomas Scot of Scot's Hall)
  (A) Thomas Knatchbull (dsp)
  (2) John Knatchbull (dsp)
m. Elizabeth Scot (dau of Sir Thomas Scot of Scot's Hall)
  (3) Alice Knatchbull
  (4) Anne Knatchbull (d 06.1625)
  m. Sir Edward Boys of Fridville
  (5) Elizabeth Knatchbull
  m. William Gibbons of Westcliff
(6) Catharine Knatchbull
  m. Alexander Hamon or Haman
  m2. Susan Green (dau of Thomas Green of Bobbing)
  (7) Sir Norton Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch, Sheriff of Kent (dsp 1636, MP)
  m1. Anne Wentworth (dau of Paul Wentworth)
  m2. Bridget Astley (d 04.11.1625, dau of John Astley of Maidstone)
  m3. Mary Aldersea (dau of John Aldersea of Spurgrove (Aldesey of Spurstow))
  (8) Thomas Knatchbull (b c1571, d 1623)
m. Eleanor Astley (dau of John Astley of Maidstone)
  (A) Sir Norton Knatchbull, 1st Bart of Mersham Hatch (b c1601, d 05.02.1684-5)
  m1. (1630) Dorothy Westrow (dau of Thomas Westrow, Sheriff of London)
  (i) Sir John Knatchbull, 2nd Bart (b c1636, d 15.12.1696)
  m. (17.01.1659) Jane Monins (d 07.06.1699, dau of Sir Edward Monins, 2nd Bart of Waldershare)
  (a) Eleanor Knatchbull
  m. Roger West of Marsworth
  (b) Elizabeth Knatchbull
  m. _ Lely
(c) Jane Knatchbull
  m1. Sir George Herbert, Bart
  m2. Richard Whitshed or Whitsted of Dublin
  (d)+ other issue - 3 sons (dsp), 6 daughters
  (ii) Sir Thomas Knatchbull, 3rd Bart (d c1712/1734)
  m. Mary Dering (bur 24.06.1724, dau of Sir Edward Dering, Bart)
  (a) Sir Edward Knatchbull, 4th Bart (d 03.04.1730)
  m. (22.12.1698) Alice Wyndham (d 15.04.1723, dau of John Wyndham of Norrington)
  ((1)) Sir Wyndham Knatchbull-Wyndham, 5th Bart (b 26.11.1699, d 03.07.1749)
m. (23.06.1730) Catharine Harris (d 06.01.1740-1, dau of James Harris of Salisbury)
  ((A)) Sir Wyndham Knatchbull-Wyndham, 6th Bart (b 16.02.1737, d unm 26.09.1763)
  ((B)) Joan Elizabeth Catherine Knatchbull-Wyndham (d unm)
  ((2)) Sir Edward Knatchbull, 7th Bart (b 12.12.1704, d 21.11.1789)
m. Grace Legge (dau of William Legge of Salisbury)
  ((A)) Sir Edward Knatchbull, 8th Bart, Sheriff of Kent (d 01.09.1819)
  m1. (07.1780) Mary Hugessen (d 24.05.1784, dau of William Western Hugessen of Provender)
  ((i)) Sir Edward Knatchbull, 9th Bart (b 20.12.1781, d 24.05.1849) had issue
  m1. (25.08.1806) Annabella Christiana Honywood (d 04.04.1814, dau of Sir John Honywood, Bart)
m2. (24.10.1820) Fanny Catherine Knight (d 24.12.1882, dau of Edward Knight of Godmersham Park)
  ((ii)) Norton Joseph Knatchbull (d unm 1801)
  m2. (04.06.1785) Frances Graham (d 23.11.1799, dau of Governor John Graham of Georgia)
  ((iii)) Wyndham Knatchbull (b 23.08.1786, d 05.04.1868, rector of Aldington Smeeth and Westbere) had issue (1 daughter)
m. (16.12.1826) Anna Maria Elizabeth Dawkins (d 1855, dau of Henry Dawkins)
  ((iv)) Thomas Knatchbull (dsp 1855, Captain)
  m. (30.04.1825) Jane Connell (dau of Sir John Connell)
  ((v)) Frances Anne Knatchbull (d 14.03.1843)
  BLG1952 (Hughes-Hallett) suggests that Frances was dau of Mary Hugessen but BP1934 shows her as dau of Frances Graham.
m. (24.05.1806) Rev. Charles Hughes-Hallett of Higham
  ((vi)) Mary Knatchbull (d 23.02.1846)
  m. (20.06.1818) W. Dickins (rector of Adisham)
  ((vii)) Harriet Knatchbull (d 05.08.1864)
  m. (20.08.1816) G.H. D'Aeth of Knowlton Court (Admiral)
  ((ix))+ other issue - Charles (b c1789, d 13.08.1835, captain), John (d unm)
  m3. (13.04.1801) Mary Hawkins (d 19.12.1850, dau of Thomas Hawkins of Nash Court)
  ((xi)) Henry Edward Knatchbull (b 30.08.1808, d 31.08.1876, rector of Camsea Ashe)
  m. (17.09.1835) Pleasance Bagge (d 31.12.1865, dau of Thomas Bagge of Stradsett Hall)
((xii)) Reginald Edward Knatchbull of Claremount Court, Jersey (b 11.05.1812, d 15.04.1885, Lt. General) had issue
  m1. (11.07.1845) Lucy Eleanor Bowen (d 20.09.1846, dau of Capt. William Bowen)
  m2. (21.10.1852) Sarah Emma Lomwe (d 23.11.1907, dau of Capt. Owen Lomer)
  ((xiii)) Mary Anne Knatchbull (d 24.07.1843)
  m. (06.03.1823) Henry Revel Reynolds
  ((xiv)) Eleanor Knatchbull (d 30.10.1883)
  m. (24.07.1823) George John Watson, later Milles, 4th Lord Sondes (b 20.01.1794, d 17.12.1874)
  ((xv)) Anne Frances Knatchbull (d 16.04.1837)
  m. (04.04.1836) W.H. Hanson (rector of Hockwold)
((xvi)) Catherine Knatchbull
  m. (17.05.1828) Henry Charles Morton Dyer
  ((xvii)) Grace Mary Knatchbull (d 14.01.1873)
  m. (01.08.1832) John Hopton Russel Chichester
  ((xviii)) Eliza Knatchbull (d unm 05.07.1900)
  ((B)) Anne Eliza Knatchbull (dsp)
  m. _ Newton of Southover (Colonel)
  ((C)) Catherine Maria Knatchbull (d 30.01.1807)
  m. (12.06.1790) Wyndham Knatchbull (b 11.09.1750, d 29.06.1833) @1@ below
  ((D))+ other issue - Norton (d unm), Wyndham (d infant), Alice (b c1762, d unm 1779), Grace (d infant), Joan (d infant)
  ((3)) Wadham Knatchbull (b 28.04.1707, d 27.12.1760, chancellor of Durham, vicar of Chilham)
  m. (08.07.1743) Harriet Parry (dau of Charles Parry)
((A)) Charles Knatchbull (b 23.05.1747, dsp 25.12.1826, Captain RN, 2nd son)
  m. (31.07.1785) Frances Knatchbull (d 18.03.1818, dau of Norton Knatchbull) @2@ below
  ((B)) Wyndham Knatchbull (b 11.09.1750, d 29.06.1833)
  m. (12.06.1790) Catherine Maria Knatchbull (d 30.01.1807, dau of Sir Edward Knatchbull, 7th Bart) @1@ above
((i)) Wadham Knatchbull of Cholderston Lodge (b 09.08.1794, d 09.01.1876, prebendary of Welles) had issue
  m. (05.07.1825) Louisa Elizabeth Wyndham (d 25.06.1845, dau of William Wyndham of Dinton)
  ((ii)) William Francis Knatchbull of Babington, Sheriff of Somerset (b 30.07.1804, dsp 02.05.1871)
  m. (11.04.1829) Emma Louisa Grey (dau of Charles Gordon Grey of Jamaica)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Wyndham (b 23.09.1795, d 14.10.1813), Norton Charles (b 05.06.1801, d 10.1823)
  ((C)) Catharine Knatchbull (b 23.12.1752)
  m. Thomas Knight of Godsmersham (dsp 1794)
  ((D))+ other issue - Wadham (b c1746, d 1773), Harriet (d young)
  ((4)) Norton Knatchbull of Somerset (b 28.05.1711, d 10.05.1782, major)
  m. (1758) Judith Long (d 18.05.1772, dau of William Long)
((A)) Frances Knatchbull (d 18.03.1818)
  m. (31.07.1785) Charles Knatchbull (b 23.05.1747, dsp 25.12.1826) @2@ above
  ((5)) Alice Knatchbull (b 04.04.1703)
  m. Edward Hearst of Salisbury
  ((6)) Catharine Knatchbull (b 03.02.1709-10, dsp 08.06.1796)
  m. (11.06.1754) Thomas Harris (b 01.01.1711-2, dsp 21.02.1785)
  ((7))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), Mary (d 1729)
  (b) Catharine Knatchbull (d 1755)
  m1. (18.01.1705-6) Sir George Rooke (Vice Admiral)
  m2. Hon. Henry Moore (rector of Malpas and Wimslow)
(c) other issue (d unm) - Heneage, Thomas
  (iii)+ other issue - Norton (d unm), others (dvp)
  m2. (27.11.1662, sp) Dorothy Honeywood (bur 02.05.1694, dau of Sir Robert Honeywood, relict of Sir Edward Stewart)
  (B) Thomas Knatchbull
  m. Anne Chute (dau of Edward Chute) ## see here ##
  (C) Bridget Knatchbull
  m. George Curtis of Tenterden
  (D) Margaret Knatchbull
  m. Nicholas Toke of Goddinton
  (E)+ other issue - Susan, Alice, others (dsp - Richard, Francis, Astley, John, George)
  (9) John Knatchbull (d unm)
  (10) George Knatchbull (dsp)
  m. Joan Gilbert (dau of Thomas Gilbert of Sandwich)
  (11) Ursula Knatchbull
  m. Alexander Shepherd of Peasemarsh
  (12) Mary Knatchbull
  m. Paul Claybrooke of Nash Court
  b. John Knatchbull
  m. _ Sheaf (sister of Joan)
  c. Reginald Knatchbull
  m. Anne Crispe (dau of William Crispe, Lt. of Dover Castle)
  (1) Reginald Knatchbull
  (A) Mary Knatchbull (abess at Ghen)
  d. William Knatchbull
  m. Katherine Greene (dau of John Greene)
  e. Mary Knatchbull
  m. John Finch
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Sybilla

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Brabourne'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p297+)
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