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Families covered: Coventry of Aylesborough, Coventry of Cassington, Coventry of Coventry

John Coventry, Sheriff and Lord Mayor of London (a 1420)
1. ?? Coventry
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Coventry
  i. Vincent Coventry of Cassington
a. Richard Coventry of Cassington
  (1) son
  (2) Sir Thomas Coventry (b 1547, d 12.12.1606, judge)
  m. Margaret Jefferies (dau of William Jefferies of Earles Croome)
(A) Thomas Coventry, 1st Lord of Aylesborough (b 1578, d 14.01.1639-40)
  m1. (1606) Sarah Sebright (dau of Sir Edward Sebright, 1st Bart of Besford)
  (i) Thomas Coventry, 2nd Lord of Aylesborough (b 1628, d 15.12.1680)
  m. (02.04.1627) Mary Craven (d 18.10.1634, dau of Sir William Craven)
  (a) George Coventry, 3rd Lord of Aylesborough (b 1628, d 15.12.1680)
  m. (18.07.1653) Margaret Tufton (b 13.07.1636, a 07.1687, dau of John Tufton, 2nd Earl of Thanet)
  ((1)) John Coventry, 4th Lord of Aylesborough (b 02.09.1654, d unm 25.07.1687)
((2)) Margaret Coventry (b 14.06.1657. dsp 07.02.1681/2)
  m. (10.07.1679) Charles Paulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton (b 1661, d 21.01.1721-2)
  (b) Thomas Coventry, 5th Lord, 1st Earl of Coventry (d 15.07.1699)
  m1. Winifred Edgcumbe (d 11.06.1694, dau of Pierce Edgcumbe of Mount Edgcumbe)
  ((1)) Thomas Coventry, 2nd Earl of Coventry (d 08.1710)
  m. (04.05.1691) Anne Somerset (b 1673, d 17.02.1763, dau of Henry Somerset, 1st Duke of Beaufort)
  ((A)) Thomas Coventry, 3rd Earl of Coventry (b 07.04.1702, d unm 28.01.1711-2)
  ((2)) Gilbert Coventry, 4th Earl of Coventry (d 27.10.1719)
  m1. (1694) Dorothy Keyt (d 1705, dau of Sir William Keyt, 2nd Bart of Ebrington)
((A)) Anne Coventry
  m. (05.01.1713-4) Sir William Carew, Bart of Anthony (d 08.03.1744)
  m2. (25.06.1715, sp) Anne Master (d 21.03.1788, dau of Sir Streynsham Master of Codnor Castle)
  m2. (16.07.1695) Elizabeth (bur 10.04.1724, dau of Richard Grimes or Graham, she m2. Thomas Savage of Elmley Castle)
  (ii) Elizabeth Coventry
  m. Sir John Hare of Stow Bardolph (d 1638)
  m2. (1610) Elizabeth Aldersey (dau of John Aldersey of Spurstow)
  (iii) John Coventry
  m. Elizabeth Coles (dau of John Coles of Barton)
  (a) Sir John Coventry of Pitminster (d unm)
(iv) Francis Coventry 'of Carshalton' (b 1612, d 1680)
  m(1). Elizabeth Manning (dau of John Manning of Warbleton)
  (a) Francis Coventry (d unm 1686)
(b) Elizabeth Coventry
  m. Sir William Keyt, 2nd Bart of Ebrington (d 30.11.1702)
  (c) Ultra Trajectina Coventry
  m. Sir Lacon William Childe of Kinlet
  (v) Anne Coventry (bur 31.07.1662)
  m1. Sir William Savile, 3rd Bart of Thornhill (d 24.11.1643)
  m2. (1655) Thomas Chichele of Wimpole
  (vi) Mary Coventry
  m. Sir Henry Frederick Thynne, 1st Bart (b 01.03.1615, d 06.03.1680)
  (vii) Margaret Coventry (dsp 11.07.1649)
  m. (25.02.1639) Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury (b 22.07.1621, d 21.01.1682/3)
  (viii) Dorothy Coventry (bur 13.05.1679)
  m. Sir John Packington, 2nd Bart (bur 03.01.1679-80)
  (ix)+ other issue - Henry (b 1618, d unm 07.12.1686, Secretary of State), Sir William (d 23.06.1686)
  (B) William Coventry ancestor of Coventry of Ridmarley
  (C) Walter Coventry
  (i) Walter Coventry of London
  m. Ann Holcombe (dau of Humphrey Holcombe of London)
(a) Walter Coventry (d 05.04.1677)
  (b) William Coventry, 5th Earl of Coventry (d 18.03.1750-1)
  m. Elizabeth Allen (d 23.11.1738, dau of John Allen of Westminster)
  ((1)) Thomas Henry Coventry, 'Viscount Deerhurst' (b 27.03.1721, d unm 20.05.1744)
  ((2)) George William Coventry, 6th Earl of Coventry (b 26.04.1722, d 03.09.1809)
  m1. (03.1752) Maria Gunning (bpt 15.08.1732, d 30.09.1760, dau of John Gunning of Castle Coote)
  ((A)) George William Coventry, 7th Earl of Coventry (b 28.04.1758, d 1831)
m1. (18.03.1777) Catherine Henley (d 09.01.1779, dau of Robert Henley, 1st Earl of Northington)
  m2. (10.01.1783) Peggy Pitches (d 15.01.1840, dau of Sir Abraham Pitches of Streatham)
  ((i)) George William Coventry, 8th Earl of Coventry (b 16.10.1784, d 15.05.1843) had issue
  m1. (16.01.1808) Emma Susanna Lygon (d 08.08.1810, dau of William Lygon, 1st Earl Beauchamp)
  m2. (06.11.1811) Mary Beauclerk (d 11.09.1845, dau of Aubrey Beauclerk, 6th Duke of St. Albans)
  ((ii)) William James Coventry (b 01.01.1797, d 11.03.1877) had issue
m. (26.07.1821) Frances Cecilia Norbury (d 09.02.1906, dau of Thomas Norbury of Sherridge House)
  ((iii)) Augusta Maria Coventry (d 01.11.1865)
  m. (16.05.1806) Sir Willoughby Cotton (d 04.05.1860, Lt. General)
  ((iv)) Georgiana Catherine Coventry (d 30.11.1858)
  m. (17.02.1807) M.W. Barnes of Reigate
  ((v)) Jane Emily Coventry (d 15.02.1879)
  m. (03.06.1823) James Goding
((vi)) Sophia Catherine Coventry (dsp(s) 29.03.1875)
  m1. (02.06.1821) Sir Roger Gresley, 3rd Bart (d 12.10.1837)
  m2. (16.07.1839) Sir Henry William Des Voeux, Bart (d 04.01.1868)
  ((vii))+ other issue - John (b 30.06.1789, d 24.05.1852), Thomas Henry (b 18.09.1792, d unm 20.08.1869, minister)
  ((B)) Mary Alicia Coventry (d 08.01.1784)
  m. (29.06.1777) Sir Andrew Bayntun Rolt, 2nd Bart (d 12.08.1816)
  ((C)) Anne Margaret Coventry
  m1. (20.10.1778, div 1787) Hon. Edward Foley
m2. Samuel Wright (Captain)
  m2. (27.09.1764) Barbara St. John (d 25.11.1804, dau of Lord St. John of Bletso)
  ((D)) John Coventry (b 20.06.1765, d 12.11.1829)
  m1. (1788) Anne Clayton (d 08.1809)
  ((i)) Frederick Coventry (b 04.02.1791, d 10.08.1859) had issue
  m. (18.10.1819) Louisa Halford (d 30.09.1865, dau of Sir Henry Halford, 1st Bart)
  ((ii)) Caroline Coventry (d 1875)
  m. (1824) Hugh Mallet of Ash House (d 1865)
  ((iii)) Anne Coventry (d 31.01.1869)
  m. (20.07.1823) Thomas William Coventry (b 23.07.1800, d 16.02.1882) @@ just below
m2. (08.1809) Anna Maria Eves (d 28.03.1837, dau of Francis Eves)
  ((E)) Thomas William Coventry 'of North Cray Place' (b 24.12.1778, d 04.1816)
  m. _ Clarke (d 12.1806)
  ((i)) Thomas William Coventry (b 23.07.1800, d 16.02.1882) had issue
  m. (20.07.1823) Anne Coventry (d 31.01.1869, dau of Hon. John Coventry) @@ just above
  ((ii)) Augusta Elinor Coventry (d 30.04.1868)
  m. (01.03.1830) Sir George Edward Pocock, 2nd Bart (d 03.09.1866)
  ((iii)) Julia Catherine Coventry (d 09.10.1826)
  m. (25.08.1825) Augustus Pocock
  ((iv)) Laura Coventry (d unm 1837)
  ((3)) John Bulkeley Coventry, later Coventry-Bulkeley of Nether Burgate (b 21.03.1724, d unm 16.03. 1801, MP)
  (c) Thomas Coventry
  m1. Mary Green (dau of Green of Millan)
  ((1)) Thomas Coventry (dsp)
  m2. Anne Maria Brown (d 17.12.1726, dau of Rev. Thomas Brown of Polston)
((2))+ other issue - Francis (d unm, Rev.), George
  (d) Henry Coventry (b 1684)
  m. Anne Coles (of Oxford)
  ((1)) Henry Coventry (d 29.12.1753)
  (e) Anne Coventry probably of this generation
  m. (by 1696) Sir Dewey Bulkeley of Nether Burgate (d 1735, MP)
  (D) Margaret Coventry
  (E) Joan Coventry
  m. _ Rogers of Surrey
  (F) Catherine Coventry
  m. William Childe of Northwich
  (G) Anne Coventry
  m. George Frampton of Dorset

Main source(s): BP1934 (Coventry)
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