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Families covered: Clinton of Clinton, Clinton of Coleshill, Clinton of Maxstoke (Maxtock or Marstoke), de Tancreville (Tancarville)

(1) A review (on 07.07.05) of the early ancestry of this family led to the realisation that what was previously reported on this page was not as secure as had been thought. The often-alleged connection between the progenitor of later Clintons and the de Tancarville (Tancreville) Chamberlains of Normandy is (A) clouded by the omission in the article on 'The Office of Lord Great Chamberlain of England' in TCP (vol X, Appendix F) of any mention of Geffery de Tancreville who is identified in both Collins and BP1934 as Chamberlain (in England) to King Henry I (Geffery was identified as brother of William de Climpton, progenitor of the Clintons) and (B) thrown into doubt by a note in TCP (Clinton) (see below). [See also the note at the top of Chamberlain01.]
(2) TCP (vol X, Appendix F) reports that Aubrey de Vere was appointed hereditary Chamberlain in England whilst Collins reports that 2 generations of Geffery de Tancreville were Chamberlain in England. Whilst there may be timing differences involved, there may also be confusion between different types of Chamberlains.
(3) TCP (vol X, Appendix F) reports the following:
Raoul or Ralph FitzGerald de Tancarville or Tancreville (probably d before 1066, Master Chamberlain in Normandy)
Note that some sources appear to identify the father of Chamberlain Ralph (father of Chamberlain William) as Gerold.
1. Ralph de Tancreville (d by 1082, Master Chamberlain in Normandy)
  m. Agnes Stigand (dau of Eudes Stigand, lord of Mesidon)
A. William de Tancreville (d 1129, Master Chamberlain in Normandy and England) see @@ just below
  m. Maud d'Arques (dau of Godfrey, Count of Arques)
  i. Rabel de Tancreville (d 1140, Master Chamberlain in Normandy)
  m1. Tiffany (dau of Stephen, Count of Brittany, Lord of Richmond)
  a. William de Tancreville (Master Chamberlain in Normandy) had issue
  b. Olive de Tancreville
  m2. Agnes (d before 1140)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, Lucy
2. Rabel de Tancreville
Collins reports the following:
William de Villa Tancredi (d 1129, Chamberlain in Normandy) see @@ just above
m. Maud d'Arques (dau of Godfrey, Count of Arques)
1. Osbert (a 1066) from whom "descended" (but the dates suggest as in next generation) ...
  A. Renebald de Tankervill of Clinton (a temp the Conqueror who r. 1066-1087)
  After considering the note below, we suspect that, whilst the following may be reasonably secure, the above connection is not.
  i. Geffery de Clinton of Kenilworth, Lord Chamberlain, Justiciar
  a. Geffery de Tankervill or Clinton, Lord Chamberlain (a 1166)
  m. Agnes de Newburgh (dau of Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick)
  (1) Henry de Tankervill or Clinton
  m. Amicia de Bidun widow of Henry and possibly mother of ...
  (A) Henry Clinton (dsp 1233-4)
  b. Lasceline de Clinton (b 1124) possibly of this generation HJY
  m. Norman de Verdun (a 1140) HJY
ii. William de Clinton
  a. Osbert de Clinton of Coleshill (a 1164)
  m. Margery de Halton (dau of William de Halton)
  (1) Osbert de Clinton of Coleshill (d 1223-4)
  (A) Thomas de Clinton of Coleshill (d before 01.1278)
  m. (c1236) Mazera de Bisey (dau of James de Bisey of Baddesley)
  (i) Thomas de Clinton of Amington and Maxstoke (dvp before 1264) - continued below
  m. Maud Bracebridge (a 1275, dau of Sir Ralph Bracebridge of Kinsbury)
  (ii) John de Clinton of Coleshill (d 1315/6)
  The following comes from a note in TCP (Clinton).
  (a) John Clinton
  m. Alice de Grendon (dau of Robert de Grendon)
  ((1)) son (b 1304, dspm 1354-5)
  (b) Joan Clinton probably of this generation
  m. Sir Ralph de Grendon of Grendon and Shenstone, 1st Lord (d c1331)
  (iii)+ other issue - Osbert of Austrey (d 1277), William (b c1237, rector fo Austrey), James of Badsley (d 1307)
2.+ other issue (a 1066) - Renebalt, William



The following comes from BP1934 (both Clinton and Newcastle) with support from TCP (Clinton). TCP includes a note which names the parents and siblings of this Thomas but also contains the following note which brings the early part of the above connection into doubt: "The founder of the family, Geoffrey de Clinton, Treasurer and Chamberlain to King Henry I, is said, by Ordericus (who, as a contemporary, probably can be trusted), to have been of mean parentage, though, according to some accounts, he was of the noblest Norman extraction."
Thomas de Clinton of Amington and Maxstoke (dvp before 1264) - continued above
m. Maud Bracebridge (a 1275, dau of Sir Ralph Bracebridge of Kinsbury)
1. John de Clinton, 1st Lord of Maxstoke (Maxtock or Marstoke) (b c1258, d 1310)
  m. (c1290) Ida de Odingsells (b c1270, a 1321, dau of William d'Odingsells of Maxstoke (by Ela dau of Walter FitzRobert), sister/coheir of Edmund)
A. John de Clinton, 2nd Lord of Maxstoke (b by 1300, d c1335)
  m. Margery Corbet (dau of Sir William Corbet of Chaddesley Corbet)
  i. John de Clinton, 3rd Lord of Maxstoke or Maxtock (b by 03.1325/6, d 06/8.09.1398)
  m1. (c1350) Idonea de Saye (d c1384, dau of Geoffrey de Saye, 2nd Lord)
  a. Sir William de Clinton (dvp 25.10.1383)
  m. Elizabeth Deincourt (dau of William, Lord Deincourt)
(1) William Clinton, 4th Lord of Maxstoke (b 14.09.1377, d 30.07.1431/2)
  m1. (c1407) Anne Trivett (dau of Sir Thomas Trivett)
  m2. (1409) Alice/Ann Botreaux (d 17.10.1420, dau of William, Lord Botreaux)
  m3. Mary (d 02.02.1458/9, widow of Sir Henry Retford)
b. Margaret de Clinton
  m. Baldwin de Montfort
  c. Sir Thomas de Clinton of Amington
  m. Joan Meynell possibly dau of Ralph of Langley Meynell?
  (1) Anne Clinton
  m. Sir Robert Frauncys or Franceys of Foremark
  d. Catharine de Clinton
  m. (c1379) Thomas Berkeley
  e. Edward de Clinton
  m2. ?? (d before 26.06.1384)
  m3. Joan (d 21.02.1387/8, widow of Sir Philip Limbury or Linburg)
f. Joan de Clinton (a 1370)
  m. John de Sutton (b 1329, d c1370)
  m4. (before 24.10.1388) Elizabeth de la Plaunche (dsp 1423, dau of William de la Plaunche of Haversham)
  B. Sir William de Clinton, Earl of Huntingdon (b c1304, d 13.08.1354)
  m.(before 17.10.1328) Juliana de Leyburne (dd c01.11.1367, au of Sir Thomas de Leyburne)
  According to BE1883, some sources report that Earl William dsp. It nevertheless reports that he had a daughter (as follows) but suggests that she may have been illegitimate as otherwise she would have been a baroness.
  partner unknown
  i. Elizabeth de Clinton
  m. Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough
  C. John de Clinton apparently of this generation
  m. Hamon de Mascey or Massey of Dunham Massey (d c1341)
2. Eleanor de Clinton
  m. Nicholas de Stafford (d c1293)

Main source(s): Collins (1741, vol ii, Clinton of Lincoln), BP1934 (Newcastle), BP1934 (Clinton), TCP (Clinton), with a little input from BE1883 (Clinton of Huntingdon)
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