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Families covered: Plowden of Aston, Plowden of Ewhurst, Plowden of Lasham, Plowden of Plowden

Roger de Plowden
1. Philip de Plowden of Plowden, Salop (a c1220)
  A. John de Plowden of Plowden (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  i. John de Plowden of Plowden (a 1282, 1316)
  m. Matilda (dau of Sir Adam de Montgomery)
  a. John de Plowden of Plowden
  m. Johanna Salter (dau of John Salter of Salter's Hall)
  (1) John de Plowden of Plowden
  m. Matilda Burley (dau of Sir John Burley)
(A) Edmond Plowden of Plowden and Shrewsbury (a 1451)
  m. Jane Cleobury (dau of Edmund Cleobury)
  (i) John Plowden of Plowden
  m. Margaret Blawney (dau of John Blawney or Blayney)
(a) Humphrey Plowden of Plowden and Bishop's Castle (d 10.03.1557)
  m. Elizabeth Sturry (dau of John Sturry of Down Rossall, widow of William Wollascott)
  ((1)) John Plowden (dvpsp)
  ((2)) Edmund Plowden of Plowden (b 1517, d 1584, Sergeant-at-law) - continued below
  m. Katherine Sheldon (dau of William Sheldon of Beoley)
  ((3)) Edward Plowden (dsp)
  m. Mary Lee (dau of Thomas Lee of Langley)
  ((4)) Margaret Plowden
  m. Richard Sandford (d 10.02.1588)
  ((5)) Jane Plowden
m1. Richard Blunden of Burghfield
  m2. Lewis Jones
  ((6)) Elizabeth Plowden
  m. Peter Greenway
  ((7)) Anchoret Plowden
  m. Rowland Eyton of Eyton
  ((8)) Anne Plowden
  m. Thomas Higge
  ((9)) Mary Plowden
  m. Charles Needham
  ((10)) Joyce Plowden
  m. Leonard Meysie
  (B) Katherine Plowden
  m. John Higgons of Stretton
  (2) William Plowden
  m. Cecilia Mitton (dau/heiress of Thomas Mitton)
  (3) Rose Plowden
  m. Sir William Wedingburg
  (4) Elizabeth Plowden
  m. Sir Robert Corbett of Lee
  (5) Joyce Plowden
  m. John Gatacre of Gatacre
  (6) Ellinor Plowden
  m. Roger Corbett of Lee
  (7) Katherine Plowden
  m. Sir Geoffrey Harley of Brampton
  (8) Margaret Plowden
  m. _ Mitton of Weston



Edmund Plowden of Plowden (b 1517, d 1584, Sergeant-at-law) - continued above
m. Katherine Sheldon (dau of William Sheldon of Beoley)
1. Francis Plowden of Plowden (b 1562, d 11.12.1652, 2nd son) the first mentioned by Baker
  m. Mary Fermor (dau of Thomas Fermor of Somerton, sister of Sir Richard)
  A. Francis Plowden of Plowden (d 18.01.1661) this line followed by Baker
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau of Alban Butler of Aston-le-Walls)
i. Edmund Plowden of Plowden & Aston-le-Walls (b 06.02.1616-7, d 20.05.1666)
  m. Elizabeth Cotton (dau of Richard Cotton of Bedhampton)
  a. Edmund Plowden of Plowden & Aston-le-Walls 'of Shiplake' (d 27.11.1677)
  m. Penelope Drummond (dau of Sir Maurice Drummond)
(1) William Plowden of Plowden & Aston-le-Walls (b 1666, d 05.03.1740-1), 4th son
  m1. Mary Morley (dsp)
  m2. Mary Stonor (dau of John Stonor of Stonor by Mary, sister of Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury)
  (A) William Plowden of Plowden & Aston (d 27.08.1754)
  m. (04.05.1726) Frances Dormer (dau of Charles Dormer, 5th Lord)
  (i) Edmund Plowden of Plowden & Aston (d 09.01.1768)
Baker identifies Edmund's wife (m. 20.07.1755) as Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Sir Berkeley Lucy of Netley Abbey, Bart, but BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. (20.07.1755) Lucy Thompson (d 04.07.1765, dau of William Thompson of London & grand-dau/coheir of Sir Berkeley Lucy)
  (a) Edmund Plowden of Plowden & Aston (d 04.04.1838)
  m. (1776) Anna Maria Burton (dau of Robert Burton of Longner)
  ((1)) Anna Maria Plowden (d 10.1825)
  m. John Eyton (d 10.01.1823, vicar of Wellington, rector of Eyton)
  (b) William Xaverius Plowden (d 11.1824)
  m. (13.11.1797) Mary Winter (dau of Simon Winter of London)
  ((1)) William Henry Francis Plowden of Plowden & Aston, Sheriff of Salop (b 21.10.1802, d 23.07.1870) had issue
  m. (23.01.1834) Barbara Cholmeley (d 26.06.1853, dau of Francis Cholmeley of Brandsby Hall)
((2)) Charles Joseph Plowden of Rome (b 05.03.1805, d 28.02.1884) had issue
  m. (1847) Eliza Bryan (dau of Capt. George Byran of Jenkinstown, MP)
  ((3)) Anna Maria Plowden (b 13.06.1799, d unm)
  (c) Elizabeth Lucy Plowden (d 24.01.1829)
  m. (1778) Sir Henry Tichborne, 7th Bart of Tichborne (b 06.09.1756, d 14.06.1821)
  (d) Lucy Mary Plowden (d 1786)
  m. Anthony Wright (d 1786)
  (e) Mary Theresa Plowden (d infant))
(f) Frances Xaveria Plowden (dsp 12.02.1821)
  m. Francis Constable of Burton Constable
  (g) Mary Margaretta Plowden (dsp 05.1825)
  m. (27/28.12.1787) Sir Charles Throckmorton, 7th Bart of Coughton (b 1757, dsp 1840)
  (ii) Frances Plowden
  m. Robert Taffe of Ireland
  (iii) Anne Mary Plowden
  m. Edward Haggerston of Ellingham (son of Sir Carnaby, 3rd Bart)
  (iv) Mary Plowden
m. Robert Garvey of Rouen in Noprmandy
  (v)+ other issue - William (d infant), John in Amsterdam (dsp), William (d unm), Francis (d infant), Robert (d infant), Dorothy (dsp), Elizabeth (dsp), Barbara (dsp), Catherine (dsp)
(B) Penelope Plowden
  m1. Thomas Foley of Stourbridge
  m2. Richard Whitworth (brother of Charles, 1st Baron Whitworth)
  (C) Frances Teresa Plowden
  m. (1722-3) Robert Slaney of Hatton Grange (b 1693, d 31.01.1757-9)
  m3. Mary Lyttleton (d 30.03.1739, dau of Sir Charles Lyttelton of Hagley, 3rd Bart)
(D) Mary Plowden
  m. Anthony Wright of Wealside
  (E) Barbara Ann Plowden
  m. (17.09.1747) Thomas Cameron of Worcester (b 01.1704, d 11.1777)
  (F)+ other issue (dsp) - Edmund Lyttleton, Charles, John Trevannion
  (2) Dorothy Plowden
  m1. Philip Draycott of Painesley (b 1656, dsp c08.1698)
  m2. Sir William Goring of Burton, Bart (b c1658, dsp 29.02.1723-4)
  (3) other issue (dsp) - Francis, Richard, Edmund, Thomas Percy
  b. Francis Plowden (d 04.1712)
  m. (01.10.1699) Mary Stafford-Howard (d 26.04.1765, dau of Hon. John Stafford-Howard)
The following is supported by BP1934 ('Stafford'). The barony of Stafford was carried through this marriage into the Jerningham family.
  (1) Mary Plowden (b c1703, d 09.1785)
  m. (1733) Sir George Jerningham, 5th Bart of Cossey (bpt 02.06.1680, d 21.01.1774)
  (2)+ other issue - Francis (dsp 05.09.1788, priest), Louisa (d unm 1784)
  c. Elizabeth or Dorothy Plowden
  m. Walter Blount of Maple Durham (d 05.1671)
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, John Cotton, George, Joseph
  ii. Mary Plowden
  m. Edward Massey of Puddington
  ii. Elizabeth Plowden (dsp)
  iv. Katherine Plowden
  Baker shows Katherine as wife of "Sir Daniel Rothwell, bart." but we cannot identify that person. This was probably the Katherine who (also) married ...
  m. John Chamberlaine of Sherborne Castle (a 1624)
  B. Sir Edmund Plowden of Wanstead, Capt.-Gen. and Governor of New Albion (b 1590, a 07.1665)
  m. (c1610) Mabel Marriner (dau /heir of Peter Marriner of Wanstead & great-grandchild/heir of John Chatterton of Chatterton)
i. Francis Plowden (b 1612, d 1676)
  m. (c1653) Margaret Powell
  ii. Thomas Plowden of Lasham (b 1614, d 24.08.1698)
  m. (c1650) Thomasine Davies (d 1709, dau of James Davies of Southampton)
  a. James Plowden of Lasham (b 1664, d 18.11.1701, 3rd son)
  m. (1682) Dorothy Ayliffe (d 1707, dau of John Ayliffe of Ewhurst Manor)
  (1) James Plowden of Lasham and Ewhust (b 03.05.1684, d 23.09.1729)
  m. (c1709) Sarah Chicheley (d 09.05.1726, dau of Sir John Chicheley, eldest son of Sir Thomas of Wimple)
  (A) James Chicheley Plowden of Ewhurst (b 1715, d 08.08.1761, Rev.)
  m. (1735) Susanna Durnford (d 12.01.1760, dau of Rev. Thomas Durnford of Rockbourne and Ewhurst)
  (i) James Chicheley Plowden (b 15.02.1736, d 29.04.1781, RN)
  m. (12.02.1765) Sarah Harris (dau of John Harris of Baughurst)
  (ii) Richard Chicheley Plowden (b 09.04.1743, d 20.01.1830, Captain)
  m. (10.02.1777) Sophia Elizabeth Prosser (d 21.12.1834, dau of George Augustus Prosser)
  (a) Richard Chicheley Plowden (b 19.08.1782, d 21.09.1825, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (22.08.1803) Sophia Fleming (dau of Richard Fleming of Calcutta)
  (b) Trevor John Chicheley Plowden (b 04.06.1784, d 06.07.1836) had issue
  m. (01.02.1808) Frances Lina Erskine (d 25.03.1848, dau of John Erskine of York)
  (c) William Henry Chicheley Plowden (b 21.04.1787, d 1880, MP) had issue
  m1. (03.03.1818) Katherine Harding (d 18.01.1827, dau of William Harding of Baraset)
  m2. (18.11.1830) Jane Annette Campbell (d 24.07.1863, dau of Edward Campbell)
  (d) Charles Hood Chicheley Plowden (b 05.01.1796, d 21.07.1866) had issue
  m. (c1823) Elizabeth Cuppage (d 1874, dau of Gen. John Cuppage)
(e) Emma Plowden (b 23.06.1789, d 02.12.1873)
  m. George White (Maj. General)
  (f)+ other issue - Edward Chicheley (b 02.01.1779, dsp 14.05.1806), George Augustus Chicheley (b 17.12.1785, dsp 16.11.1804), Sophia Frances (b 21.12.1777, d 08.03.1864), Harriet (b 02.01.1780, d 30.12.1851), Julia Hastings (b 07.12.1791, d 15.09.1826), Lucretia (b 1794, d 1814)
  (iii) Henry Chicheley Plowden (b 14.03.1754, d 12.01.1821, 5th son) had issue
  m. (14.08.1791) Eugenia Brooke (d 1845, dau of Major William Brooke)
  (iv) Sarah Plowden (b 1737)
  m. James Hyde
  (v) Harriet Chicheley Plowden (b 1740, d 1778)
  m. (05.1772) Edward Wheler of Calcutta (son of Sir William, 5th Bart)
  (vi) Elizabeth Maria Plowden (b 1750)
  m1. (1770, div) John Harris
  m2. _ Chapeau
  (vii) Anne Plowden (b 1757, d 1842)
  m. William Bunce of Northiam
  (viii)+ other issue - Charles Chicheley (b 1744, d infant), Thomas Chicheley (b 05.05.1749, d 1769), Augustus Chicheley (b 1755, d 1757), Susanna (b 1739), Elizabeth (d 1746)
  (2)+ other issue - Anne Mary, Dorothy (b 1685, d 1704)
b. Francis Plowden 'of New Albion' had issue
  m. (1683) Frances Garnons (dau of James Garnons of Trelough and Aymestry)
  c. Peter Plowden (b 1672, d 1747)
  m. Dorothy Doddington
  d. Dorothy Plowden
  m. Andrew Wall of Ludshott (d 1747)
  f. Frances Plowden
  m. _ Dean
  g.+ other issue - Edmund (b 1656, dvpsp 1684), Thomas (b 1663, dvpsp 1684), Charles (b 1666, dsp)
  iii. Winifred Plowden
  m. _ Yeamot of Portsea
  iv.+ other issue - George (b c1630, dsp), Barbara, Katherine
  C. Mary Plowden probably the Mary who married as follows (twice?)
  m1. Sir Henry Kervyle of Wiggenhall St. Mary's (d 26.06.1624)
  m2. Richard Massey of Rixton
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, Catherine, Anne
2. Mary Plowden probably of this generation
  m. Richard White of Hutton (d 08.1614)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Plowden of Plowden'), BLG1952 ('Plowden formerly of Lasham and Ewhurst') with some input/support from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Lexinton, Sutton Baron de Dudley, Butler, and Plowden', p471)
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