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Families covered: Mascy (Massey) of Dunham Massey, Massey (Massy) of Puddington (Pottington)

The progenitor of this family is reported to have come to England at the time of the Conquest from Mascey, near Avranches in Normandy.
Hamon de Mascey or Mascy of Dunham (a 1086)
1. Hamon de Mascy or Massey of Dunham Massey
  A. Hamon Mascy or Massey of Dunham Massey
  m. Agatha (m2. _ de Theray)
  i. Hamon Mascy of Dunham Massey (a 1250)
a. Hamon Mascy of Dunham Massey
  m. Alice Whitney (dau of Sir Eustace Whitney)
  (1) Sir Hamon Mascey or Massey of Dunham Massey (d c1341)
  m1. (sp) Isabel Beauchamp (dau of Humphrey de Beauchamp)
  m2. (div) Alice Beauchamp (dau of Humphrey de Beauchamp)
  (A) Hamon Mascy (dvpsp)
  (B) Cicely Mascy
  m1/2. Thomas Orreby of Gawsworth
This may be the Cicely who (also) married ...
  m2/1. (by 1294) John Fitton of Bollin (d 1346)
  (C) Isabella Mascey or Massey (d 1311)
  m. Hugh Dutton (b 08.12.1276, d 1326)
  (D) daughter
  m. Thomas de Lathom
  (E) Alice Mascy
  m. Thomas de Hilond
m3. Joan Clinton (sister of the Earl of Huntingdon)
  b. William Mascy
  (1) William Massy of Tatton (d 1273)
  m. Margaret (sister/heir of Hugh de Rosthorne)
  c. Margaret Mascy
  m. Roger Pain of Ashbourne
  d. Agnes Mascy possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Geoffrey de Cheadle (a 1240)
  ii. John Mascy (3rd son)
a. Cicely Mascy
  iii. Agnes Mascy
  m. Geoffrey (Dutton) de Chedhill (a 1240)
  iv. (Isabel or Margaret) Massey
  m. Hugh de Dutton
  v.+ other issue - Robert of Bowdon, Sibill, Cecily
  B. John Mascy of Poddington possibly ancestor of the Masseys of Potington? see section below
  C. Robert Mascy ancestor of Massy of Sale
  D. Agatha Massey possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Jocelyn (Joceramus) de Hellesby of Hellesby, etc. (a 1214)
2. Robert Mascy (a 1124)



The Cheshire Visitations leave the impression that there were a number of cousins living in proximity and that some of the families may have moved villages (for example, both Tatton and Pottington (Puddington) may have been the home of different generations of different branches).
Richard Massey of Potington
1. Hamon Massey of Potington (and Tatton?) (a 1349)
  A. Sir John Massey (of Tatton?)
  m. Johanna de Coughill (dau of Roger de Coughill of Coughill)
  i. Sir John Massey (of Tatton?) (a 1400, 1411)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Roger de Montealo (?) of Hawarden)
  a. Hamon Massey
  (1) Hamon Massey
  m. Elizabeth Duton (dau of Edward Duton of Duton)
(A) Sir John Massey of Pottington
  (i) Sir John Massey of Pottington (a 1490)
  m. Elizabeth Manwaringe (dau of Robert Manwaringe, son of John)
  (a) Thomas Massey of Pottington
  m. ?? Fitton (dau of Thomas Fitton of Gosworthe)
  ((1)) Thomas Massey of Pottington (d 03.04.1526) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Valantyne (dau of John Valantyne of Lancashire)
  (b) Alice Massey possibly of this generation
  m. James Massy of Sale
  (ii) Margaret Massey possibly of this generation
  m. John Bruen of Tarvin
  (B) Richard Massie of Whyteswick
  (i) Hugh Massie identified in Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Massy de Potington)
  (C)+ other issue - William, Hamond, Hugh



Thomas Massey of Pottington (d 03.04.1526) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Valantyne (dau of John Valantyne of Lancashire)
1. Sir John Massey of Pottington or Podington (d 15.07.1551)
  m. Katharine Venables (d 1557, dau of Sir William (not Thomas) Venables of Kinderton)
  A. William Massey of Pottington (d 1579)
  m. Anne Boothe (d 1568, dau of George Boothe of Dunham)
i. George Massey of Pottington (d 1600)
  m. Dorothy Pigott (d 1600, dau of Thomas Pigott of Chetwynd)
  a. Mary Massey
  m. Edward Penrudock
  b. Jane Massey
  m1. John Hurleston of Pickton
  m2. (1600) John Donne of Utkington
ii. John Massey (of Coughins, later) of Pottington (d 1610)
  m. Elizabeth Aston (d 1602, dau of John Aston of Aston)
  a. Sir William Massey of Pottington or Puddington (bpt 08.1580, d 1649)
  m. Catherine Herbert (dau of Sir Edward Herbert of Red Castle)
  (1) William Massey (b 1604, dsp)
  m. Mildred Trafford (dau of Sir Cecil Trafford of Lancashire)
  (2) Edward Massey of Puddington (b 12.12.1613, bur 11.01.1674)
  Visitation mentions just one wife for Edward, Alice, but he was probably also husband of ...
  m1/2. Mary Plowden (dau of Francis Plowden of Plowden)
  m2/1. Alice Braithwaite (bur 23.05.1665, dau of Richard Braithwaite of Westmorland)
  (A)+ issue - William (b 15.05.1658), Richard (bpt 13.08.1661, bur 09.03.1699), Catherine (b c1658), Agnes (bpt 03.06.1660)
(3) Mary Massey (bpt 16.10.1618)
  m. Robert Lloyd
  (4) Catherine Massey (bpt 16.08.1620)
  m. Richard Latham of Ollerton
  (5) Elizabeth Massey (bpt 21.07.1622)
  m. Seth Mort of Preston
  (6)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.02.1610, d unm), Richard, George (bur 26.03.1644), Charles (bpt 03.04.1616, bur 26.11.1622)
  iii. Richard Massey
  iv. Elizabeth Massey
  m. Richard Venables of Agdon & Horton
v. Katherine Massey
  m. (1550) John Meoles of Meoles
  vi. Alice Massey
  m. (1568) Thomas Trafford (d 1625)
  vii. Ellen Massey
  m. (1559) Francis Bamville
  viii. daughter
  m. _ Poole
  ix. daughter
  m. _ Molyneux
  B. Alice of Elianor Massey
  m. (1538) Arthur Glegge of Gayton
  C. Anne Massey
  m. Robert Woodman of Golborne David
  D. Cicely Massey
  m. John Bold (son of Richard of Upton)
  E.+ other issue - Geoffrey (d 1558), Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For top section : the pedigree on 'Mascy or Massey of Rixton, and Rixton of Rixton' from Baine's 'History of Lancaster' which was kindly copied to us by a contributor (CV, 09.05.09)
(2) For middle & lower sections : Visitation (Cheshire, 1613+1663, 'Massey of Puddington')
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