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Families covered: Gourney of Cawston, Gournay of Harpley, Gournay of Runhall, Gurney of West Barsham

Walter de Gournay in Suffolk
1. William de Gournay of Runhall, Norfolk (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  A. Sir Matthew de Gournay of Runhall & Swathings in Hardingham (a 1206)
  m. (c1184) Rose (dau/heir of Reginald FitzPhilip or de Burnham of Harpley) update date last updated on bindww @@
  i. Sir William de Gournay of Harpley (a 1243)
  m. Katharine
  a. Sir John Gourlay (a 1270)
  m. Hawise
  (1) Sir William de Gournay of Gurney's Manor in Harpley, etc. (a 1294, priest)
  m. Katharine ("probably a Baconsthorpe")
(A) John de Gournay (a 1332, 1354)
  m. (by 1324) Jane de Lexham (dau of Edmund de Lexham)
  RHG (vol 2, p351) shows Jane as dau of Edmund (by Matilda) son of John son of Edmund of Norton son of John (de Lexham).
  (i) John Gurnay (a 1331)
(a) Edmund Gurney (d 1385)
  m. Katharine Waunci (dau/heir of Sir William Waunci of West Barsham, Depden & Denver)
  ((1)) Sir John Gurney of West Barsham & Baconsthorpe, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (dsp 1407)
  m. (before 1396) Alice de Heylesdon (dau/coheir (of John de Heylesdon, m2. Sir John Wiltshire, m3. Richard Selling)
  RHG (vol 2, p381) shows Alice as dau (by Joanna) of John (d 1384, Baliiff of London) son (by Beatrice) of Richard (de Heylesdon).
  ((2)) (Robert) Gurney
  ((A)) Thomas Gournay of West Barsham & Norfolk (d before 1465)
  m. Catharine Kerville ("of the family seated at Wiggenhall St. Mary and Watlington")
  ((i)) Thomas Gourney of West Barsham, Harpley, etc. (d before 27.07.1471) - continued below
  m. Margaret Jerningham (dau of Sir Thomas Jerningham of Somer Leyton)
  ((ii)) Catharine Gurney
  m. John Baxter of Forncet
  ((3)) Jeanne Gurney
  m. Osbert Mundeford of Hockwold
  (B)+ other issue - Edmund, William
  (2) John de Gournay of Harpley, Swathings, etc. (d 1332, priest)
  B. Geoffrey de Gournay
  C. Lewis de Gournay (d c1213)
  m. Matilda
  i. Thomas de Gournay



Thomas Gourney of West Barsham, Harpley, etc. (d before 27.07.1471) - continued above
m. Margaret Jerningham (dau of Sir Thomas Jerningham of Somer Leyton)
1. William Gurney of West Barsham & Pockthorpe (d 1508)
  m. Anne Calthorpe (dau of Sir William Calthorpe of Burnnham by dau of Lord Grey de Ruthyn)
  A. William Gurney of Irstead (a 1499, dvp)
  m. Anne Heydon (dau of Sir Henry Heydon of Baconsthorpe, m2. Sir Lionel Dymocke)
  i. Anthony Gurney of West Barsham, Great Ellingham & Gurney's Place in Norwich (d 1556)
  m1. Margaret Lovel (d before 1536, dau/coheir of Sir Robert Lovel)
  m2. Elizabeth Tyrrel
ii. Henry Gurney
  m. Katharine Brandon
  RHG (p287) shows that Henry's wife was "probably" Katharine Brandon and that they had issue. BE1883 (Brandon) identifies Katherine's husband merely as "Henry Gurney, Esq." and identifes their daughters as Christian (m. James Darnell), Elizabeth (m. Walter Ayscough) and (a second) Elizabeth. (m. John Trye), Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, 'Trye') shows the parents of Mary (m. John Try) were Catherine ("cossen and coheire of Charles Brandon") & John Gorney of Lemington (Suffolk), son of Thomas by Anne, dau/heir of _ Helyon. BLG1952 (Trye of Hartshill) names John Tyre's wife as Elizabeth. There is some confusion here but we presume that Henry & Katharine were indeed parents of ...
  a. Christian Gurney (b c1502, a 1552)
  m. James Darnell
  (1) Adam Darnell of Thornhulme
  b. Elizabeth Gurney
  m. Walter Ayscough of Blyburgh
  c. Mary (or Elizabeth) Gurney
  m. John Trye of Hardwicke (b 1513, d 21.04.1579)
  iii. Constance Gurney
  m1. Ralf Blundeville
  m2. William Bokenham
  iv. Frances Gurney
  m. _ Gascoyne of Yorkshire
  v. Alice Gurney
  m. Henry Dengaine of Brunstead
  vi. Amy Gurney
m. John Sybsey
  vii. Elizabeth Gurney (prioress of Thetford)
  B. Walter Gurney of Cley by the Sea, Norfolk
  RHG (p287) identifies Walter as "ancestor of the Gurneys of Cawston and Aylsham". The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Gourney').
  i. William Gourney of Cawston, Norfolk
  m. Ann Wayte (dau of William Wayte of Tytleshall)
  a. William Gourney of Cawston
  m. _ Browne of Tacleston
  (1) Wolston Gourney (dsp)
  (2) Robert Gourney of Aylesham
  m. Dorothy Thompson (dau of John Thompson of Aylesham)
  (3) Elizabeth Gourney
  m. Robert Cooke of Walcott
  (4) Lucy Gourney
m. Richard Johnson of Cawston
  b. Prudence Gourney
  m. Gilbert Parker of Honing
  c. Anne Gourney
  m. Edward Haman of Cawston
  C. Thomas Gurney (a 1507)
  RHG (p287) identifies Thomas as "ancestor of the Gurneys of Dartmouth, London, and Essex, temp Elizabeth, 1590; his grandson, Richard Gurney, was Sheriff of London." The following comes from RHG (vol 2, 'Gurneys of London, Essex, and Dartmouth', p498). Apparently, the Richard Gurney or Gournarde who was Sheriff of London in 1633, then Lord Mayor in 1641 and was created a baronet in 1641, was not connected to this family.
  i. Thomas Gurney
a. Richard Gurney, Sheriff of London (bur 21.03.1596)
  m. Jane Johnson (d 1612, dau of Richard Johnson of Hempstead)
  (1) Sir Thomas Gurney of Stifford, Sheriff of Essex (dsp before 03.05.1631)
  m. Mary (d by 1635, dau/heir of Florence Caldwell of London)
  (2) Bathsheba Gurney
  m. Israel Owen of London
  (3) Sibilla Gurney
  m1. Edward Stapleton (recorder of Coventry)
  m2. Humphrey Wares
  (4) Frances Gurney
  m. Sir Hugh Browne
  (5) Jane Gurney
  m1. John Winche
  m2. Richard Venne (alderman of London)
  (6) Anne Gurney
  m. _ Edwards
  (7) Mary Gurney
  m. Sir Henry Lee
  (8) Jocosa Gurney
  m. Lawrence Wetherell
  b.+ other issue - William of London (a 1597), Thomas of London (d by 1589)
  ii. ?? Gourney
  a. John Gourney of Somerset
  m. Thomasine Smith (dau of Richard Smith of Malton)
  (1) Thomas Gourney of Dartmouth, Devon (d by 08.1647)
  m. Grace Bodley (dau of William Bodley of Danscomb)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Barbara, Jane
  (2) William Gourney (d by 04.1647)
  m. Grace Ball (dau of Robert Ball of Torrington)
  (3) Ann Gourney
  m. Thomas Evans of London (haberdasher)
  D. Christopher Gurney (rector of Harpley)
  E. Elizabeth Gurney
  m. Clement Herward of Aldborough
2.+ other issue - John, Edmund

Main source(s): RHG (vol 1, 'Pedigree of the Gournays of Norfolk', pp286-287) with input as reported above
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