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Families covered: Darell (Darrell) of Calehill
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John Darell of Calehill (d 19.01.1618)
m. Anne Horne (d 04.01.1624, dau of Robert Horne, Bishop of Winchester)
1. Sir Robert Darell or Darrell of Calehill (b c1567, d 23.02.1643/5)
  m1. (sp) Alice Peyton (dau of Thomas Peyton of Knolton)
  m2. (1614) Jane or Anne Tolderby (dau of Christopher Tolderby or Tolvervey of London)
  A. Sir John Darrell of Calehill (d 1675)
  m1. Elizabeth Dering (dau of Sir Edward Dering, Bart)
i. Elizabeth Darell
  m. Sir John Darrell of Calehill (dsp 1694) @@ just below
  m2. (sp) Bridget Denne (dau of Thomas Denne of Canterbury)
  B. Edward Darell (d 1665)
  m. Dorothy Kipping
  i. Sir John Darrell of Calehill (dsp 1694)
  m. Elizabeth Darell (dau of Sir John Darrell of Calehill) @@ just above
  C. Christopher Darell
  D. Mary Darell
  m. Sir Francis Clerke of Ulcombe (b c1624, d 1685)
2. James Dorrell or Darrell (3rd son)
  m. Catharine Wade of Cochester
  A.+ issue - John, Robert, Marmaduke, Elizabeth, Anna
3. Nathaniel Darell, Governor of Guernsey
  m. Anne Beauvoir of Guernsey
  A. Nathaniel Darell, Governor of Sheerness
  m. _ Legge (dau of Colonel John Legge of Dartmouth family)
i. John Darell of Calehill
  m. Olivia Smythe (dau of Philip Smythe, 2nd Viscount Strangford)
  a. Philip Darell of Calehill
  m. Mary Constantine (dau of Robert Constantine of Dorset)
(1) Henry Darell of Calehill
  m. Elizabeth Gage (dau of Sir Thomas Gage, Bart)
  (A) Edward Darell of Calehill (d 13.01.1851, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (02.03.1802 or 10.02.1810) Mary Anne Bullock (dau of Thomas Bullock of Muscoats)
  (B) Lucy Darell (a 1829)
  m. (1789) Sir Edward Hales, Bart (dsp 1829)
  (C) Elizabeth Darell (a 1828)
m. John Linch French (d by 1828)
  (D) Barbara Darell (d 20.12.1861)
  m. (1809) Francis Cholmeley of Brandsby
  (E)+ other issue - Henry (dvp unm 1802), Phlip (d unm 1813), Mary (a 1828), Catherine (d unm c1802), Margaret (a 1828)
  (2) Philip Darell (4th son)
  m. _ Poole
  (A) Eleanor or Ellen Darell ("eldest daughter") probably of this generation
m. (04.1822) Osborn William Chambers
  (3) Catherine Darell
  m. Michael Bray
  (4) Barbara Darell
  m. _ Broadman or Boardman of Manchester
  (5)+ other issue - Edward, John, Anthony
  b. George Darell of Scotney (a 1720)
  George obtained Scotney following the death of Arthur Darrell (Darell) in 1720.
  m. Mary Lowe of Suffolk
  (1) John Darell of Scotney (a 1774)
  c.+ other issue - John, James (Rev.), Catherine, Frances, Olivia
  ii. Nathaniel Darell
  iii. Mary Darell
  m. Sir Charles Murray ## see here?? ##
  iv. Elizabeth Darell
m. Thomas Sackville
  B. Ann Darell
  m. _ Cary of Guernsey
4. John Dorrell or Darrell (b c1573, d 1646, "gentleman harbinger to King James and King Charles")
  m. Lady Dorothy Harfleet
  A.+ 2 daughters
5. Nicholas Dorrell or Darrell
  m1. (sp) Eliza Gifford (dau of Achil. Gifford of Devonshire)
  m2. Jane Boys (dau of Edward Boys of Betteshanger)
  A. Anne Darell probably of this generation
m. Richard Fogge of Dane Court (b c1607, d 1680)
6. Robert Dorrell or Darrell in Lincolnshire
  m. Christiana
7. Mary Dorrell or Darrell
  m. George Tucker of Milton
8. Elizabeth Dorrell or Darrell
  m. Richard Sedley of Digonswell
9. Sara Dorrell or Darrell
  m. (1602) Justinian Champney of Wrotham
10. Anna Dorrell or Darrell probably the Anne (d 1634) who married ...
  m. George Darell (d 1631, prebendary of Winchester)
11.+ other issue - George (dvpsp), Henry, George (a c1621), Richard (dsp), Edward (dsp)

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Darell of Calehill'), Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Darrell and Dorrell'), Commoners (vol 1, 'Darell of Calehill', p134+), CountyGen (Berry, Kent, p102+)

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