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Families covered: Brograve of Beckenham, Brograve of Braughin, Brograve of Hamells, Brograve of Wappenham

Descended from Sir Roger Brograve of Warwickshire (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307) was ...
John Brograve
m. Elizabeth Litlebery (dau of William Litlebery of Lincolnshire by Elizabeth St. Cleere)
1. William Brograve of Kelseys in Beckenham, Kent (a 1479)
  m. Elizabeth Alphew (dau of John Alphew of Boar Place)
  A. John Brograve in Kent
  m. Anne Fogge (dau of Sir John Fogge of Repton)
  i. William Brograve of Wappenham, Northamptonshire
  m. Margaret Gooderidge (dau of John Gooderidge of Cheltenham, widow of _ Rowley)
a. Nicholas Brograve of Wappenham (3rd son)
  m. Jane Barker (dau of John Barker of Colsis or Coulsis)
  (1) Reginald Brograve of Wappenham (b c1560, d 1640)
  m1. (06.11.1586) Alice Bedell (bpt 02.10.1566, dau of Thomas Bedell of Wootton)
  (A) John Brograve of Wappenham (b c1600, d1660)
  m. Rachel Sears of Buckingham (b c1593, bur 12.04.1687, widow of William Bosworth)
  (i) Rowland Brograve of Wappenham (b 1620, bur 14.02.1707-8)
m. Arden Dod (dau of Charles Dod of Lea)
  (a) Arden Brograve (a 1708)
  m.(after 1681) _ Vaughan
  (b) Mary Brograve (a 1708)
  m. (after 1681) John King
  (c)+ other issue (a 1682) - Charles (b c1652), Catherine, Helen
  (ii) John Brograve of Gayton, Northamptonshire (b 1634, a 1708)
  m. (c11.1662) Emme Harby (b c1641, d 16.02.1682, dau of Edward Harby of Adston)
  (a)+ issue - Edward (bpt 06.05.1667, bur 01.06.1677), John (bpt 16.03.1669-70, a 1682), Henry (bpt 24.04.1673, a 1682), Francis (bpt 20.01.1674-5, bur 01.05.1675), Thomas (bpt 26.03.1680, bur 15.12.1680), Emme (b c1664, a 1682), Elizabeth (bpt 22.01.1665-69,a 1682), Rachel (bpt 24.12.1668, a 1682), Mary (bpt 16.03.1675-6, a 1682), Hesther (bpt 22.04.1678, a 1682)
  (B) Roland Brograve of Rolleston, Staffordshire
(i) Lettice Brograve (d unm)
  (ii) Mary Brograve
  m. Thomas Brograve of Beckenham
  (C) Anne Brograve
  m. William Ireland
  (D) Mary Brograve
  m. _ Ward of Middleton Cheney
  (E)+ other issue - Robert (b c1592), Henry of London (dsp c1640), Thomas of Rolleston (d c1650)
  m2. Lettice Ford (dau of John Ford of Harwell)
  (H) Edward Brograve of Wappenham (d c1642)
  m. (19.09.1632) Lydia or Lettice Frewen (dau of ?? Frewen of Brackley)
  (i)+ issue - Francis, Lettice (bpt 17.05.1633), several daughters
  (2) Jerome (Hierome) Brograve of Westminster & Kirkby-cum-Osgodby, Lincolnshire (a 1608)
  The following is supported by Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Brograve of Kirkby-cum-Osgodby).
  m. Christian Denham (dau of John Denham)
  (A) Pauncefoot Brograve of London
  m. Eleanor Reve (dau of John Reeve of Buckinghamshire)
  (i)+ issue (dsp) - Isaac, Mary
  (B) robert Brograve
  (3) Jane Brograve (dsp)
  m. Vincent Fulnetby of Nottinghamshire
  (4)+ other issue - Robert in Northumberland, Richard (dsp)
  b. Jane Brograve
  m. Myles Gray of Louth
  c. Anne Brograve
  m. William Billesby or Blesby of London
d. Elizabeth Brograve
  m. William Browne of Lincolnshire
  e.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, John
  B. Robert Brograve 'of Buckingham'
  m. Catherine Leventhorpe
  i. Margaret Brograve
  m. Robert Bridges
  ii. Anne Brograve
  BEB1841 shows Anne as m. Thomas Hammond of Ratwell but Vivian (Cornwall), which identifies her mother, suggests that her husband was ...
  m. John Hammond of Pritwell
  C. Nicholas Brograve (5th son)
  m. _ Becher
  i. Henry Brograve
  m. Margaret Campion of Essex (m1/2. Edw. Gyll of Anstey)
  The following comes from Visitation (Kent, 1619, Brograve) & CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p272)
a. John Brograve of Beckenham, Kent
  m. Margaret Hinson (dau of Thomas Hinson of Fordon)
  (1)+ issue (a 1619) - John (b c1603), William (d 25.05.1636), Elizabeth, Anna, Maria
  ii. Richard Brograve
  m. Joane Sayers
  a. Sir John Brograve of Gray's Inn & Braffin (Braughin or Braughing), later of Hamells (Hertfordshire) (d 11.09.1613)
We have seen the estate name spelled as Hamells (used by BEB1841), Hammels (used by Visitation (Hertfordshire)), Hamels & Hammells. We provisionally use BEB1841's spelling.
  m. Margaret Steward (dau of Simeon Steward of Lackenheath)
  (1) Simeon Brograve of Braughin & Hamells (d 21.01.1638-9)
  m. Dorothy Leventhorpe (sister/coheir of Thomas Leventhorpe of Albury)
  (A) John Brograve of Hamells (bpt 24.04.1597, d 1670)
m. (24.05.1623) Hannah Barnardiston (dau of Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Ketton)
  (i) Sir Thomas Brograve, 1st Bart of Hamells, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (d 1670)
  m. Grace Hewyt (dau of Sir John Hewyt, Bart of Waresley)
  (a) Sir John Brograve, 2nd Bart of Hamells (bpt 31.03.1664, dsp 07.1691)
  (b) Sir Thomas Brograve, 3rd Bart of Hamells (bpt 25.03.1670, dsp 06.06.1707)
  m. Elizabeth Maynard (dau of William, Lord Maynard)
  (c)+ other issue - Jemima, Honora
(ii) Anne Brograve
  m. Philip Twisleton
  (iii) Jane Brograve
  m. Rev. _ Fuller
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm)
  (B) Thomas Brograve (d young?)
  (C) Edward Brograve
  m. Alice Burges of Norfolk
(i) Joan Brograve (youngest dau)
  m. William Minors (rector of Digswell)
  (ii)+ "a numerous family"
  (D) Dorothy Brograve (dsp)
  m. Thomas Wright of Kilverstone
  (E) Bridget Brograve
  m. Humphrey Steward of Braughting
  (F) Jane Brograve
  m. Charles Nodes of Shephall
  (2) Joan Brograve (d 1628)
  m. Sir John Leventhorpe, Bart of Shingey Hall (d 23.09.1625)
  (3) Bridget Brograve
  m. Sir Thomas Mead of Lofts
  (4)+ other issue - John (dsp), Charles (d young)
  D.+ other issue - Edward, Richard, George, Henry

Main source(s): Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634 Appendix, Brograve of Braughin), Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Brograve of Wapenham and Gayton), BEB1841 (Brograve of Hamells) with some support from Visitation (Walter Metcalfe 1887, Northamptonshire, 1618-9, Brograve of Wappenham)
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