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This section first uploaded on 30.01.08.
Hugo de Champaine
1. Nicholas de Champaine of Thurlaston
  A. Sir Robert Champion (a 1334)
  i. Sir Robert Champion of Champion (a 1360)
  a. Robert Champion
  m. Margaret St. Loo (dau of Roger St. Loo of Thurlaston & Wigingston)
  (1) William Champion 'of Champion' (dsp)
  (2) Margaret Champion
  m. Robert Foucher of Champion @1@ below
  (3) Elizabeth Champion
  m. Edward Hardwick



This section first uploaded on 30.01.08.
Robert Fowcher
m. Cicelye Francis (sister of John Francis of Fowark)
1. Robert Foucher of Champion
  m. Margaret Champion (sister/heir of William Champion) @1@ above
  A. Margaret Foucher
  m. Galfrid Bougge @2@ below
2.+ other issue - Edmond of Cotton, John of Eggington, Jane, Marion, Avis, Alice



This section first uploaded on 30.01.08.
Probably connected to Ralph Bugge whose descendants took the name Willoughby, and who had a younger son called Ralph Bugge of Bingham, was ...
Ralph Bouge of Bengham (Bingham?) in Nottinghamshire, etc.
1. Ralph Bouge
  m1/2/p. ??
  A. ? William Bouge
  i. Richard Bouge (dsp)
B. ? Richard Bouge
  i. William Bouge
  a. Robert Bouge (dsp)
  C. Thomas Bouge (dsp)
  m2/1. Alice Bertram
2. Galfrid (Geoffrey) Bouge or Bougge
  m. Margaret Foucher (dau of Robert Foucher of Champion) @2@ above
  A. Edmond Bougge of Champion
m. Felix Brokesby (dau of Henry Brokesby)
  i. Baldwin Bouge of Thurcaston
  m. Elizabeth Mulso (dau of Sir Edward Mulso, m2. Sir Robert Motton)
  a. Baldwin Bouge (dspl 1435-6)
  b. Margaret Bouge (d 1474)
  Visitation indicates that Richard Turvile was Margaret's 3rd husband (after Reingold Molton & Thomase Everingham) but shows an early date for Richard's death which we think was confused with that of his father. Commoners (vol II, Turvile) suggests she married as follows:
  m1. Richard Turvile of Normanton Turvile
  m2. Reginald Moton
  m3. Sir Thomas Everingham
3. Matilda Bouge



This section first uploaded on 07.03.08.
Ivo de Keneton
m. Alice (a 1194, niece of Silvester de Kenton, sister of George)
1. ?? de Keneton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? de Keneton
  i. Sir Ivo de Keneton of Kenton (a 1290, d before 1313)
  a. Sir Nigel de Kenton of Kenton (b by 1273, a 1326)
  m. Matilda
(1) Ivo de Kenton of Kenton
  m1. Agnes Tastard (dau of Adam Tastard of Cransfield)
  (A) Ivo de Kenton of Kenton (d before 1370) presumed of this marriage
  (i) Robert de Kenton of Kenton (a 1379)
  (ii) Alice de Kenton (d 1383) heir (probably sister) of Robert
  m. Sir Roger Wyllasham
  (a) Alice de Wyllasham
  m. Sir Ralph Ramsay of Kenton, Sheriff of Suffolk
  ((1)) Ann Ramsay
  m. Peter Garneys of Beccles
  m2. Margaret
  (2)+ other issue - Robert, John, Thomas



This section first uploaded on 12.04.09, reviewed 15.12.21.
William Walrond of Childrey, Berkshire (a 1428)
m. Elizabeth
1. Thomas Walrond of Childrey (d 1480)
  Shown by MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), p97) as wife of Thomas and mother of Joan was ...
  m. Alice Englefield (dau of Nicholas Englefield of Rycote)
  A. Joan Walrond
  m1. Thomas Waryng @3@ below
  m2. Robert Strangbon 'of Shinfield & Wokingham' (dsp)



This section first uploaded 15.12.21.
_ Warying of Shirfield, Hampshire
m. Alice Overey (dau/coheir of Thomas Overey of Kent & London) @4@ below
1. Thomas Warying of Erleigh Barthlolomews & Paintons
  m. Joane Walrond (dau/coheir of Thomas Walrond of Childrey, m2. Robert Strangbon of Shinfield & Wokingham) @3@ above
  A. Margaret Warying (dsp 22.01.1518)
  m1. Thomas Rogers of Beckett & Benham Valence (d 19.01.1488)
  m2. Sir Thomas Fettiplace of Compton Beauchamp (d before 03.1524-5, m2. Elizabeth Carew)
  B. Elizabeth Warying (dsp 14.01.1516)
  m1. John Kentwode of Kentwode (dsp)
  m2. William Fettiplace of Childrey



This section first uploaded 20.12.21.
John Loveday of South Dunchworth, Berkshire (a 1327)
1. Elizabeth Loveday
  m1. Henry de Aldrington of Erleigh Whiteknights
  A. John de Aldrington of Erleigh Whiteknights (a 1379, dspm?)
  m2. John de Shilford of London, later of Erleigh Whiteknights
  B. Constance de Shilford
  m. Thomas Overey of Kent & London (d 1431)
  i. Anges Overey of Erleigh Whiteknights
  m1. John Becke ancestor of Beckes of Whiteknights
  m2. William Bishopstone
  ii. Alice Overey
  m. ?? Warying of Shirfield @4@ above



This section first uploaded on 28.06.09.
Sir John Cavill of Cavill, Yorkshire
m. Amy Hotham (dau of Sir John Hotham)
1. Katherine Cavill
  m. Sir Anthony Bosvile of Newhall
  A. Joan Bosvile (a 1435)
  m. William Moston of Henscote, Warwickshire (a 1435)
  i. Ellen Moston (Mostyn), heiress of Cavill
  m. Thomas Monketon (Monckton)
  ii. daughter
  m. _ Robert Marler
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Danby



This section first uploaded on 09.10.12.
John Dunning of Gnatham, Devon
1. John Dunning of Ashburton, Devon (b c1700, d 01.12.1780, 2nd son)
  m. Agnes Judsham (dau of Henry Judsham of Old Port)
  A. John Dunning, 1st Lord Ashburton of Ashburton (b 18.10.1731, d 18.08.1783, MP)
  m. (31.03.1780) Elizabeth Baring (dau of John Baring of Larkbear, sister of Sir Francis, Bart)
  i. John Dunning (b c12.1781, d 04.1783)
  ii. Richard Barre Dunning, 2nd Lord Ashburton of Ashburton (b 16-20.09.1782, dsp by 05.1823)
  m. (17.09.1805) Anne Cuninghame (d 08.08.1835, dau of William Cuninghame of Lainshaw (by Margaret, dau of George Cranstoun), m2. Chief of Clanranald)



This section first uploaded on 17.08.20, reviewed 07.10.20.
Possibly of a family shown on Hussey05 was ...
Thomas Hussey of Edmondsham (b c1630, d 1684)
m. Philadephia Paulet (d 21.02.1714/5, dau of Essex Paulet by Frances Napier)
1. Philadelphia Hussey of Edmondsham (d 1748)
  m. John Fry of Alvideston (d 1726)
  A. Francis Fry of Edmonsham
  The following is supported by 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 21 (June 1912), 'Goldwyer', p268+).
  m. Henrietta Goldwyer (b 1697, d 1765, dau of Capt. William Goldwyer)
  i. Philadelphia Fry (or Phyllis) of Edmondsham (bpt 01.09.1732, dsp 03.1791)
  m. William Bower (rector of Edmondsham)
  ii.+ other issue - John (bpt 23.06.1730, d 27.07.1759), Thomas (b c02.1731, d 31.05.1731), William (bpt 18.07.1733, d 24.12.1735)
  B. Philadephia Fry, later Hussey



This section first uploaded on 07.10.20.
William Bayley of Marlborough (d 1730, grocer)
m. Damaris Hughes of Hodson Farm, Chiseldon
1. Samuel Bayley of St. Peter's Parish, Marlborough (d 1752, 2nd son)
  m. Hannah Goulding
  A. William Bayley (bpt 15.10.1751, d 16.12.1827, clerk, 3rd son)
  m. Dorothea Ayrey (b c1770, d 09.10.1839)
  i. William Rutter Bayley of Cotford (b 1813, d 1879) had issue
  m. Flora Bower Monro (b 05.03.1815, d 1900, dau of Lt. Gen. William Hector Monro, Governor of Trinidad, by Philadelphia Bower, dau/heir of Captain Edmond Bower by Elizabeth Goldwyer)
2. Elizabeth Bayley (b c1701, d 1793)
  m. George Goldwyer of Marlborough

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