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Families covered: St. John of Battersea, St. John of Bolingbroke, St. John of Dogmersfield Park, St. John of Farley-Chamberlayne, St. John of Lydiard Tregoze, St. John of West Court
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Sir John St. John, 1st Bart of Lydiard Tregoze and Battersea, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d 1648)
m1. Anne Leighton (d 1628, dau of Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckenham)
1. Oliver St. John (dvp 11.1641)
  m. Catherine Vere (dau of Horatio Vere, Lord of Tilbury)
  A. Sir John St. John, 2nd Bart of Lydiard Tregoze (b c1637, d unm 1657)
2. Sir Walter St. John of Battersea, 3rd Bart of Lydiard Tregoze (b c1622, d 03.07.1708)
  m. (c1651) Johanna St. John (dau of Oliver St. John of Longthorpe)
  A. Sir Henry St. John of Battersea, 1st Viscount St. John (bpt 17.10.1652, d 04.1742)
  m1. (11.12.1673) Mary Rich (dau of Robert Rich, 3rd Earl of Warwick)
  i. Henry St. John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke (b 1678, dsp 15.12.1751)
Henry was created a Viscount before his father.
  m1. (1700) Frances Winchcombe (dsp 24.10.1718, dau of Sir Henry Winchcombe, Bart of Bucklebury)
  m2. (1718) Marie Claire de Maresilley (dsp 18.03.1750)
  m2. (01.01.1686-7) Angelica Magdalena Pelissary (d 08.1736, dau of George Pelissary)
  ii. John St. John, 2nd Viscount St. John (b 1695, d 02.1749, 3rd son)
  m1. (17.04.1729) Anne Furness (d 11.07.1747, dau of Sir Robert Furness, Bart)
a. Frederick St. John, 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke, 3rd Viscount St. John (b 1734, d 05.05.1787)
  m. (08.09.1757, div 08.03.1768) Diana Spencer (d 1808, dau of Charles Spencer, 3rd Duke of Marlborough)
  (1) George Richard St. John, 3rd Viscount Bolingbroke, 4th Viscount St. John (b 05.03.1761, d 1824)
  m1. (26.02.1783) Charlotte Collins (d 11.01.1803, dau of Rev. Thomas Collins of Winchester)
  (A) Henry St. John, 4th Viscount Bolingbroke, 5th Viscount St. John (b 06.03.1786, d 01.10.1851) had issue
m. (03.06.1812) Maria St. John-Mildmay (b 02.04.1790, d 21.12.1836, dau of Sir Henry Paulet St. John, later St. John-Mildmay, 3rd Bart of Dogmersfield) @1@ below
  m2. (01.08.1804) Isabella Charlotte Antoinette Sophia, Baroness Hompesch (d 1848)
  (B)+ other issue - Ferdinand (b 16.10.1804, d 10.10.1865, had issue), Charles Robert (b 21.11.1807, dsp 21.01.1844), Isabella, Antonia
  (2) Frederick St. John (b 20.12.1765, d 19.11.1844, General)
  m1. (08.12.1788) Mary Kerr (d 06.02.1791, dau of William Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian)
  (A) Robert William St. John (b 05.02.1791, d 19.11.1844) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Maria Barker (dau of John Barker of Wakefield)
  m2. (06.04.1793) Arabella Craven (d 09.06.1819, dau of William Craven, 6th Lord)
  (B) George Frederick Berkeley St. John (b 02.10.1797, d 24.07.1866, Major) had issue
  m. (18.01.1836) Henrietta Louisa Maria Jephson (d 02.1887, dau of Rev. John Jephson)
  (C) Charles William George St. John (b 03.12.1809, d 12.07.1856) had issue
  m. (20.11.1834) Anne Gibson (d 25.10.1865, dau of T. Gibson)
  (D) Maria Arabella St. John (d 13.01.1890)
  m. (02.10.1832) Rev. Charles Goring (d 04.08.1859)
  (E) Louisa Diana St. John (d 06.05.1855)
  m. (23.01.1846) Richard Vincent of Stratford
  (F) Elizabeth St. John (d 27.10.1846)
  m. (09.03.1841) Rev. George Carter
(G)+ other issue - George William (b 04.05.1796, d unm 05.06.1876, rector of Stanton Lacy), Henry George (b 1798, d 1821)
  m3. (14.11.1821) Caroline Parsons (d 27.05.1869, dau of J. Parsons)
  (H) Welbore William Oliver St. John (b 12.04.1825, d 11.1853)
  b. Henry St. John (General, MP)
  m. (31.08.1771) Barbara Bladen (dau of Col. Bladen)
  c. John St. John (d unm 08.10.1793)
d. Louisa St. John (d 04.02.1820)
  m. (20.08.1760) William Bagot, 1st Lord (b 28.02.1728, d 22.10.1798)
  m2. (19.06.1748) Hester Clarke (d 08.03.1752, dau of James Clarke of Wharton)
  iii. Henrietta St. John (b 15.07.1699, d 26.03.1756)
  m. (10.06.1727) Robert Knight of Barrells, Earl of Catherlough (dspmsl 30.03.1772)
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - George (dvp 01.1716), Holles (dvp 06.10.1738)
B. Joanna St. John (b c1658, d 16.11.1717) probably of this generation
  m. George Chute of Stockwell
  C. Barbara St. John apparently of this generation
  m. Sir John Topp, 2nd Bart of Tormarton
  A contributor (KW, 26.03.08) kindly advised that, as well as Joan & Barbara, Sir Walter had the following daughters:
  D. Anne St. John
  m. Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal (b 1627)
  E.+ other issue - Elizabeth (d 1702), daughter
3. Henry St. John of Tandragee
  m. Catherine St. John (dau of Oliver St. John of Longthorpe)
4. Anne St. John (b 05.11.1614, bur 18.03.1695/6, eldest dau)
  m1. Sir Henry Lee of Ditchley, 2nd Bart of Quarendon (d 23.07.1639)
  m2. Henry Wilmot, 1st Earl of Rochester (bpt 26.10.1613, d 19.02.1657/8)
5.+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
m2. Margaret (widow of Sir Richard Grubham)



Oliver St. John of Farley-Chamberlayne (b 27.09.1608, d 31.07.1665)
m. Constance Dawley (d 14.09.1666, dau of Walter Dawley of Ibsley)
1. Oliver St. John of Farley-Chamberlayne (d 26.08.1689)
  m. Margery Rivet (d 27.06.1681, dau of Francis Rivet MP)
  A. Oliver St. John of Farley-Chamberlayne (b 08.02.1678-9, d unm 20.05.1699)
  B. Frances St. John (dsp 15.03.1700)
  m. (06.12.1699) Ellis Mews / Mewys, later St. John (b 1670, d 19.01.1729) @2@ just below
  C.+ 2 daughters
2. Christian St. John (bpt 16.10.1643, d 12.02.1680)
  m. (04.10.1666) Ellis Mews / Mewys 'of Farley Chamberlayne', Mayor of Winchester (b c1613, bur 26.06.1709)
  A. Ellis Mews or Mewys, later St. John (b 1670, d 19.01.1729)
  m1. (06.12.1699) Frances St. John (dsp 15.03.1700, dau of Oliver St. John of Farley-Chamberlayne) @2@ just above
  m2. (31.01.1703) Martha Goodyear (bur 08.03.1725, dau of Edward Goodyer of Dogmersfield)
i. Sir Paulet St. John, 1st Bart of Dogmersfield, Mayor of Winchester (b 07.04.1704, d 09.06.1780)
  m1. (17.08.1731) Elizabeth Rushout (dsp 21.12.1733, dau of Sir James Rushout, 2nd Bart of Maylards)
  m2. (01.10.1736) Mary Waters (d 17.12.1758, dau of John Waters of Brecknock)
a. Sir Henry Paulet St. John, 2nd Bart of Dogmersfield (b 07.1737, d 07.08.1784)
  m. (27.10.1763) Dorothy Maria Tucker (b c1742, d 26.05.1768, dau of Abraham Tucker of Betchworth Castle)
  (1) Sir Henry Paulet St. John, later St. John-Mildmay, 3rd Bart of Dogmersfield, Sheriff of Hampshire (b 30.09.1764, d 11.11.1808)
  m. (22.06.1786) Jane Mildmay (b c1769, d 06.05.1857, dau of Carew Mildmay of Shawford House)
(A) Sir Henry St. John Carew St. John-Mildmay, 4th Bart of Dogmersfield, Mayor of Winchester (b 15.04.1787, d 17.01.1848) had issue
  m1. (07.08.1809) Charlotte Bouverie (d 05.08.1810, dau of Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie)
  m2. (1815) Harriet Bouverie (d 09.12.1834, dau of Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie)
  (B) Paulet St. John-Mildmay of Hazlegrove, Mayor of Winchester (b 08.04.1791, d 19.05.1843, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (12.03.1813) Anna Maria Wyndham Bouverie (d 11.12.1864, dau of Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie)
  (C) George William St. John-Mildmay (b 20.04.1792, d 14.02.1851, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (28.04.1832) Mary Baillie (d 17.01.1892, dau of Peter Baillie of Dochfour)
(D) Humphrey St. John-Mildmay (b 11.07.1794, d 09.08.1853, 6th son) had issue
  m1. (27.09.1823) Anne Eugenia Baring (d 08.03.1839, dau of Alexander Baring,1st Lord Ashburton)
  m2. (20.09.1843) Marianne Frances Harcourt-Vernon (d 13.02.1873, dau of Granville Harcourt-Vernon)
  (E) Edward St. John-Mildmay (b 07.07.1797, d 16.05.1868, 8th son) had issue
  m1. (11.06.1818, div 07.1830) Marianne Catherine Sherson (dau of R. Sherson)
  m2. (30.07.1835) Frances Lucy Penelope Perceval (d 23.01.1862, dau of Edward Lockwood Perceval of Dews (Marks) Hall)
  (F) Walter St. John-Mildmay (b 12.10.1798, d 31.07.1835, rector of Mottistone)
  m. (17.07.1834) Kitty Anne Warde (b c1797, d 06.04.1884, dau of John Warde of Squerries)
(G) Carew Anthony St. John-Mildmay (b 02.02.1800, d 13.07.1878, Archdeacon of Essex)
  m. (16.12.1830) Caroline Waldegrave (d 07.01.1878, dau of William Waldegrave, 1st Lord Radstock)
  (H) Jane Dorothea St. John-Mildmay (b 11.04.1788, d 15.03.1846)
  m. (31.07.1810) Paul Methuen, 1st Lord of Corsham (b 21.06.1779, d 14.09.1849)
  (I) Maria St. John-Mildmay (b 02.04.1790, d 21.12.1836)
  m. (03.06.1812) Henry St. John, 4th Viscount Bolingbroke (b 06.03.1786, d 01.10.1851) @1@ above
  (J) Judith Anne St. John-Mildmay (b 02.04.1790, d 27.04.1851)
  m. (24.05.1814) William Pleydell-Bouverie, 3rd Earl of Radnor (b 11.05.1779, d 09.04.1869)
  (K)+ other issue - Henry (b/d 1789), Charles William Poulett (b 22.05.1793, d 16.01.1830, curate of Holywell), John Francis (b 08.12.1795, d 01.09.1823, captain RN), Augustus Tucker (b 21.07.1802, d 12.1817), Hugh Cornewall (b 13.05.1805, d 28.01.1849), Letitia (b 27.11.1803, d 18.08.1844)
  (2) Oliver St. John (b/d 03.1766)
  b.+ other issue - Ellis (b 1739, d young), John (b 1740, d unm 03.04.1786, minister), Oliver (b 1743, d young), Edward (b 1745, d young), William (b 1749, d unm 15.08.1797, minister), Mary (b 1742, d unm 1801-2)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Harris-St. John formerly of West Court).
  ii. Ellis St. John of West Court & Finchampstead (b 1739, d 1809, rector of Finchampstead)
  m. Anne Banister
  a. Henry Ellis St. John of West Court (b 1776, d 1841, rector of Finchampstead) had issue
  m. Sarah Soane
  b. son
  m3. (1726) Sarah Stukeley (b c1684, bur 27.04.1760, dau of Sir Hugh Stukeley, 2nd Bart)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Bolingbroke), BP1934 (Mildmay)
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