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Families covered: Hopton of Canon Frome, Hopton of Cherbury, Hopton of Rockhill

BLG1886 identifies the arms of (the later generations of) this family as "Gu., between nine crosses pattée fitchée or, a lion rampant of the second".
Thomas Hopton of Rockhill
m. Anne Rockell (dau of Geoffrey de Rockell of Rockell or Rockhill)
1. Edward Hopton of Rockhill
  m. Katherine Lloyd (dau of Sir David Lloyd ap Sir Griffith)
A. John Hopton of Rockhill
  m. Jane Corbett (dau of Thomas Corbett)
  i. Henry Hopton of Rockhill
  a. Edward Hopton of Rockhill and Cherbury
  m. Elizabeth Woolrych (dau of Humphrey Woolrych of Dudmaston)
  (1) John Hopton of Rockhill and Cherbury, Sheriff of Shropshire (a 1575)
  m1. Katharine Peter (dau of William Peter or Peeter)
  (A) Thomas Hopton
  (B) Joseph Hopton
  m. Penelope Burnell (dau of William Burnell of Salop)
  (C) Jane Hopton
  m1. Richard Cresset
  m2. Samuel Lawknor or Lewknor
  m2. Frances Cresset (relict of _ Smyth of Morvel)
  (D) William Hopton of Rockhill and Cherbury, Sheriff of Salop (a 1591)
  m. (before 1571) Dorothy Morgan (dau of John Morgan of Sytton)
(i) Edward Hopton
  m. Ann Perch (dau of Thomas Perch of Shrewsbury)
  (a) Morgan Hopton (b c1606, a 1659, rector of St.Andrew's Holborn)
  m. Ann Swetenham (dau of Anthony Swetenham of Somerford)
  ((1)) Edward Hopton of Gray's Inn (b c1634, a 1661)
  m. Sara Newton (dsp 23.09.1661, dau of Peter Newton of Heigley or Heightley)
  ((2)) Helen Hopton
  m. John Burch of Newbury
  ((3))+ other issue - Ralph (b c1641), Jane, Sara, Ann
  (ii) Sir Richard Hopton of Rockhill and Cherbury, Sheriff of Herefordshire - continued below
  m. (by 1602) Elizabeth Hopton (dau of John Hopton, niece of Michael Hopton of Canon Frome)
  (iii) Joseph Hopton
  m. _ Walwyn of Herefordshire
  (iv) Dorothy Hopton
  m. Thomas Kerry of Brewerston or Binweston (Thomas Cary of Weston)
  (v) Katherine Hopton
  m. John Shuter of the Inner Temple
  (E) Katherine Hopton
  m. George Hockleton of Hockleton, Shropshire
  (F) Elizabeth Hopton
  m. William Littleton of Stretton
  (G)+ other issue - Simon, George, Charles
  (2) George Hopton of Bitterley
  (3) Edward Hopton of London (dsp)
  m. _ Edmonds (dau of Rowland Edmonds of London)
  (4) Katherine Hopton
  m. _ Greneway of Garaway of London
  (5) Elizabeth Hopton
  m. John Wysham of Tedstone
  Visitation shows the following Thomas, noting that some sources show him as son of Thomas Hopton by Anne Rockell, some generations earlier.
  b. Thomas Hopton of Rockhill
  (1) John Hopton
  m. _ Perpount or Pearpoynt of Nottinghamshire
  (A) Edward Hopton
  m. Agnes Blount (dau of _ Blount of Kiderminster)
  (i) Thomas Hopton
  (a)+ issue - Anna, Elizabeth
  (ii) Elizabeth Hopton
  m. Thomas Hopton
  (B) Thomas Hopton
  m. _ Preisley (dau of William Preisley)
  (i) Richard Hopton
  m. Elizabeth Hubbard (dau of _ Hubbard or Hubald of Ippesley)
  (a) Thomas Hopton (a 1592)
  ((1))+ issue - Francis, Richard, Thomas, Robert, Anna, Elizabeth, Maria
  (b) John Hopton
  (c) Jane Hopton
  m. William Selden of Kings Stodwin or Stodwell
  (C) William Hopton of Downton
  (i) William Hopton
  m. Jane Hatton (dau of Richard Hatton)
  (a)+ issue - William, Elianora



Sir Richard Hopton of Rockhill and Cherbury, Sheriff of Herefordshire - continued above
m. (by 1602) Elizabeth Hopton (dau of John Hopton, niece of Michael Hopton of Canon Frome)
1. William Hopton of Bishop's Frome (d 02.04.1647)
  m. Elizabeth Foxhall (dau of William Foxhall of Shropshire)
A. Elizabeth Hopton
  m. _ Went of Bosbury
  B.+ other issue (dsp?) - Richard (b 1625, a 1634), Ralph (bpt 25.04.1639)
2. Sir Edward Hopton of Canon Frome (b c1604, d 01.04.1668)
  m. (20.07.1654) Deborah Hatton (b c1625, d 13.07.1702, dau of Robert Hatton of Thames Ditton)
  A. Edward Hopton of Canon Frome (b 08.04.1655)
  m. Hannah Clarkson of London
  i. Richard Hopton of Canon Frome (b c1684, d 21.02.1764)
  m. (29.12.1705) Elizabeth Geers (b c1682, d 03.09.1747, dau of Thomas Geers of the Marsh by Elizabeth Cope)
  a. Edward Hopton (bpt 09.02.1707, dvp 24.04.1754)
  m. (20.02.1732) Mary Briggenshaw (dau of Timothy Briggenshaw of Bedwardine)
  (1) Richard Cope Hopton of Canon Frome, Sheriff of Herefordshire (bpt 30.06.1738, dsp 13.01.1810)
  m. Dorothy Nelson (dsp 01.1817, dau of James Nelson of London)
  (2) Anne Hopton (b c1739, d 11.07.1786)
  m. Michael Clements of Weybridge (Captain RN)
  (A)+ issue (d unm) - Michael Hopton, Mary Anne
  b. Richard Cope Hopton (bpt 29.12.1712, dsp after 1778)
  m. Elizabeth Bird (widow of Dr. Secker)
  c. William Cope Hopton (bpt 21.03.1718, d 09.04.1801, rector of Stretton and Canon Frome, 5th son)
  m1. Anne Andrews (b c1717, d 30.05.1766)
  m2. Judith Morton (dau of John Morton of Callon Hill)
  d. Michael Cope Hopton of Croydon (bpt 29.11.1720, dsp 03.03.1808)
  m. Mary Jones
  e. Ralph Cope Hopton (b c1726, d 13.06.1797, vicar of Bishop's Frome, prebendary of Hereford)
  m1. Anna Maria Huxley (dsp 18.04.1793)
m2. Mary Poole (dau of Rev. Edward Poole of Ludlow)
  f. Deborah Hopton (bpt 19.02.1708)
  m. (01.10.1730) John Parsons of Kemerton Court (son of John of Kemerton)
  (1) William Parsons of Kemerton Court, later Hopton of Canon Frome (d 1841, Rev.)
m1. (1781) Mary Graves (d 1800, dau of Morgan Graves of Mickleton)
  (A) John Hopton of Canon Frome (b 05.10.1782, d 11.1870, prebendary of Hereford) had issue
  m. (03.05.1807) Grace Ann Williams (d 01.10.1839, dau of John Williams of Wilcroft)
  (B)+ other issue - Charles (d unm 13.09.1813, Captain), Mary Anne
  m2. (25.08.1801) Anne Poole (dau of James Poole of Homend)
  (D)+ other issue - William (vicar of Bishop's Frome), James Michael, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Catherine, Deborah
  g. Frances Hopton (bpt 1716) probably the Frances (d 10.04.1797) who married ...
  m. Sir James Hereford of Sufton (b 22.10.1713, dsp 23.06.1786)
h.+ other issue - Michael Cope (bpt 16.05.1715, bur 04.08.1716), Thomas Cope (bpt 18.02.1717, bur 23.04.1722), Elizabeth (d unm 07.1767)
  B. Charles Hopton (b 30.06.1661, 4th son)
  i. Frances Hopton
  m. (12.05.1711) Roger Hereford of Sufton
  C. Alice Hopton
  m1. (17.04.1683) Nicholas Jones of Abergavenny
  m2. Sir James Morgan of Abergavenny, 4th Bart (dsp before 1727)
  D. Deborah Hopton
  m. (01.08.1694) John Delahay
  E.+ other issue - Robert (b 25.07.1658, dvp), Richard (b 18.02.1659), Robert (b 25.12.1662), James (b c1663, d 1690)
3. Richard Hopton of the Inner Temple (b c1608, d 28.11.1696, chief justice of North Wales)
  m. Susan Harvey (dau of Sir William Harvey)
4. Elizabeth Hopton
  m. Thomas Jeffries of Earls Crome
5. Frances Hopton possibly the Frances (d before 1703) who married ...
  m. William Coke of Lower Moor, etc. (bur 09.02.1690-1, vicar of Bosbury)
6.+ other issue - Walter (dsp), James of London

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol 4, 'Hopton of Canon Frome', p173+ in note), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Hopton of Hopton and of Canon Frome, co. Hereford')
(2) For lower section : Commoners (vol 4, 'Hopton of Canon Frome', p173+) with support from BLG1886 ('Hopton of Canon Frome')
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