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Families covered: Hereford of Hereford, Hereford of Mordiford, Hereford of Sufton

Roger de Hereford (a 1170, "a famous philosopher")
1. Henry de Hereford of Witton (a 1201)
  A. Roger de Hereford of Breinton & Sufton-in-Mordiford, Herefordshire (a 1251) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Aubrey (a 1280)
  i. Sir Henry de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b 1222, d 1303-4)
  m. Margaret
  a. John de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b 1271-2, d 30.04.1337)
  m. Matilda
  (1) Sir Henry de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b 1304-5, dsp 1361?, MP)
  m. Margaret
  (2) John de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b c1321, d 06.05.1386)
  m. Margaret
  (A) Thomas de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b 1364, dsp 1390)
(3) Nicholas de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b c1330)
  m. Margaret Lewan (dau of John Lewan of Little Hope)
  (A) Roger de Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b c1364, d 1426)
  m1. Isabel (dsp)
m2. Margery de Preston (dau of John de Preston)
  (i) William Hereford of Sufton & Mordiford (b 1409/1419)
  m. Alice
  (a) Thomas Hereford of Sufton (d 23.06/7.1519)
  m. Margaret Sturmey (heir)
  ((1)) William Hereford of Sufton (b 1477, d 1545/01.02.1549) - continued below
  m. (1506) Katharine Parry (dau of Thomas ap Harry of Poston)
  ((2)) Jane Hereford
  m. Foulkes Walwyn
  (B) John de Hereford of Bodenham
  b. Agnes de Hereford
  m. Sir Peter de Crompton
  ii. Julian de Hereford
  m. John de Hogernel
  B. Thomas de Hereford, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1222)



William Hereford of Sufton (b 1477, d 1545/01.02.1549) - continued above
m. (1506) Katharine Parry (dau of Thomas ap Harry of Poston)
1. Roger Hereford of Sufton (d 13.07.1561)
  m. Margaret Sturmey or Sturmy (heir)
  A. John Hereford of Sufton (b 08.09.1558, d 1614/20.10.1619)
  m1. Catherine Lee (dau of Richard Lee of Langley)
  i. Richard Hereford of Sufton (b 12.05.1579, d c1636)
  m1. Margaret or Mary Scudamore (dau of John Scudamore of Bellingham)
m2. Mary or Margaret Pershall (dau of William Pershall of Horsley)
  Not clear which wife was mother of (which of) the children.
  a. Roger Hereford of Sufton (b 1599, d c1659)
m. Frances Rodd (bur 08.11.1689, dau of James Rodd of Hereford)
  (1) James Hereford of Sufton (bpt 23.12.1634, bur 04.01.1693)
  m1. Hester Holmes (d 10.1676, dau of Robert Holmes of Netherton, niece of Sir John Kirle of Much March (Much Marcle))
  (A) John Hereford of Sufton, Sheriff of Herefordshire (bur 04.05.1700)
  m. Millborough Walwyn (dau/heir of Thomas Walwyn of Huntless, m2. Thomas Berrington of Canon Pyon)
  (i) Roger Hereford of Sufton (b 07.07.1687, bur 09.04.1744)
  m. (12.05.1711) Frances Hopton (dau/heir of Charles Hopton, son of Sir Edward of Canon Frome)
  (a) Sir James Hereford of Sufton, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b 22.10.1713, dsp 23.06.1786)
  m1. Martha Skynner (dsp 01.1780, dau/coheir of John Skynner)
m. (after 20.01.1781) Frances Hopton (d 10.04.1797, dau of Richard Hopton of Canon Frome)
  (b) Roger Hereford (b 24.03.1721, dsp 08.1774, 3rd son) not mentioned by Commoners
  m. Jane Senhouse (dau of Rev. John Senhouse of Linton)
  (c) Richard Hereford (d 28.06.1798) not mentioned by Commoners, had issue
  m. Elizabeth Howard (d 1792, dau of Charles Francis Howard of Overacres)
  (d) Francis Hereford (b 1728, youngest son)
  ((1)) son
  (e) Frances Hereford (b 1714, bur 09.09.1773)
  m. John Caldicott of Holmer House (b 1725, bur 22.05.1781)
  Their son inherited Sufton and assumed the name Hereford.
  (f) Anne Hereford (b 1729)
  m. Thomas Baker of Lugwardine (bur 22.05.1781)
  (g)+ other issue - John (b 13.12.1717, d 1720), Henry (b 1725, d young?), Elizabeth (b 1716, d 1755), Deborah (b 1722, d 1743)
  (ii) Frances Hereford
  m. Richard Poole of Barry Court
  (iii)+ other issue - John(d 1711), Walwyn (b 1694)
  (B) James Hereford (b 1668)
  m. Ann Green (dau of Dr. Thomas Green of Grosley)
  (C) Elizabeth Hereford
  m. William Havard
  (D) Anne Hereford (b 1670)
  m. Rev. Francis Broad (prebendary of Hereford, cousin)
  (E) Hester Hereford (d infant)
  m2/3. (sp) Mary (dsp, widow of _ Wall of Hereford)
  (2) Francis Hereford (b 1640, consul in Dunkirk) had issue
  m. Frances de Brower of Newport
  (3) Roger Hereford, Mayor of Dunkirk
  m. Anthony Molliene (dau of Gaspard Molliene, mayor fo Collis)
  (A) Ann Hereford
  m. Peter William le Grand de Bourgard
  (B) Frances Hereford
  m. _ Lewis de Challone de Courtebourne
  (C)+ other issue - Roger (b 1690), Mary
  (4) Margery Hereford
  m. (1665) Thomas Broad
  (5)+ other issue - William (d unm), Ann, Elizabeth
  b. William Hereford
  m. Elizabeth Booth of Priors Lee
  (1) John Hereford of Hereford
  (A) Mary Hereford
  m1. William Castle of Reading
  m2. Thomas Bayle
  (B) Elizabeth Hereford
  m. Benjamin Hill
  (C) Jane Hereford
m. William Higgins of Kington
  (2) Booth Hereford of Hereford (dsp)
  (3) Elizabeth Hereford
  m. John Morse (alderman of Hereford)
  (4) Margery Hereford
  m1. _ Goch
  m2. _ Carter
  c. Giles Hereford
  d. Elizabeth Hereford
  m. Bridstock Harford
e. Margaret or Mary Hereford (b 1621)
  m1. Richard (probably not William) Whittington of Hampton Bishop
  m2. Thomas Rodd
  f. Jane Hereford (b 1623)
  m. John Beale
  m2. Elizabeth Archer (d 1641, dau of Humphry Archer of Tamworth)
  ii. Roger Hereford of Priors Court
  m. (20.09.1620) Penelope Kirle (dau of Robert Kirle of Walford)
  a. John Hereford (b 1625)
  m. Elizabeth Sampson (dau/heir of Henry Sampson of Holm Lacy)
  (1) John Hereford of Holm Lacy
  iii. Margaret Hereford
  m1. Richard Walwyn of Dormynton
  m2. Anthony Bucker
  iv.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Townshend (dsp), Giles
  B. Isabella Hereford
  m. Anthony Kirle of Herefordshire
  C. Dorothy Hereford probably the Dorothy (bur 29.08.1621) who married ...
  m. Edmund Skippe of Bishop's Frome (bur 27.04.1608)
  D.+ other issue - Joan, Jane, Eleanor, Mary

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 3, 'Hereford of Sufton Court', p343+), BLG1952 ('Hereford of Sufton')
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