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Families covered: Winchombe of Bucklebury, Walsh of Grimblethorpe, Winkles of Harnham

BEB1841 ('Winchcombe of Bucklebury'), which identifies the arms of this family as "Az. on a chev. engr. between three Cornish choughs or, as many cinquefoils of the first", suggests that Sir Henry, 1st Bart, was son of John "son of the opulent clothier of that name, well known as the famous "Jack of Newbury"." TCB mentions by note a John, the elder (bur 03.06.1610), father of a John who had several children but supports Visitation in identifying Sir Henry as son of Henry son of Henry.
Francis Winchcombe of Burgulbury/Buckhilbery identified in the Wollascot records as father of ...
1. Henry Winchombe of Burghulbury (Bucklebury) & Thatcham, Berkshire (bur 04.1629)
  m. Mary Wollascot (dau of William Wollascot of Wolhampton)
  A. Henry Winchombe of Bucklebury (d 04.1642)
m. Elizabeth Miller (dau of George Miller of Swallowfield)
  i. Sir Henry Winchombe of Bucklebury, 1st Bart (b c1631, d 02.12.1667)
  m. Frances Howard (b c1641, d 22.12.1707, dau of Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Berkshire, by Frances Harrison)
  a. Sir Henry Winchombe of Bucklebury, 2nd Bart (b 16.06.1659, d 05.11.1703)
  m1. (by 1680) Elizabeth Hungerford (d 05.08.1685)
  (1) Frances Winchombe (b c1680, dsp 24.10.1718)
  m. (22.05.1701) Henry St. John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
(2) Elizabeth Winchombe (b 1681-2, d unm 07.09.1705)
  (3) Mary Winchombe
  m. (1700) Robert Packer of Shillingford
  Bucklebury passed into the Packer family and thence the Hartley family.
  m2. Elizabeth Rolle (m2. Thomas Skereat)
  (4) Henrietta Winchombe
  b. Mary Winchombe probably of this generation
  m. (sp) Sir Thomas Englefield, 4th Bart of Wotton Basset
  B. William Winchombe (d unm)
  C. Mary Winchombe
  m. Francis Hildesley of Little Stoke
  D. Anne Winchombe
  m. Edmund Brunyng of Hampshire
  E. Frances Winchombe
  m. Francis Perkins of Upton Court



Henry Walsh, later of Grimblethorpe, Lincolnshire (d by 1746)
m. (1693) Elizabeth (probably not Mary) Lomax (d before 24.04.1747, dau of Arthur Lomax of London (by Frances, dau/heir of Edward Maddison of Grimblethorpe), sister/heir of Henry of Grimblethorpe)
1. Henry Walsh (b 07.10.1712, d before 12.07.1770, 8th son?)
  m. Mary Fowler (dau of George Fowler of Skendleby Thorpe)
  A. Henry Lomax Walsh of Grimblethorpe & Brandean (b 1755, d 1831, vicar of Swords, Dean of Dromore)
  m1. (1789) Ann Wolfe (dau of Theobald Wolfe of Newtown)
  i. Thomas Walsh of Grimblethorpe & Brandean (b 1790, d 1852) had issue
m. (1821) Arabella Jackson (d 1878, dau of Rev. Gilbert Jackson of Donhead St. Mary)
  ii. Henry Lomax Walsh (d unm 1815)
  iii. Elizabeth Walsh
  m. (1829) Sir John Maxwell Tylden of Milsted Manor
  m2. (1812) Elinor Newcome (dau of William Newcome, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland)
  iv. William Walsh (b 1815, d 1892, rector of Great Tey, Great Coates & Shorwell) had issue
  m. Martha Saunders (dau of A. Saunders of Ferns)
  B. Mary Walsh (b 1752)
  m. Rev. _ Hare
  C. Frances Walsh (b 1754)
  BIFR1976 ('Verschoyle'), following BLGI1912 ('Verschoyle of Kilberry'), shows Frances as the sister of Henry Lomax Walsh who married Bishop James Verschoyle but the undermentioned Walsh sources show that his wife was Arabella. Maddison does not identify Frances's husband but BLG1894 identifies him as ...
  m. _ Charlesworth
  D. Arabella Walsh (b 1757)
  m. (1790) James Verschoyle, Bishop of Killala
2.+ other issue - Francis (b 31.08.1694, dsp), Edward (b 05.10.1697, a 1746, dsp), John (b 23.03.1698-9, dsp), Arthur (b 12.09.1701, dsp), Henry (b 14.11.1702, dsp), Henry (b 15.03.1705-6, dsp), Thomas (b 15.03.1705-6, dsp), Arthur (b 04.12.1714, a 1746), Barbara (b 22.06.1696), Ann (b 21.05.1700, d young?), Elizabeth (b 28.12.1703), Olive (b 06.05.1707), Ann (b 21.01.1709-10, a 1746), Isabella (b 15.08.1711)



Griffin Winkles of Harnham (bur 06.11.1638)
1. John Winkles
  A. Thomas Winkles of Harnham (d before 20.07.1653)
  m. (before 29.09.1645) Eleanor (a 1666)
  i. Thomas Winkles in Ford Castle, last of Harnham (a 1665)
  m. Susanna Carr (bur 05.08.1732, dau of William Carr of Ford Castle, sister/coheir of Thomas of Ford Castle, m2. John Carr of Crookham)
  a. William Winkles of Crookham (bur 22.02.1685/6)
  m. Phoebe (bur 15.08.1710)
  b. Mary Winkles (bur 29.09.1693, "only surviving sister and heir")
  m. George Ogle of Shortflat & Harnham (bur 15.07.1731)
  (1) Catherine Ogle of Ford Castle (bpt 13.06.1680, bur 03.02.1739/40)
  m. Daniel Whitton of Ford (a 1735)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 11.02.1691/2, bur 12.04.1693), John (bpt 23.10.1702), Mark (bpt 03.01.1705/6), Jane (bpt 06.04.1704), Isabel (bpt 18.12.1707), Mary (bpt 11.05.1710)
  Because some connecting lines are too faint to see clearly in our (downloaded) copy of the source, we are not certain who the parents were of all of these children. Jane, Isabel & Mary appear under Catherine & Daniel whilst Thomas, John & Mark appear alongside Catherine though there is a faint connecting line which may come up from the line for Jane, Isabel & Mary. However, that would mean that John was born when his mother was aged just 11.
  (2) Eleanor Ogle
  m. William Thew of Denwick
  (A) Mary Thew of Crookham ("only daughter and heir")
  ii. Margaret Winkles (bur 18.03.1661/2)
  iii. Philadelphia Winkles
  m. (17.05.1692) Oliver Wade
  iv. Jane Winkles
  m. (30.08.1668) John Ogle of Kirkley
  B.+ other issue - Griffin (a 1645), Charles (a 1645), John (a 1645), Honor, Dorothy

Main source(s):
(1) For Winchcombe (uploaded 29.08.15) : TCB (vol 3, 'Winchcombe or Winchecumbe of Bucklebury', p215), Visitation (Berkshire, 1665, 'Winchcombe of Bucklebury')
(2) For Walsh (uploaded 19.11.15) : BLG1894 ('Walsh of Grimblethorpe'), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (vol 3, 1904, 'Walsh of Grimblethorpe', p1043+)
(3) For Winkles (uploaded 19.08.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 11, Kenneth Vickers, 1922, 'Winkles and Ogle', p406)
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