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Families covered: Morgan of Chelworth, Morgan of Langston (Llansted), Morgan of Llantarnam, Morgan of Machem, Morgan of Pencoyd, Morgan of St. Clere, Morgan of Tredegar

Llewellyn ap Ivor, lord of St. Clere and Gwinfar
m. Angharad (dau of Sir Morgan ap Meredith, lord of Tredegar)
1. Morgan, lord of St. Clere and Tredegar
  m. Maud (dau of Rhys ap Gronwy, lord of Kybor)
  A. Llewellyn, lord of St. Clere and Tredegar
  m. Jonnet (dau of David Vaughan ap David ap Llewllyn ap Philip of Rhuderin)
i. Jevan ap Llewellyn ap Morgan, lord of St. Clere and Tredegar
  m. Elizabeth or Dennis (dau of Thomas ap Llewellyn ap Howell ap Eynon Sais)
  a. Sir John Morgan of St. Clere and Tredegar
  m. Jonnet Mathew (dau of John Mathew of Llandaff)
  (1) Sir Morgan Morgan of Tredegar
  m. Margaret Morgan (dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Langston) @@ below
  (A) John Morgan of Tredegar (d after 04.04.1513)
  (i) William Morgan of Tredegar (dsp before 27.06.1569)
  m. Katherine Bodenham (dau of Thomas Bodenham of Roderwas)
(2) Thomas Morgan of Machem (5th son)
  m. Elizabeth Vaughan (dau of Roger Vaughan of Talgarth)
  (A) Rowland Morgan of Machem (a 1570)
  m. (by 11.1517) Blanch Thomas (dau of John Thomas of Treowen)
  (i) Thomas Morgan of Machem & Tredegar
  m. Elizabeth Bodenham (b 1543, dau of Roger Bodenham of Roderwas)
(a) Sir William Morgan of Tredegar (d before 13.09.1653)
  m1. (1598) Elizabeth Wintour (dau of Sir William Wintour of Lidney)
  m2. Bridget Morgan (d before 1627, dau of Anthony Morgan of Hayford)
  (b) Katherine Morgan probably of this generation
  m. William Herbert of Colebrooke
  (c) Blanch Morgan probably of this generation
  m. Sir Edward Lewis of the Van
  (ii) Harry Morgan of Llanrumney ancestor of Morgans of Llanrumney
  (iii)+ 4 daughters
  (B) John Morgan ancestor of Morgans of Bassalegge
(3) Elizabeth Morgan probably of this generation
  m. John Clinton, 7th Lord (d 04.06.1515)
  (4)+ other issue (a 1491) - Philip, Lewis, William
  B. Philip of Langston or Llansted
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Sir John Norris of Penline Castle)
  i. Jenkin of Langston or Llansted
  m. Cicely Welsh (dau of Sir John Welsh)
a. Morgan of Langston & Pencoid (Pencoyd or Pencoed), Glamorganshire
  m1. Elizabeth Vaughan (dau of Sir Roger Vaughan of Bedwarden)
  (1) Sir Thomas Morgan of Pencoed
  m. Joan or Elizabeth Herbert (dau/heir of John ap Gwillim Herbert of Itton)
Visitation shows that Sir Thomas (and Elizabeth) had 3 sons: Sir Willliam, George & Henry. BEB1841 just mentions Sir Thomas (and Joan)'s "second son", John. Provisionally, we show 4 sons as follows:
  (A) Sir William Morgan 'of South Wales'
  Visitation identifies Sir William's wife as a dau of Sir Edward Bridges. We suspect that she was ...
  m. Florence Brydges (dau of Sir Giles Bruges of Cubberley)
  (i) Sir Thomas Morgan of Pen-coed & Langstone
  m. Cecilia Herbert (dau of Sir George Herbert of Swansea)
WBO ("Sir William Morgan") shows that a son of Sir Thomas & Cecilia was the following Sir William.
  (a) Sir William Morgan (dsp 1584)
  m. Elizabeth Judde (dau of Sir Andrew Judde, alderman of London)
  (b) ?? Morgan presumed intermediary generation
  ((1)) Robert Morgan of Cottlestown
  m. Bridget Blayney (b 1624, d 1685, dau of Robert Blayney of Tregynon & Castle Blayney)
(ii) Mary Morgan possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Herbert of St. Julians
  (B) George Morgan
  (C) Henry Morgan of Pencoid (Pencoyd), Monmouthshire
  m. Katherine Gunter (dau/heir of John Gunter, m2. Sir Edward Walsingham)
  (i) Richard Morgan of Chelworth, Surrey
  m. Jone Wintersull (dau of Robert Wintersull of Wintersull)
(a) William Morgan of Chelworth
  m1. Katherine Lewknor (dau/coheir of Sir Roger Lewknor, widow of John Mills)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Morgan
  m. Henry Bosville
  m2. Elizabeth Thetcher (dau of John Thetcher of Presthawes)
  ((2)) Sir John Morgan of Chelworth (d 03.04.1621)
  m. Anne Love (dau/coheir of John Love of Winchelsey)
  ((A)) Anne Morgan
  m. Sir Edward Randyll of Albery
  ((3)) Dorothy Morgan
  m. John Theobald (son of Richard of Seale)
((4))+ other issue - Mary, Anne, Elynor, Jane
  (b) Jone Morgan
  m. William Cooke of Hampshire
  (D) John Morgan of Caerleon
  m. Ely (dau of Lewes ap Richard Gwynn of the Van)
(i) William Morgan of (Caerleon &) Llantarnam, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (a 1571)
  m. Elizabeth Mansel (dau of Sir Rees Mansel of Margam)
  (a) Edward Morgan of Llantarnam and Penrice (a 1586, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Smith (dau of Hugh Smith of Long Ashton)
  ((1)) William Morgan of Llantarnam
  The following is supported by TCB (vol 2, Morgan of Llantarnam).
  m. Frances Somerset (dau of Edward Somerset, Earl of Worcester)
((A)) Sir Edward Morgan, Sheriff of Monmouthshire, 1st Bart of Llantarnam (b c1604, d 24.06.1653)
  m. Mary or Dorothy Englefield (dau of Sir Francis Englefield, 1st Bart of Wotton Basset)
  ((i)) Sir Edward Morgan, 2nd Bart of Llantarnam (a 1661)
  m. Frances Morgan (bur 12.1669, dau of Thomas Morgan of Mangham)
  ((a)) Sir Edward Morgan, 3rd Bart of Llantarnam (d 1681/2)
m(2). Mary Baskerville (dau of Humphrey Baskerville of Pontrilas)
  (((1))) Anne Morgan (d unm)
  (((2))) Frances Morgan
  m. Edmund Bray (son of Sir Edmund Reginald Bray of Barrington Park)
  ((b)) William Morgan (d before 1681)
((c)) Sir James Morgan of Abergavenny, 4th Bart (dsp before 1727)
  m. Alice Hopton (dau of Sir Edward Hopton of Canon Froomore)
  ((d)) Henry Morgan (d before 1693)
  ((ii)) James Morgan
((iii)) Elizabeth Morgan probably of this generation
  m. Sir Philip Jones of Treowen (d 1660)
  (b) Florentia Morgan probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Herbert of St. Julians / Gillians and Castle Island
  (E) Margaret Morgan probably of this generation
  m. Sir Morgan Morgan of Tredegar @@ above
  (E) Joane Morgan probably of this generation
  m. Sir Christopher Baynham of Colwell
  (F) Maud Morgan this connection found on various web sites
  m. Sir Thomas Bowles of Penho(we) (son of Ralph)
  (i) Jane (Joan) Bowles (d 15.09.1562)
  m. Sir Edward Aston of Tixall
(ii) Magaret Bowles probably of this generation
  m. John Moore (Dalamoor) of Chirk
  (2) Elizabeth Morgan
  m. William Kemys (a 1500)
  (3) Ciceley Morgan
  m. Sir Thomas Vychan
  (4) Margaret Morgan
  Visitation shows the 3rd daughter as Margaret, m. Sir John St. John. However, the St. John records name his wife Sibyl. It looks as though this was the Margaret identified in Commoners (vol 3, Scudamore of Kentchurch) as wife of ...
  m. Thomas Scudamore of Kentchurch
  (5) Sibyl Morgan see note just above, presumed of this marriage
  m. Sir John St. John
  Visitation identifies 2 wives for Morgan (ap) Jenkin, Elizabeth Vaughan & Elizabeth Mathew, showing the latter as mother of Treheren & John. BEB1841 mentions that John of Tredunnock was son of his 3rd wife. Provisionally, we presume that there was an intervening marriage between Elizabeth Vaughan & Elizabeth Mathew.
m2. ??
  m3. Elizabeth Mathew (dau of Sir Edward Mathew of Radnor).
  (6) Treheren (Trahaearn) Morgan
  The following connection was found on various web sites.
  m. Jonet Dunn (dau of Harry Dunn of Picton by Margred, dau of Sir Harry Wogan)
  (A) Henry (Harry) Morgan of Moddlescombe
  m. Margred Wogan (dau of Harry Wogan, cousin?)
  (i) Katherine Morgan
  m. John Vaughan of Golden Grove
  (7) John Morgan of Tredunnock ancestor of Morgans of Tredunnock
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, were ...
  (8) Anne Morgan
m. Sir Walter Baskervile of Erdisley (a 1501)
  (9) Joan Morgan
  m1/2. John Arnalhd
  m2/1. Thomas Herbert of the More Grange
  (10) daughter
  m. Hugh (ap David Ychan) of Killwch
  b. William Morgan probably of this generation or the one after
  (1) Elisabeth Morgan
  m. Christopher Mathew of Llandaff
2. Ivor of Werncleppa or Gerney Cleppa ancestor of Morgans of Werncleppa
3. Philip ap Llewellyn ap Ivor ancestor of Lewis of St. Pierre
  m. Nest (dau of Gwyllym Sais ap Madoc)
Possibly another son of Llewelyn, or a son or grandson of one of the above sons, was ...
4. David

Main source(s):
(1) For Morgan of Tredegar : BP1934 (Tredegar)
(2) For Morgan of Langston (Llansted) & Llantarnam : BEB1841 (Morgan of Llantarnam)
(3) For Morgan of Llansted (Langston) & Pencoyd : Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Morgan)
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