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Families covered: Kervyle of Watlington, Kerville of Wiggenhall

Naming the page Kervyle rather than Kervile or Kerville (or something similar) was somewhat arbitrary. It appears that the original name of the family was de Chereville (de Capravilla).
William de Kerville of Wiggenhall, Norfolk
1. William de Kerville (a 1292)
  A. Geffery de Kerville
  i. John de Kerville
  a. Edmund Kervil of Wiggenhall
  m. Alice Tilney (dau/coheir of Sir John Tilney of Quaplode)
  (1) John Kyrvyll of Wiggenhall St. Mary's
  (A) Thomas Kervyle (a 1467)
m. Margaret Haultoft (dau/coheir of Gilbert Haultoft of the Isle of Ely, Baron of the Exchequer)
  (i) Humphrey Kerville (d c1527)
  m1. Alice (sb Elizabeth?) Fincham (dau of John Fincham of Fincham)
  (a) Humphrey Kerville of Wiggenhall St. Mary's (b by 1506, d c1545)
  m. Ann Cobbe (dau of Jeffrey Cobbe of Sandringham)
((1)) Thomas Kervylle of Wiggenhall St. Mary's (b c1530)
  m. Alice Bedingfield (dau of Sir Henry Bedingfield of Oxborough)
  ((A)) Henry Kervyle of Wiggenhall St. Mary's
  m. Winifred Thorold (dau of Sir Anthony Thorold of Matston, widow of George Clifton of Clifton, m3. Sir Edmund Gawsell of Watlingtoin)
((i)) Sir Henry Kervyle of Wiggenhall St. Mary's (d 26.06.1624)
  m. Mary Plowden (dau of Francis Plowden of Plowden)
  ((a))+ issue - Gervase (dvp infant), Mary (b c1620, d c1625)
  ((ii)) Anne Kervyle (dsp 26.06.1625)
  m. Robert Thorold
  ((B))+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 1558), Catharine (bur 1558)
  ((2)) William Kervylle of Wiggenhall St. Mary's (a 1552)
  m. Winifred Castell (dau of John Castell of Norfolk)
((A)) Joan Kerville
  m. John Bullock of Kenninghall
  ((i)) daughter
m1. John Holl of Stepney
  m2. William Walton of Canterbury
  ((3)) Edmund Kervylle of Calthorpes Manor in Clenchwarton (d 1570)
  m. (1565) Catharine Saunders (dau of William Saunders of Ewell, m2. John Spelman of Narborough, m3. Miles Corbet)
  ((A)) Anne Kervylle (b 1566, dsp c1610)
  m. (1602) Clement Spilman of Narborough
  ((B))+ other issue - John (dsp 07.1568), Edmund (b 1570, bur 1574)
((4)) Margaret Kervylle (a 1563)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Kervylle
  m. Robert Bozoun of Wissonsett
  (b) Margaret Kerville
  m. Nicholas Deane of Wiggenhall
  (c) Jane Kerville
m. John Shouldham
  (d) Catharine Kerville
  m. Thomas Gawsell of Watlington
  (e) Eleanor Kerville
  m. Richard Neale (son of John of Lynn)
  (f) Alice Kerville
  m1. John Bedingfield of Quiddenham
  m2. Sir John Sulyard
  m2. _ Lovel (dau of _ Lovel of Barton Bendish)
  (ii) John Kervyle
  (a) Elizabeth Kervyle
  m. John Castell of Raveningham
  (2) (Sir) Robert Kervyle or Kerville of Watlington, Norfolk (d 1434-5)
  (A) Geffery Kervyle of Islington, Marshland, Norfolk
  m. Margaret Holditch (dau/heir of Thomas Holditch by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Thomas Drewe of Wiggenhall Magdalen)
  (i) Thomas Kervyle of Watlington, Norfolk (d 1535)
  m. Catherine Elwyn (dau of William Elwyn of Wiggenhall St. German's)
  (a) Thomas Kervyle of Watlington (dvp)
  m. Joan
  ((1)) Robert Kervyle of Watlington
  m. Ann Bennett (dau of John Bennett of Burwell)
  ((A)) Thomas Kervyle (a 1563)
  m. Ursula Valenger (dau of Robert Valenger of Watlington)
  ((i)) Henry Kervyle of Watlington (a 1563, dsp bur 26.08.1605)
  m. Margaret
  ((ii)) Charles Kervile of South Lynn
  m. Isabel
  ((a)) John Kervyle (bpt 1607, 4th son)
  (((1)))+ issue (a 1630) - Charles, Elizabeth
  ((b))+ other issue - Thomas (d 1597), Thomas (bpt 1602), Charles (bpt 1604)
  ((iii)) Margaret Kervyle
  m. John Winter
  ((iv)) Bridget Kervyle
  m. Simon Springold
  ((v)) Ela Kervile
  ((B)) Alice Kervyle
  m. Nicholas Gedney alias Gogney of Leverington
  (b) Humphrey Kervyle
  m. Elizabeth Prentise (dau of Simon Prentise of Wiggenhall St. Mary)
  ((1)) Robert Kervyle of Watlington
  m. Dorothy
  ((A))+ issue - William (d 1579), William (d 1577)
((2)) Humphrey Kervyle of Watlington (d c1541, 4th son, town clerk of Lynn)
  m. Anne or Amice Greene (dau of John Greene, widow of _ Bucke)
  ((3)) Sylvestria Kervyle
  m. Clement Mountford of Worcestershire
  ((4))+ other issue - Nicholas, Christopher
  (c) Simon Kervyle (priest)
  (d) Ela Kervyle
  m. _ Valenger of Watlington
  (e) Ursula Kervyle
  m. _ Newton
  (B) Katherine Kervyle probably the Katherine who married ...
  m. Thomas Gurney
  (C)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Hawys
  (3) Agnes Kervyle

Main source(s): RHG (Supplementary, p796+ & p802+) which amended & supplemented RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of Kerville', p389)
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