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Families covered: Chute of Bethersden, Chute of Hinxhill (Hauxhill), Chute of Stockwell, Chute of Surrenden
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Philip Chute 'of Bethersden' of Appledore, Kent (bur 07.04.1566, Standard Bearer at Boulogne to King Henry VIII, "Captayne of the Castell of Cambre")
Commoners (vol I, 'Wiggett-Chute of The Vyne', p633) identifies Philip's wives as Margaret (dau of Alexander Culpeper of Bedgeberry) then Joane (dau of Thomas Dussing of Winchelsea). Visitation (Kent, 1530-1, 'Chowte') identifies his marriages and children as follows (which is supported by the Archaeologia Cantiana article).
m1. Joane Ensynge (dau of Thomas Ensynge of Wynchelsey (Winchelsea))
1. Elizabeth Chute
  m. John Taylor of Shadoxhurst (b 1525-6, d 08.05.1616)
2.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Thomas (b by 1537, a 1590)
m2. Elizabeth Gyrlynge of Suffolk
4. Philip Chute (d young)
m3. (before 23.09.1542) Margaret Culpeper (d 28.09.1555, dau of Sir Alexander Culpeper of Bedgebery)
5. George Chute or Chowte 'of Bethersden, Kent' (b c1549, d before 18.05.1618) the first mentioned by Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Chute')
  m. Elizabeth Gage (dau of (James) Gage of Bentley)
A. Sir Walter Chute (dsp by 1618)
  B. Sir George Chute of Stockwell (Surrey) & Wistaston (Marden, Herefordshire) (d before 25.06.1649)
  m1. Margaret or Mary Welford (d 09.06.1614, dau/heir of Thomas Welford, son/heir of Gyles of Wosteston (sic))
  i. Frances Chute (dsp)
  ii. Ann Chute (b 1613)
m. (1631) John Price or Prise
  m2. Anna Barnham (a 1649, dau of Sir Martin Barnham of Hollinborne)
  iii. George Chute 'of Brixton Causeway in Lambeth' of Stockwell (b c16214, d by 01.1683-4)
  m1. Sarah Styles (dau of Thomas Styles of London)
  a. George Chute of Streatham (b c1652, d 1689)
  m. (1675) Joanna St. John (b c1658, d 16.11.1717, dau of Sir W(alter) St. John)
  (1) Joanna Chute (b 1676-7, d 04.04.1717)
  m. Sir Peter Soame
  b. Sarah Chute (b 1654-5, d 02.08.1708)
  m. (05.02.1674) Sir Robert Parker of Ratton
  m2. (1660) Margaret Hussey (dau of Thomas Hussey, relict of Lawrence Coles of London)
  m3. (1674) Katharine of Greenwich (dau/widow of _ Baker)
  iv. Frances Chute
m1. (c1647) John Tufton (d 1649)
  m2. (before 1655) Henry FitzJames
  v. other issue - William (a 1683), Elizabeth (bpt 18.12.1623, bur 18.05.1627), Margaret (b c1632, d 02.03.0638-9)
  C. Edward Chute of Surrenden (in Bethersden), Sheriff of Kent' (b 1580, bur 08.06.1640)
  m1. (27.09.1608) Lydia Gibbon (bpt 28.08.1586, bur 17.11.1631, dau/coheir of Thomas Gibbon of Bethersden)
  i. George Chute (bpt 27.01.1611, bur 07.02.1651)
The following is largely supported by CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p491) except for the rather significant points that Berry shows George (father of the Bart) & Eleanora (m. William Gerard) as children of Edward rather that his siblings.
  m. Eleanor Toke (bpt 29.03.1619, d by 1663, dau/coheir of Nicholas Toke of Godinton, m2. Richard Deane of Islington)
  a. Edward Chute (bpt 02.02.1634, d before 09.02.1658-9)
  Berry identifies Edward's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Basil Dixwell of Brome, Bart, by Dorothey, dau of Sir Thomas Peyton of Knowlton, Bart. However, the dates appear not to support that. TCB (vol vol 4, 'Oxenden of Deane', p99) identifies her as "Elizabeth, da. of (-) Dixwell" whilst the Archaeologica Cantiana article identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Dixwell (a 1676)
(1) Elizabeth Chute (b c1656, d 01.11.1696)
  m. (1673) Sir James Oxenden, 2nd Bart of Dene (dsps 1708)
  (2) Eleanor Chute (bpt 07.04.1658)
  m. John Wyldman (son of Alderman Sir J. Wyldman)
  b. Sir George Chute of Hauxhill (Hinxhill) & Surrenden (b c1610, bur 08.06.1664)
  The following is largely supported by TCB (vol 4, 'Chute of Hinxhill Place', p134) & BEB1841 ('Chute of Hauxfall Place').
  m. (04.1661) Cicely Freke (d 1675, dau/coheir of Ralph Freke of Hannington)
  (1) Sir George Chute of Hinxhill or Hauxfall Place, Surrenden, Bart (bpt 10.02.1664/5, d unm 04.02.1721/2)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Frances (bur 01.01.1663), Cecilia (bpt 23.02.1664, d 05.04.1675)
  c. Eleanor Chute (bpt 06.05.1643, dsp)
  m. (1663) William Gerard or Jarrett of St. Dionis Backchurch (b 1636)
d.+ other issue (d infant) - Nicholas, George
  ii. Philip Chute of Kennington & Great Chart (bpt 30.10.1614, d by 04.1650)
  m. Anne
  a.+ issue - Edward (a 1658), Lydia (bpt 11.07.1643), Margaret
  iii. Elizabeth Chute (bpt 11.03.1610)
  m. (02.10.1627) Edward Master of Willesborough
  iv. Lydia Chute (bpt 11.11.1617)
  m. (before 1640) Thomas Knatchbull ## see here ##
  v. Mabella Chute (bpt 18.08.1625, bur 1710)
m. Francis Betenham of Shurland (d 1689)
  vi. Alice Chute (bpt 24.12.1626)
  m. Edward Roberts of Dublin
  vii.+ other issue - Anthony (d infant), Edward (bpt 25.07.1613, bur 11.12.1638, of Gray's Inn), Nicholas of Bethersden (bpt 11.11.1619, bur 22.04.1646), Frances (d infant)
  m2. (1638) Thomasine Henden (dau of Simon Henden, widow of Edmund Criche of London)
  D. Thomas Chute (dsp)
  E. Elizabeth Chute (d before 11.1649)
  m1. Robert Fitzwilliams of Mabethorpe
  m2. (mcrt 25.03.1602) Sir Edward Tyrwhitt, 2nd Bart of Stainfield (bpt 1576-7, bur 1627-8)
6. Anne Chute or Chowte (d 13.09.1624)
  m. Walter Waller of Grombryge (d 1599)
7.+ other issue - Sir Edward of Chilham & Brede (bur 24.11.1634), Blunt (dsp), Anthony, Arthur (dsp)

Main source(s): Archaeologica Cantiana (vol 18, 1889, p55, 'Pedigree of Chute of Appledore and Bethersden' in the article 'The Chutes of Bethersden, Appledore, and Hinxhill' by Rev. A.J. Pearman) with some input/support as reported above
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