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Families covered: Rooke of Bigsweir (Bigswear), Rooke of Canterbury, Rooke of Mersham, Rooke of Monks Horton

Thomas Rooke of Mersham, Kent (d before 13.11.1538)
m. (Elizabeth?) Lucas
1. George Rooke of Mersham (d 1554) the first mentioned by BLG1952 & Visitation
  m. Agnes Hall
  A. Thomas Rooke of Mersham
  m. Margaret Scott (dau of Sir Reginald Scott of Scot's Hall by Mary, dau of Brian Tuke)
  i. George Rooke (bpt 19.05.1577)
  m. Sarah Lyne
  a. Timothy Rooke in Canterbury (d before 11.04.1685)
  m. Mary Barnham of Boughton Quarry (a 1681)
  (1) Mary Rooke
m. Thomas Shepheard
  (2)+ other issue - Edward of Southwark (b c1643, a 1681), Robert (dvp?)
  ii. Jane Rooke
  m. William Nethersole
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth (bpt 09.10.1576, d 12.1599)
B. Laurence Rooke of Mersham (d 1612) this line followed by BLG1952 & Visitation
  BLG1952 identifies Laurence's wife as Ursula, dau of Sir Richard Scott, but 'The Genealogist' confirms that she was ...
  m. (09.08.1576) Ursula Scott (d 16.01.1629, dau of Sir Reginald Scott of Scot's Hall, sister of Margaret)
  i. George Rooke of Monks Horton (b 1578-9, bur 07.06.1649)
  m. Maria Burrell (dau of William Burrell of Poplar and/or Deptford and/or Cuckfield, niece of Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester)
a. Laurence Rooke of Monks Horton (b 13.03.1621-2, d 1662)
  m. Barbara or Sarah Heyman (dau of Sir Peter Heyman of Somerfield son of Henry, by Rebecca, dau/coheir of Robert Horne, Bishop of Winchester)
  (1) Heyman Rooke, last of Monks Horton, of Canterbury then Isleworth (bpt 1653, d 09.01.1724-5, Major General)
  m. Disney (a 1756)
  (A) James Rooke of Bigsweir (Bigswear), Gloucestershire (d 16.06.1773)
  m1. (16/26.08.1707) Mary Tudor (d 05.11.1726, natural dau of Charles II by Mary Davis)
  m2. (03.07.1735) Jane Catchmay (bpt 25.07.1703, d 05.03.1777, dau/heir of Tracy Catchmay of Bigswear)
  (i) James Rooke of Bigsweir (Bigswear) (d 11.10.1805, General, MP)
  m. (03.09.1777) Elizabeth Brown (b 1729-80, d 05.03.1806)
  (a) James Rooke of Bigsweir & Wichwood Lodge (d 1819)
  m1. (25.05.1798) Mary Rigge (d 15.11.1814, dau/coheir of Thomas Rigge of Clifton)
  ((1)) George Rooke of Bigsweir (d unm 15.12.1839, Captain)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Rooke (d young)
m2. _ Kane of St. Kitts (m2. _ Smith)
  (b) Jane Sophia Rooke (b 1763-4, d unm 11.07.1790)
  (c) Eleanor Rooke
  m1. (sp) _ Patterson (Colonel)
  m2. (07.09.1802) Thomas Probyn, Governor of St. Kitts (Lt. Colonel)
m3. (sp) Charles Fallon (Captain)
  (ii) Eleanor Rooke (b c1741, d 25.09.1768)
  m. (25.01.1762) Charles Wyndham of Clowerwall, later Edwyn of Dunraven Castle (m2. widow of ?? Ashley)
  (iii) Barbara Rooke (bpt 30.09.1741, dsp)
  m. Rev. T. Barry (of Gloucester?)
  (iv) Frances Rooke (b 1743, bur 1746)
  (v) Jane Rooke (dsp)
  m. Rev. Thomas Birt of Newland
(vi) Margaret Frances Disney Rooke (d 1766) probably of this generation
  m. William Sheldon of Weston (d 1780)
  (B) Brudenell Rice Rooke of Piccadilly (b c1692, d before 03.1776, Captain)
  m. (22.01.1722-3) Anne Millington (bpt 22.08.1703, d 28.05.1770-1, dau of Thomas Millington of Westminster)
  (i) Henry Rooke (b 30.07.1742, d 12.06.1821)
  (a) Selina Mary Rooke (b 08.04.1772, d 03.02.1859)
m. Sir Henry Willoughby Rooke @@ just below
  (ii) Charles Rooke of Drayton (b 04.09.1746, d 02.02.1827, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Dawson (dau of Ambrose Dawson of Langcliffe Hall & Bolton Hall by Mary, sister of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart)
  (a) Sir Henry Willoughby Rooke of Marinshern, later of Pilston House (b 02.08.1782, d 02.05.1869, Major General, ADC to the Duke of Wellington) had issue
  m. Selina Mary Rooke (dau/heir of Henry Rooke) @@ just above
  (b)+ other issue - John Charles (b 10.07.1781, Lt. Colonel), Elizabeth Dinah (b 11.08.1777, d young), Mary Hannah (b 1785-6, d unm 23.08.1870)
  (iii) Elizabeth Rooke (b 13.05.1734-5, d 13.04.1802)
m. (27.04.1765) John Douglas, Bishop of Carlisle then Salisbury
  (iv)+ other issue - Heyman (b 20.02.1723-4, d unm 18.09.1806, Major), Brudenell (b 03.06.1725, d 1776), Robert (b 31.03.1727, dsp), William (b 09.05.1728, d young), George (b 03.09.1733, d young), Anne (b 20.08.1729, d young), Selina (b 24.02.1731, d unm), Jane (b 05.11.1736)
  (2) Elizabeth Rooke (bpt 18.01.1655)
m. William Graye
  (3)+ other issue - George (bpt 11.04.1653, a 1709, Captain), Carles, Laurence (bpt 20.03.1656), William (bpt 20.03.1660?), Mary (bpt 18.01.1654), Barbara (bpt 04.09.1658), Martha (bpt 1659)
  b. Sir William Rooke 'of Horton' of Canterbury, Sheriff of Kent (b c1623, d 10.03.1690-1)
  m. Jane Finch (dau/coheir of Thomas Finch of Copetree by Ursula, dau of John Best of Allington Castle by Anne, dau of Laurence Rooke of Mersham)
  (1) Sir George Rooke of Rook's Nest (b 1650, d 12/24.01.1708-9, Vice Admiral of England)
  m1. Mary (Margaret) Howe (d 1699, dau of Sir John Grubham Howe of Cold Barwick, 1st Bart, by Elizabeth, dau of Speaker Sir Harbottle Grimston, Bart)
  m2. Mary Luttrell (d 07.172, dau of Colonel ?? Luttrell of Dunster Castle)
(A) George Rooke (b 1702, dsp 24.11.1739)
  m. Frances Ward (dsp bur 22.10.1770, dau of John Ward, 1st Viscount Dudley & Ward)
  m3. Catherine Knatchbull (d 19.08.1755, dau of Sir Thomas Knatchbull, Bart, (by Mary, dau of Sir Edward Dering, Bart), m2. Henry Moore)
  (2) Thomas Rooke (bur 05.1701, Captain)
  m. (c11.1689) Anne Worrall (bpt 11.02.1666-7, bur 06.09.1697)
  (3) Finch Rooke (d 08.03.1696)
  (4) Mary Rooke
m. _ Blashford
  (5) Ursula Rooke
  m. Sir Thomas Hardres of Hardres, 3rd Bart (b c1660, d 1688)
  (6) Jane Rooke
  m. (30.03.1693)Thomas Lee (Captain)
  (A)+ issue - George, Thomas, William, Jane
  c. Mary Rooke (bpt 16.10.1625)
  m. Thomas Gibbon of West Cliffe (son of Thomas by Dorothy, dau of John Best of Allington by Dorothy Knatchbull)
ii. William Rooke 'of Horton'
  m1. (09.1611) Anna Toke (dau of George Toke or Tooke of Beere by Peyton, dau of Thomas Monins)
  a.+ issue (a 1619) - John (b c1610), George (b c1612), Laurence (b after 1619?), Anna
  m2. Susan (Heyman?)
  iii. John Rooke in Canterbury (dsp before 29.11.1634)
  m. Maria Fogg (a 11.1634, dau of Ezechias Fogg (ffogg) of Chilham)
  iv. Thomas Rooke (b 1576-7)
  v. Ursula Rooke (d before 16.06.1634)
  m. Henry Vanner (dsp 1630, alderman of Canterbury)
  vi. Anne Rooke
  m. (1598) John Best of Allington Castle
  vii. Elizabeth Rooke (bpt 09.10.1576)
  m(1). (19.04.1604) Thomas Fineux (ffineux) of Hougham
  m(2). (by 1634, ??) _ Barton
  viii. Mary Rooke (bpt 1580, d 1622)
  m. Thomas Taverner
  C. John Rooke
2. William Rooke of Mersham (bur 21.12.1560)
  m. Jone
  A.+ issue - son, Rose, Amy (bpt 20.01.1560-1)
3. Alice Rooke
  m. Thomas Sole (Atsloe?)

Main source(s): 'The Genealogist' (George Marshall (1880), vol 4, p195+) with some support from BLG1952 ('Rooke of Bigsweir House'), Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Rooke')
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