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Families covered: Englefield of Englefield, Englefield of White Knights, Englefield of Wotton Basset

Ancestors of this family are thought to have been lords of Englefield, Berkshire, since the beginning of the 9th century. It is now known whether or not there was any connection between this family and that shown on Edwards04. The first reported ancestor is ...
Hasculf, lord of Englefied (a 1035)
1. Guy de Englefield (a temp William I who r. 1066-1087)
  A. Hely de Englefield (a temp William II who r. 1087-1100)
  i. William de Englefield
  a. Sir William de Englefield (dsp)
  b. Sir Alan de Englefield
  (1) William de Englefield (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  (A) John de Englefield of Englefield
  (i) Sir William de Englefield of Englefield (a 1262, justice itinerant)
  (a) Sir John de Englefield of Englefield, Shiplake, Ascott, etc (d 1276)
  ((1)) Sir William de Englefield of Englefield (d temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  ((A)) Sir Roger de Englefield of Englefield (d 1362)
  m. Joan
  ((i)) Sir Philip de Englefield of Englefield (d 1380)
  m1. Joan
  ((a)) Sir John Englefield of Englefield (a 1398)
  BEB1844 reports that Sir John "had posterity to the third generation". Visitation provides the following:
  m. Isabell
  (((1))) John Englefield
  m. Nichola (m2. John Solifor)
  (((A))) Nichola Englefield
Visitation shows Sibbell (m. Richard Quatermaines) & Cicely (m. William Fowler) as daughters of Sir John. Provisionally, we follow BEB1844 in showing them as his nieces below.
  ((b)) Philip Englefield
  m. Alice Rossale (dau of Walter Rossale, sister/heir of Sir John of Rossale)
  (((1))) Philip Englefield of Englefield, Sheriff of Berkshire (dsp c1439)
  (((2))) Robert Englefield of Englefield (d 1473) - continued below
  (((3))) Philippa Englefield possibly of this generation
  m. Edmund Brudenell of Raans, etc. (d by 1469)
((c)) Nicholas Englefield of Ricot (Rycote) (d 01.04.1415)
  BEB1844 shows Nicholas's marriage to Jane and their daughters. MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), p96+), which identifies Jane as Joane, dau/heir of Nicholas Clarke alias Rycote of Rycote, shows that he also married Elizabeth and had 3 children by her.
  m1/2. Jane Clark (dau of John Clark of Lanyton Gernon)
  (((1))) Cicely Englefield
  m. William Fowler
  (((2))) Sibil Englefield
  m. Richard Quatermains of Ricote
  m2/1. Elizabeth Quartermain (dau of Thomas Quartermain of North Weston)
  (((3))) John Englefield (b c1411)
  (((4))) Isabell Englefield
  m. Baldwin Boteler
  (((5))) Alice Englefield
  m. Thomas Walrond of Childrey
  m2. Elizabeth
  m3. Alice Rossell (dau/coheir of Walter Rossell, m2. William Fawkenore)
  ((ii)) William de Englefield
  ((iii)) Alice de Englefield
  m. _ Mortely
  ((a))+ issue - Sibbell, Cicely
  ((B))+ other issue - Andrew, William
  c. Thomas de Englefield
  m. Maude
  ii. Peter de Englefield



Robert Englefield of Englefield (d 1473) - continued above
1. John Englefield (dvp 1463-4)
  m. Joan Milborn (dau of John Milborn of London)
  A. Sir Thomas Englefield of Englefield (d 1512-3, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m1. Margery Danvers (dau of Sir Richard Danvers of Prescot)
  i. Richard Englefield (dspm)
  ii. Sir Thomas Englefield of Englefield, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire (d 1537)
  m. Elizabeth Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton)
a. Sir Francis Englefield of Englefield, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire (d(sp?) c1592)
  m. Catherine Fettiplace (dau of Sir Thomas Fettiplace of Compton Beauchamp)
  b. John Englefield of Wotton Basset, Wiltshire (d 01.04.1567)
  m. Margaret Fitton (dau of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth)
  (1) Sir Francis Englefield, 1st Bart of Wotton Basset (b c07.1562, d 26.10.1631, 2nd son?)
  m. Jane Browne (d c1650, dau of Hon. Anthony Browne)
(A) Thomas Englefield (dvpsp)
  m. Mary Wollascot (dau of William Wollascot of Shenfield)
  (B) Sir Francis Englefield, 2nd Bart of Wotton Basset (d 01.05.1666)
  The following is supported by Commoners (vol II, Turvile of Husband's Bosworth).
  m. Winifred Brooksby (dau of William Brooksby of Sholeby)
  (i) Sir Francis Englefield, 3rd Bart of Wotton Basset (dsp 05.1665)
  m. (02.03.1656/7) Honora O'Brien (dau of Henry O'Brien, 5th Earl of Thomond)
  (ii) Helen Englefield
m. Sir Charles Waldegrave of Stanninghall and Chewton, 3rd Bart (d 1684)
  (iii) Mary or Elizabeth Englefield
  m. George Browne, younger of Caversham
  (iv) Catharine Englefield
  m. William Turvile of Aston Flamville
  (C) Sir Thomas Englefield, 4th Bart of Wotton Basset
  m1. (sp) Mary Winchcomb (dau of Sir Henry Winchcomb, Bart)
  m2. Mary Hartley (dau of George Hartley of Gloucestershire)
  (i) Sir Charles Englefield, 5th Bart of Wotton Basset (b c1670, d 21.04.1728)
  m. (23.02.1685/6) Susan Colpeper (b c1672, natural dau of John Colepeper, 3rd Lord)
  (a)+ issue (d young) - Thomas, Charlotte
  (ii) Philadelphia Englefield
  m. Henry Fossan
  (iii)+ other issue - Anne (d unm 1678), Elizabeth
  (D) John Englefield (dvp unm)
(E) Anthony Englefield of White Knights (d c1665)
  m. Susan Ryley (d 02.06.1664)
  (i) Anthony Englefield of White Knights
  m. Alice Stokes (dau of Thomas Stokes of London)
(a) Henry Englefield of White Knights (4th son)
  m. Catherine Poole (dau of Benjamin Poole of London)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Englefield of White Knights, 6th Bart (d 25.05.1780)
  m1. (1741. spms) Mary Berkeley (dau of Thomas Berkeley of Spetchley)
  m2. (1751) Catherine Bucke (d 31.05.1805, dau of Sir Charles Bucke, 3rd Bart of Hanby Grange)
  ((A)) Sir Henry Charles Englefield of White Knights, 7th Bart (b 1752, d unm 21.03.1822)
  ((B)) Teresa Anne Englefield apparently married ...
  m. (1782) Francis Cholmeley of Brandsby
  ((C))+ other issue - Francis, Francis Michael, Ethelinda Catherine
((2)) Mary Englefield
  m. Francis Smith Carrington of Wotton Hall
  ((3))+ other issue - Charles (d unm), Francis (d unm), Catherine (d young), Therea, Martha, Elizabeth, Anne
  (b) Martha or Mary Englefield
m. (1683) Lister Blount of Maple Durham (b 1654, d 25.06.1710)
  (c) Elizabeth Englefield
  m. William Dorrington (son of Sir John of Sussex)
  (d) Mary Englefield (d 14.04.1724)
  m. (1697) Sir William Swinburne, Bart of Capheaton (b c1670, bur 17.04.1716)
(e)+ other issue (d unm) - Anthony (d young), Guy (a 1708), John (a 1708), Anthony (d young), Thomas, Francis, William, Mark, Susan, Helen (a 1708, nun), Alice (a 1708, nun), Dorothy (a 1708, nun), Winifrid (a 1708, nun)
  (F) William Englefield 'of Catherington' (d 1662)
  (i) (Mary) Englefield
  m. (Bartholomew) Fettiplace
  (G) Henry Englefield
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Pickford (of Cornwall)
m2. Elizabeth Blount (dau of Sir Walter Blount, Bart of Sodington)
  (i) Elizabeth Englefield
  m. Sir William Kennedy of Ireland
  (ii) Mary Englefield
  m. Thomas Havers of Thetton
  (iii)+ other issue - Henry (d unm), Catherine
  m3. (sp) Anne Husband (dau of John Husband of Ipsley)
  (H) Dorothy Englefield
  m. Sir Edward Morgan, Sheriff of Monmouthshire, 1st Bart of Llantarnam (b c1604, d 24.06.1653)
(I) Mary Englefield (d 21.12.1647)
  m. (1640) Christopher Teynham, 4th Lord (b 20.04.1621, d 23.10.1673)
  (J) Margaret Englefield
  m1. Hatton Berners of Whittleburn
  m2. Sir William Bradshaigh
  c. Anne Englefield (d c1564)
  m1. Humphrey Coningsby
  m2. Sir John Hubald of Ipsley (dsp 23.12.1583)
d. Susan Englefield
  m. Humphrey Burdet or Bures
  (1) Maria Burdett probably of this generation
  m. Edmund Broughton of Godmanchester (a 1613)
  e. Margaret or Margery Englefield d 1563)
  m1. George Carew
  m2. (by 1540) Sir Edmund (Edward) Saunders
  f.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Mary
  iii. Elizabeth Englefield
  m. Robert White
  iv. Joan Englefield (dsp)
  m. Henry Lenham or Leynham
  v. Anne Englefield (dsp)
  m. William Delabere ## see here ##
  vi. Margaret Englefield
  m. (1530) John Lyngen (d 11.02.1546)
  m2. Mary Fortescue (dau of Sir John Fortescue of Salden, widow of John Stonor then Anthony Fettiplace)

Main source(s): BEB1844 ('Englefield of Wotton Basset'), Visitation (Berkshire, 1532+1566+1623+1665-6, 'Englefield of Englefield') with some input from TCB (volume i)
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