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Families covered: Carew of Antony, Carew of Barley

Alexander Carew of Antony (d 1519/20.09.1492)
m. Isabel Hatch (dau of John Hatch of Woodleigh)
1. John Carew of Antony, Sheriff of Cornwall
  m. Thomasine Holland (dau/heir of Roger Holland)
A. Sir Wymond Carew of Antony (d 22.08.1549)
  m. Martha Denny (dau of Sir Edmund (probably not Sir Anthony) Denny)
  i. Thomas Carew of Antony (b c1527, d 12.02.1564)
  m. Elizabeth Edgecumbe (dau of Sir Richard Edgecumbe of Mount Edgecumbe)
a. Richard Carew of Antony, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 1555, d 06.11.1620, antiquary)
  m. Juliana (Julia) Arundell (bur 07.05.1629, dau of John Arundell of Trerice)
  (1) Sir Richard Carew, 1st Bart of Antony (b c1580, bur 14/17.03.1642/3)
  m1. (by 1609) Bridget Chudleigh (bur 13.04.1612, dau of John Chudleigh of Chudleigh by Elizabeth Speke)
  (A) Richard Carew (bpt 12.01.1605-6, d young)
(B) Sir Alexander Carew, 2nd Bart of Antony (b 30.08.1609, d 23.12.1644)
  m. (17.12.1631) Jane Rolle (bpt 25.01.1605/6, bur 28.04.1679, dau of Robert Rolle of Heanton (by Joane Hele), sister of Grace)
  (i) Sir John Carew, 3rd Bart of Antony (b c1633, bur 06.08.1692, MP)
  m1. (before 08.08.1664) Sarah Hungerford (bur 28.03.1671, dau of Anthony Hungerford of Farley Castle)
  (a) Jane or Sarah Carew (b 21.06.1662, d 08.1700)
  m. (12.12.1681) Jonathan Rashleigh of Menabilly
  Antony passed through their daughter Sarah into the Pole family, members of whom assumed the name Pole-Carew.
(b) Rachel Carew (b 09.11.1664)
  m. (23.10.1690) Ambrose Manaton of Manaton
  (c)+ other issue (dvpsp) - Alexander (b 28.11.1667, bur 15.01.1668-9), John (b 11.12.1670, d 20.02.1671-2)
  m2. Elizabeth Norton (d 09.08.1679, dau of Richard Norton of Southwick)
  (e)+ other issue (dvpsp) - Elizabeth (b 18.04.1675. bur 16.10.1675), Honor (b 09.05.1676, bur 02.01.1682-3)
  m3. (by 1682) Mary Morice (dau of Sir William Morice, 1st Bart of Werrington by Gertrude Bamfylde)
  (g) Sir Richard (not Alexander) Carew, 4th Bart of Antony (bpt 02.03.1683, dsp bur 18.10.1703)
  (h) Sir William Carew, 5th Bart of Antony (b c1689, d 08.03.1744)
  m. (05.01.1713-4) Ann Coventry (dau of Gilbert Coventry, 4th Earl of Coventry)
  ((1)) Sir Coventry Carew, 6th Bart of Antony (dsp 21/24.03.1748)
  m. (01.07.1738) Mary Bampflyde (dau of Sir Coplestone Warwick Bampflyde, 3rd Bart of Poltimore)
(i) Gertrude Carew (b 18.05.1682)
  m1. Sir Godfrey Copley, 2nd Bart of Sprotborough (d 09.04.1709)
  m2. Sir Coplestone Warwick Bampflyde, 3rd Bart of Poltimore (d 1727)
  (j) Mary Carew (b 03.01.1688-9)
  (ii) Thomas Carew of Harrobear (Harrowbeare) (d before 1691)
  BLG1886 & BEB1841 report that Thomas was ancestor of Rev. Sir Alexander, 7th Bart, who dsp. TCB reports that "This, apparently, is a mistake" inasmuch as the undermentioned Rev. Alexander died before the 6th Bart.
  m. Wilmot
  (a) Jane/Johanna Carew
  m. (04/14.10.1686) Nicholas Kendall of Pelyn (d 1739)
(b)+ other issue (dsp) - Alexander (dsp 1709, vicar of St. Wenn), John (dsp), Sarah
  (iii) Jane Carew (bpt 17.11.1633)
  m. (1650) Walter Kendall of Pelyn (bpt 10.1626, dsp 09.1693
  (iv) Bridget Carew (bpt 18.11.1634)
  m. John Pendarves
  (v) Mary Carew
  m. (c10.1663) John Sparke of Plymouth
  (vi)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 28.1001632, bur 18.09.1691), Alexander (bpt 28.10.1632), Weymouth in Smyrna (dsp 1664-5)
  (C) Elizabeth Carew (b 27.06.1602)
BLG1886 & BEB1841 suggest that Elizabeth married a dau of Kendall of Pelyn but Vivian identifies her husband as ...
  m. (09.04.1622) William Pearse of Holwell
  (D) Martha Carew (bpt 24.07.1603)
  BLG1886 & BEB1841 suggest that Martha married a dau of Pendarves of Pendarves but Vivian identifies her husband as ...
  m. (26.12.1639) Francis Rowse of Brixham
  (E) Mary Carew (bpt 26.05.1607)
  BLG1886 & BEB1841 suggest that Mary d unm but Vivian shows that she married ...
  m. (20.03.1630-1) Sir Samuel Rolle
  (F) Gertrude Carew (bpt 21.04.1611)
  BLG1886 & BEB1841 do not show a husband for Gertrude. Vivian suggests that she married ...
  m. (06.01.1636-7) Richard Silly of St. Minver
  m2. (18.08.1621) Grace Rolle (d 14.02.1657/8, dau of Robert Rolle of Heaton by Joane Hele)
  (G) John Carew (b 03.07.1622, a 1641, MP)
John's wife is identified by Vivian (Cornwall, 1887) as Anne, dau of Richard Hoblyn (m. 26.07.1664), but by Vivian (Devon, 1895) as ...
  m. (08.04.1634) Honor Carter (dau of John Carter of St. Columb, widow of John Bond of Earth)
  (H) Sir Thomas Carew of Barley, Devon (bpt 19.07.1624, d 25.07.1681, 3rd son of this marriage)
  m. Elizabeth Cooper (d 23.11.1677, dau of John Cooper of Bowell/Bowhill)
  (i) Thomas Carew of Barley (b c1665, d (unm?) by 1705, 2nd son)
(ii) Richard Carew of Barley (d by 1686)
  m. Lettice Goodall (dau of Richard Goodall of Fowey) ## see here ##
  (a) Richard Carew (d by 1714)
  (iii)+ other issue - John (dvp bur 16.03.1662-3), Henry (d unm 1699), Elizabeth, Katherine
  (I) Anthony Carew
  m. Anna Arundell (dau of John Arundell of Lanherne)
(J)+ other issue - Wymond (b 28.08.1623, bur 09.08.1624), Richard (bpt 18.06.1626), Robert (bpt 16.09.1627), Joseph (bpt 11.01.1628-9)
  (2) John Carew of Penwarne
  m. (09.12.1616?) Alice Holman (dau of John Holman or Hilman of Furland)
  (A) Richard Carew (b c1592-3, d unm bur 16.04.1640)
  (B) Grace Carew (bpt 18.07.1630, bur 02.01.1693)
  m. Robert Hoblyn of Nanswhyden (bpt 06.06.1624, bur 08.10.1683)
  (C) Bridget Carew (bpt 13.11.1627)
  m. (10.07.1659) Edward Hoblyn of Bodmin
(D) Anne (Agnes) Carew
  m. (25.07.1664) Richard Hoblyn of Antron (dsp before 26.05.1693)
  (E) Mary Carew
  m. Lewis Tremayne of Heligan
  (F) Candace Carew
  m. Hugh Trevanion of Trelugan (Trevannion of Trelegan)
  (G) Grace Carew
  (3) Hoby or Hobbie Carew (bpt 25.06.1585, d before 22.01.1644-5)
  (A)+ issue (a1642) - Thomas (bpt 25.12.1614), Titus, John (b after 1620?), Christopher, Anne (bpt 14.09.1623), Grace
  (4) George Carew of Trevia in Lanteglos (bur 02.09.1661)
  m1. Jane Hockin (dau/coheir of John Hockin or Hocken)
  m2. Sibilla Carkick of Megavissey
  (5) Wymond Carew (bpt 29.04.1604)
  (6) Gertrude Carew
## Vivian shows Gertrude (bur 23.02.1603-4) as of this generation but the dates suggest that she was of an earlier generation. 'Deanery of Trigg Minor' (Sir John Maclean, vol 2, 1876, 'Pedigree of Carew of Lanteglos and St. Teath', p366) shows that the Gertrude of this generation married ...
  m. (c12.1636) Richard Silly of St. Minver
  (7) Martha Carew mentioned by Maclean but not by Vivian
  m. (c12.1638) Francis Rouse of Brixham
  (8) Elizabeth Carew mentioned by Maclean but not by Vivian
  m. William Pearse of Holwell
  (9) Ann Carew (bpt 22.02.1598-9) mentioned by both Vivian & Maclean
  m. (18.11.1616) Francis Godolphin of Treverage/Treveneage
  b. Sir George Carew (Master of the Court of Wards)
  m. Thomasine Godolphin (dau of Sir Francis Godolphin of Godolphin)
  BE1883 (Godolphin) suggests that Thomasine's husband was created Earl of Totness but that was a different Sir George Carew.
  (1) Ann Carew
m. _ Rawlin
  (2)+ other issue - Francis (dsp before 18.10.1628), Richard (d young), son, 2 daughters
  c. Sir Matthew Carew (bur 02.08.1618)
  m. Alice Ingpenny (widow of Sir John Rivers, Lord Mayor of London)
  (1) Sir Mathew Carew
  m. Elizabeth Cromer (dau/coheir of Sir James Cromer of Tunstead (Tunstall))
  (A) Elizabeth Carew (bpt 28.05.1615)
  (2)+ other issue - William, Thomas, Wymond (bpt 11.12.1586), Walter (bpt 08.07.1588), Elizabeth (bpt 13.11.1580), Martha
  It appears that one of the daughters married ...
m. Sir James Cromer of Tunstall (d 1613)
  d. Elizabeth Carew
  m1. James Erisey of Erisey (a 02.1601)
  m2. (15.03.1602) Oliver Hollier alias Dier
  e. Gertrude Carew (bur 23.02.1603-4) see the Gertrude a generation later, shown ## above
  m1. (23.04.1598) John Arundel of Talvern (dsp)
  m2. William Carey of Clovelly
  ii. Temperance Carew probably of this generation
  m1. Thomas de Grey of Merton (d 1562)
  m2. Sir Christopher Heydon of Baconsthorpe (d 1579)
  iii. Elizabeth Carew probably of this generation
  m. George Dacres of Cheshunt (d 1580)
  iv.+ other issue - Roger (had issue), Sir George (had issue), John (dsp), Anthony (dsp), Harvey (dsp)
  B. John Carew of Poole
  i.+ 2 daughters
  C. Thomas Carew ancestor of Carew of Hamworth
  m. Eleanor Strangeways (dau of Sir Giles Strangeways)
  D. Roger Carew in Oxford
  E. Joan Carew
  m. (c1511) John Floyer

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Carew of Antony'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Carew of Antony', p139+) , Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Carew of Antony', p68+) with some support from BEB1841 ('Carew of Anthony'), TCB (vol 2, 'Carew of Antony', p125+)
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