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Families covered: Fogge of Ashford, Fogge of Dane Court, Fogge of Repton
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BHO reports that "This family was originally of Lancashire, from whence Otho Fogge came into this county in the beginning of king Edward I.'s reign".
Otho Fogge (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. John Fogge
  A. Sir Francis Fogge of Repton in Ashford, Kent the first mentioned by the Scott book
  m. Joan de Valoynes (dau/coheir of Waretius de Valoynes or Valoigns of Rapentone or Repton by dau/coheir of Robert de Hougham)
  i. Sir Thomas Fogge of Repton (a 1377, Captain of Calais Castle)
  m. Ann, Countess of Joyeaux in (Normandy
  a. Sir Thomas Fogge of Canterbury (d 1407)
  m(2). Joan de Valence (d 1425, dau of Sir Stephen de Valence)
  (1) Sir William Fogge of Repton
  The Scott book shows William as father of John by his 2nd wife, the unnamed dau/heir of Septuans of Ash & Dymchurch, without naming his 1st wife. We have seen various web sites identify his 1st wife as follows and show her as John's mother. Provisionally, we show as follows with more details on the 2nd wife (in italics) coming from various web sites.
m1. _ Wadham (dau of (Sir) William Wadham)
  m2. _ Septuans (dau/heir of William Septuans of Ash & Dymchurch by Elizabeth, dau of Richard Cheney of Shurland)
  (A) Sir John Fogge of Repton, Sheriff of Kent (b by 1417, d 1490)
  The Scott book shows John as father of John by by Alice Hawte. However, there seems to be confusion/contradiction as to which of Sir John's wives was mother of his children. As his first wife was the heiress of Westenhanger/Westernhanger which appears to have passed to his 2nd son Thomas who later sold it to his brother John (although some web sites suggest that it went to Sir John directly), we (provisionally) presume that both of his sons were by that heiress. The Scott book follows only the line of the (younger) son, Thomas.
  m1. Alice Criol (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Criol or Kyriell of Westenhanger)
  (i) Sir John Fogge of Repton
  m. Joan Lee (dau of Sir Richard Lee, Lord Mayor of London)
(a) Sir John Fogge of Repton, Sheriff of Kent (d 1564)
  m. Margaret Goldwell (dau of Jeffrey Goldwell)
  ((1)) Edward Fogge of Repton (dsp 1577-8)
  ((2)) son
  ((3)) George Fogge of Braborne, last of Repton
  Other than to identify him as 3rd son of Sir John, George is the first mentioned by Visitation (Kent, 1574, Fogge) which provides the next generation and names their children.
m1. Margaret Kempe (dau of Sir William Kempe of Ollantigh, sister of Sir Thomas)
  ((A)) Richard Fogge of Dane Court, Tilnestone, Kent (b c1548, 1598)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Armytage (1906), Kent, 1663, 'Fogge of Dane Court').
  m. Anne Sackvile (dau of Sir Christopher Sackvile of Sedelscombe, brother of Sir Richard of Danecourt)
  ((i)) Thomas Fogge of Dane Court (b 28.08.1585)
  m. Sybilla Lloyd (d 1645, dau of George (or Thomas?) Lloyd of Marston)
  ((a)) Richard Fogge of Dane Court (b c1607, d 1680)
  m. Anne Darrel (dau of Nicholas Darrel, brother of Robert of Calehill)
  (((1))) Jane Fogge
  m. Rev. Strangford Viol or Voel
  (((A))) Jane Viol or Voel
  m. Edward Jacob of Canterbury
  (((2)))+ other issue - Edward, John, Richard, Christopher, William, Thomas, George, Cicely
  One of these sons was father of ...
(((A))) Richard Fogge, last of Dane Court (a 1724)
  ((ii)) Cicely Fogge who married ...
  m. Edmund Apowell of Sandford
  ((B)) Ezechias Fogge of Chilham, Kent
The following comes from CountyGen (Berry, Kent, p. 471), supported by Visitation (Armytage (1906), Kent, 1663, 'Fogge').
  m. Margaret Courthope (dau of Thomas Courthope)
  ((i)) Richard Fogge of Barham, Kent
  m. Mary Wood (dau of Martin Wood of London)
((a)) Whittingam Fogge of Chilham (b 1608, a 1663)
  m. Catherine Wilsford (dau of Sir Thomas Wilsford (Wilford?) of Kingston)
  (((1))) Whittingam Fogge (2nd son?)
  m. Christiana Spracklyn (dau of Leonard Spracklyn or Sprakelyn)
  (((2))) Dorothey Fogge
  m. Giles Spracklyn or Sprakelyn
  (((3))) Anne Fogge
  m. William Veale
  (((4)))+ other issue - Thomas, William, Anthony
  ((b))+ other issue - Ezekias (b 1609), Katharine
  ((ii)) Maria Fogg (a 11.1634) probably of this generation
  m. John Rooke in Canterbury (dsp before 29.11.1634)
  ((C)) Martha Fogge
  m. "Colly of Douer"
  ((D))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary, Clare
m2. Honor Palmer (dau of Sir Thomas Palmer)
  ((G)) Thomas Fogge
  ((4)) Margaret Fogge
  m. Humphrey Stafford
  (b) Bridget Fogge probably of this generation
m. Anthony Lowe (bur 12.12.1555)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Fogge of Repton & Westenhanger (d 16.08.1512)
  The following comes from the Scott book.
  m. Eleanor Brown (dau/heir of Sir Robert Brown, son of Sir Thomas of Betchworth)
  (a) Ann Fogge
  m. William Scott (dsp, son of Sir John of Scot's Hall, brother of Reginald)
  (b) Alice Fogge
m1. Edward Scote of the Mote, Iden (son of Sir William of Scott's Hall)
  m2. Sir Robert Oxenbridge of Brede (d 1574)
  m2. (1429) Alice Haute (a 1512, dau of William Haute of Bishopsbourne by Joan, dau of Richard Wydville of Maidstone)
  (iii) Jane Fogge (d 1505)
  m. Sir Thomas Green of Green's Norton
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is now known, was ...
  (iv) Anne Fogge
  m. John Brograve of Kent

Main source(s): various web sites including BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', vol 7, 'The town and parish of Ashford') with input/support from 'Memorials of the Family of Scott, of Scot's Hall, in the County of Kent' (James Renat Scott, 1876, 'Extract from Pedigree of Fogge of Repton in Ashford, etc.', p175) and as reported above
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