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Families covered: Chichley of Wimple (Wimpole)

Although we show this family's name as Chichley, it appears to have had various other spellings also, including Chichelley, Chichelle and Chichele.
Thomas Chichley of Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire (d 25.02.1400)
m. Agnes Pinchon (dau of William Pinchon or Pincheon)
1. Henry Chichely, Archbishop of Canterbury (b c1362, d 1443, founder of All Soul's, Oxford)
  Because Henry founded All Souls College, Oxford, all of the descendants of his siblings are entitled to Fellowships of that august college.
2. Sir Robert Chichley, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 1440)
  Stemmata Chicheleana mentions that Sir Robert had 3 wives: Elizabeth, Agnes & Agnes.
  m. Agnes Apulderfeild (dau of William Apulderfeild or Apulderfield of Otterpley)
A. Isabel or Philippa Chichely
  m. Valentine or Allen Chiche or Chichely
  i. Margaret Chichely
  m1/2. _ Clovel
  m2/1. John Judd of Tunbridge
  a. Sir Andrew Judde 'of Ashford', Lord Mayor of London (d 04.09.1558)
  m. Mary Mirfine (dau of Sir Thomas Mirfine or Murfyn, Lord Mayor of London) wife of Sir Andrew, mother of Alice
  (1) Alice Judde
  m. Thomas Smyth of Osterhanger (d 1591)
  (2) Elizabeth Judde probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Morgan (dsp 1584)
b.+ other issue - John, Thomas
  ii. Emly (Emelyne) Chichely
  m. Sir Thomas Kemp
  B. daughter (dsp?)
  m. _ Roper
3. William Chichley, Sheriff of London (d 1425)
  m. Beatrix Barrett (dau of William Barrett)
  A. William Chichley (d 1424, archdeacon of Canterbury)
  B. John Chichley of Wympell (Chamberlain of London)
  m. Margaret Knowles (b c1390, dau of Thomas Knowles or Knollys)
  Stemmata Chicheleana reports that they had 24 children and names 19 of them.
  i. Robert Chichley
m. Anne Woodhouse (dau of John Woodhouse of Callis)
  ii. William Chichley (5th son)
  a.+ issue - John (dsp), William (dsp), Bridget
  iii. Henry Chichley of Wympelle or Wimple (10th son)
  m. Alice Clopton (dau of Robert Clopton, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. William Chichley of Wimple
This generation is reported in the Visitation record only by way of note, reporting an inscription in Foxton Church.
  m. Alice Bruges (dau of ?? Bruges, grandfather of Lord Chandos)
  (1) Henry Chichley (dsp)
  m. _ Burgoyne
  (2) Thomas Chichley of Wimple
  m. Frances Dockwra (dau of John Dockwra of Bradkirke)
  (A) Clement Chichley of Wimple or Wimpole
  m. Mary Hynd (dau of Sir John Hynd, judge)
(i) Sir Thomas Chichley or Chicheley of Wimple or Wimpole (b 1578, d 1616)
  Visitation ends with this generation. The following information, from oxforddnb.com, was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (JA, 02.07.08).
  m. Dorothy Kempe (d 1644, dau of Sir Thomas Kempe of Olantigh)
  (a) Sir Thomas Chicheley, last of Wimpole, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire (b 25.03.1614, d 01.02.1699)
  m1. (13.08.1635) Sarah Russell (d 01.1654, dau of Sir William Russell, Bart of Chippenham)
((1)) Sir John Chicheley (b c1640, dvp 20.03.1691, Rear Admiral, MP)
  m. (c1667) Isabella Lawson (d 1709, dau/coheir of Admiral Sir John Lawson, widow of Daniel Norton of Southwick)
  ((A)) Sarah Chicheley (d 09.05.1726) apparently of this generation
  m. (c1709) James Plowden of Lasham and Ewhust (b 03.05.1684, d 23.09.1729)
  ((B))+ 5 sons and 3 daughters
  ((2)) Elizabeth Chicheley probably of this generation
  m. Richard Leigh of Lyme (b 07.05.1634, d 06.09.1687)
  ((3)) Dorothy Chicheley probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Hovell of Hillington (d 08.1654)
  ((4))+ 2 sons (dvp)
m2. (1655) Anne Coventry (bur 31.07.1662, dau of Thomas Coventry, 1st Lord, widow of Sir William Saville, 3rd Bart of Thornhill)
  ((6))+ other issue - son (d young), son
  (b) Dorothy Chicheley probably of this generation
  m. William Harrington of Witham-on-the-Hill (a 1625)
  (c) Catherine Chicheley probably of this generation
  m. Owen Radclyffe of Langley
  (ii) Ursula Chichley
  m. Robert Pagenham
  (B) Elizabeth Chichley
m. Edward Wood of Fulborne (bur 11.06.1599)
  (C) Frances Chichley
  m. Thomas Dycons or Dickons of Marston
  (3) Margaret Chichley
  m. Thomas Pygott of Cambridgeshire
  iv. Agnes Chichley
m1. John Tattersall (d 1446)
  m2. William (Sir George?) Keene of Wellhall, Kent
  a. Anthony Keene
b. Cicely Keene
  m. John Vaughan of Wales
  c. Bridget (or Margaret) Keene
  m. Sir William Trussell
  d. Edith Keene who apparently married ...
  m. (1486) Jenkyn Maunsell of Oxwich Castle
  v. Christian Chichley (b 1413)
  m. Thomas Harvye of Thirley (d 1468)
  vi. Edyth Chichley
  m1. John Borough
  m2. Gyles Low or St. Cloo or St. Loe
  vii. Beatrix Chichley
  m. Sir William Peach or Peche of Lullingston (d 1487, son of Sir John of Lullingston)
  vii. Florence Chichley
  m1. Robert Savage
m2. John Zouch of Benyfeld or Benifield
  ix. Phillippa Chichley
  m. Henry Kent
  x. Elizabeth Chichley (d(sp?) 02.04.1499)
  m1. John Curieles (Visitation) or Sir Thomas Kiryol or Crioll, Kent (Stemmata Chicheleana) (d St. Albans 1461)
  m2. Sir Ralph Ashton (Knight Marshall)
  m3. (before 06.07.1490) Sir John (not Edward) Bourchier (d 1495)
  xi.+ other issue - Thomas (d 26.01.1466, Archdeacon of Canterbury), William (d infant), William (d young), John (d infant), John (a 1439, rector), Martin (d young), Reginald (clergyman), Katherine (d unm), Margery (dsp), 5 others (including Isabell?)
  C. Florence Chichley (d 08.12.1465)
  m1. (sp) Sir Nicholas Peche
  m2. (sp) John Burton
  m3. John Darrell of Calehill
  D. Agnes (Elizabeth?) Chichley
  m. "a Gentleman of Wales"
4. daughter
  m. _ Tooke

Main source(s): Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Chichley) with some support/input from 'Stemmata Chicheleana' (1765) which follows the descendants of Thomas Chichele of Higham Ferrers
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