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Families covered: Wright of Lenton Hall, Wright of Mapperley Hall, Wright of Nottingham, Wright (Camplyon) of Stowmarket

John Wright alias Camplyon of Stowmarket, Suffolk (d before 27.03.1558)
1. Thomas Wright alias Camplyon of Stowmarket (bur 07.09.1592)
  m. (11.06.1565) Jane Carter
  A.+ issue - John (bur 06.04.1567), Margaret (d 09.1606), Frances (bpt 29.06.1565)
2. Robert Wright alias Camplyon of Stowmarker, later of Old Newton in Suffolk (d before 12.08.1592)
  BLG1886 (Wright of Aldercar and Wootton Court) shows that it was Robert's younger brother John who was father of John who (by Rose who d 16.07.1608) whose 4th son (after Robert, Josias & George) was John of Stowupland who (by Elizabeth) was father of John (bpt 29.11.1588, d before 09.01.1660) whom we show below. We follow BLG1952 on the assumption that it was based on further research which corrected errors in BLG1886.
  m. Agnes
  A. Robert Wright alias Camplyon (bur 06.09.1633)
  m. Rose
  i. John Wright alias Camplyon of Stowmarket (bpt 29.11.1588, bur 14.06.1658)
a. John Wright of Nottinghamshire (bpt 07.08.1614, bur 12.11.1683, Captain) the first mentioned by FMG
  m. Jane Mosley (d 27.01.1686)
  (1) John Wright in Hull (bopt 23.01.1656)
  m. (30.10.1683) Sarah Rotherham (dau of Thomas Rotherham of Nottingham)
  (A) son (dsp)
(2) Thomas Wright of Bingham, Nottinghamshire (b 23.03.1660, bur 28.11.1738)
  m. (17.04.1684) Hannah Rotherham (dau of Thomas Rotherham of Nottingham)
  (A) Ichabod Wright of Nottingham (b 1700, d 02.09.1777, 2nd son)
  m. (1720) Elizabeth Widbore (d 06.10.1782, dau/heir of John Wildbore of Nottingham by Mary, dau of Richard Milnes of Chesterfield)
  (i) John Wright of Nottingham (b 05.04.1723, d 17.12.1789, banker)
  m. (05.01.1748) Ann Sherbrooke (dau of John Sherbrooke of Nottingham)
  (a) Samuel Wright of Gunthorpe (b 18.10.1754, dsp 1839, Captain)
  m. (15.07.1788) Anne Margaret Coventry (dau of 6th Earl of Coventry, m1. (div) Edward Foley)
  (b) John Wright of Langar Hall & Lenton Hall, Nottinghamshire (b 07.08.1758, d 21.04.1840)
  m. (26.04.1791) Elizabeth Bereford (d 17.04.11833, dau/coheir of Francis Bereford of Osmaston)
  ((1)) John Wright of Lenton Hall (b 04.09.1793, dvp 24.01.1828) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (05.06.1827) Cecilia Georgina Byng (natural dau of Hon. John Byng, m2. Arthur Johnstone Blackwood)
  ((2)) Francis Wright of Osmaston Manor in Derbyshire, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 21.12.1806, d 21.02.1873) had issue
  m. (12.08.1830) Selina FitzHerbert (d 30.12.1888, dau of Sir Henry FitzHerbert, 3rd Bart of Tissington)
  ((3)) Marcus Wright (b 15.01.1812, dsp 13.02.1882, in Finland)
  m. (23.09.1838) Frederique Natalie Kuhlstrom (dau of Lars Frederic Kuhlstrom, widow of _ Tamelander)
  ((4))+ other issue - Fanny, Charlotte, Anne, Elizabeth, 3 daughters
  (c) Elizabeth Wright (b 01.10.1751, d 03.1814)
  m. Philip Gell of Wirksworth
  (d) Sarah Wright (b 23.02.1757, d 29.11.1829)
  m. Rev. Pendock Neale of Tollerton
  (e) Charlotte Wright (b 05.03.1762, d 1843)
  m. John Edwards of Old Court, co. Wicklow
  (f) Lucy Wright (b 06.10.1766)
  m. Samuel Banks of Burton-on-Trent (also in Ireland)
  ((1))+ issue - Sherbrooke, George, Frances (d young)
  (g)+ other issue - Mary (b 24.12.1748, d unm 04.1842) , Ann (b 27.06.1853)
  (ii) Thomas Wright 'of Mapperley' & Nottingham (b 10.07.1724, d 20.07.1790, banker)
  m.(18.12.1764) Mary Smith (d 19.05.1817, dau of John Smith of Nottingham by Elizabeth, dau of Langford Nevill)
(a) Ichabod Wright of Mapperley (b 28.01.1767, d 14.11.1862)
  m. (28.01.1794) Harriet Maria Day (d 21.06.1843, dau of Benjamin Day of Yarmouth)
  ((1)) Ichabod Charles Wright of Mapperley (b 11.041.795, d 14.10.1871) had issue
  m. (21.11.1825) Theodosia Denman (d 20.05.1895, dau of 1st Baron Denman)
  ((2)) Thomas Ives Wright (b 09.06.1803, d 01.1847) had issue
  m. (1845) Isabella Bailey Campbell (dau of James Campbell of Dunmore)
  ((3)) John Adolphus Wright (d 16.06.1881, rector of Ickham) had issue
  m1. (12.10.1832, sp?) Harriet Elizabeth Howley (d 05.08.1837, dau of William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  m2. (10.09.1838) Josephine Anne Law (d 1849, dau of Rev. Edward Law)
  m3. (185, sp?1) Ann Alicia Ross (d 08.1905, dau of Capt. _ Ross of Walmer)
((4)) Mary Wright (d 1883)
  m. (05.08.1821) John Yorke of Bewerley (d 05.02.1857)
  ((5)) Frances Wright (d 16.01.1852)
  m. (23.01.1816) Frederick Paul Irby of Boyland Hall (d 24.04.1844, Rear Admiral, son of 2nd Baron Boston)
  ((6)) Harriet Wright (b c1799, d 06.11.1864)
  m. (10.08.1829) Samuel Jones Lloyd of Overstone Park, Baron Overstone (dsps 17.11.1883)
  ((7)) Ann Nevill Wright (b 1799-1800, d 20.0.1899)
  m. (11.02.1824) John Webb Edge (dsp 30.04.1842, rector of Strelley)
  ((8)) Rachael Emily Wright (d 1885)
  m. (22.12.1854) Sir John George Shaw-Lefevre (d 20.08.1879, brother of 1st Viscount Eversley)
  ((9)) Henrietta Elizabeth Wright (d 12.11.1892)
  m. (13.07.1824) Henry Edward John Howard (d 08.10.1868, Dean of Lichfield, son of 5th Earl of Carlisle)
((10)) Harriet Septima Wright (d 1883)
  m. (04.02.1843) George Leblanc
  ((11)) Maria Octavia Wright (b c1808, d 19.10.1903)
  m. (20.12.1836) Arthur Kett Barclay of Bury Hill (d 20.11.1869)
  ((12)) Frances Alicia Wright
  m. (09.04.1836) John Gardiner of Bath (d 1850, Captain)
  ((13)) Lydia Sophia Wright (d unm 13.10.1878)
  (b) John Smith Wright of Rempstone Hall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire had issue
  m1. (10.01.1811) Lydia Gray (d 10.041820, dau of Edward Gray of Harringay)
m2. (19.08.1821, sp?) Sarah Caroline Stovin (d 02.11.1860, dau of James Stovin of Whitgift Hall, widow of Sir Sitwell Sitwell, 1st Bart)
  (c) Thomas Wright of Upton Hall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 06.12.1773) had issue
  m. (17.09.1804) Sophia Frances Chaplin (d 09.02.1844, dau of Charles Chaplin of Tathwell, widow of John Sutton, son of Sir Richard, 1st Bart of Norwood)
  (d) Harriet Wright (d 22.10.1815)
  m. (02.11.1797) D'Ewes Coke of Brookhill Hall (d 11.03.1856)
  (e)+ other issue - Mary Nevill (d 25.11.1784), Elizabeth (d 04.04.1789)
  (iii) Samuel Wright of Carlton & Hull (b 11.1726, d 14-6.12.1803)
  m. Mary Robinson (dau of James Robinson of Hull, widow of Henry Neville of Derby)
  (a) Julia Wright
  (iv) Mary Wright
  m. (1752) Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart
  (v)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 06.04.1728, d unm 20.02.1800), Hannah/Harriet (b 04.1738, d 23.08.1824)
  (B) Johannah Wright (dsp 02.11.1758)
m. Peter Thornton of Hull
  (C) Hannah Wright (d 1766)
  m. (04.11.1731) Samuel Fellows (dsp 15.04.1764, alderman of Nottingham)
  (D) Elizabeth Wright (d 04.1787)
  m. Samuel jJhnson of Nottingham
  (i)+ issue - William, ~Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah
  (E) Sarah Wright (bur 14.02.1740)
  m. (08.12.1734) Benjamin Rickards of Nottingham (grocer, alderman)
  (F)+ other issue - Samuel of Nottingham (b c1697, dsp 15.02.1753), Mary (d 09.11.1713)
  (3) Benjamin Wright (bpt 02.08.1664, dsp)
  (4) Sarah Wright (bpt 11.08.1658)
  m. Rev. _ Ryther
  b. Thomas Wright (bpt 08.09.1616)
  c. William Wright of Haughley, Suffolk (bpt 26.08.1618, d 10.1678)
  m. Mary (bur 25.05.1701)
  (1)+ issue - Daniel, William, Thomas, Samuel, Mary
  d. Daniel Wright (bpt 02.07.1620) ancestor of Wrights of Stowmarket
  (1)+ issue - Daniel, Jonathan, Thomas
  e. Elizabeth Wright (bpt 15.09.1612)
  m. George Packerd of Gip Upland)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Mary, Bridget
  ii.+ 1 son and 2 daughters possibly the following named by BLG1886: Edward (bpt 09.09.1595), Mary (bpt 24.05.1590), Margaret (bpt 07.1596)
  B.+ 4 daughters
3. John Wright alias Camplyon of Stowmarket
  A. Robert Wright alias Camplyon
4. John Wright alias Camplyon of Stowupland in Stowmarket (d 10.04.1591, 2nd of the name)
  m. Rose Francis (bur 04.04.1609)
  A. John Wright alias Camplyon
  m. Mary (d by 1628)
  i. John Wright alias Camplyon (d by 1641)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1641)
5. Margery Wright or Camplyon
  m. _ Somers of Stowmarket
6. Joan Wright or Camplyon (d unm 27.09.1591)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Osmaston of Lowfold) with some support/input from BLG1886 (Wright of Aldercar and Wootton Court), FMG (vol 1, Wright)
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