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Families covered: Fitzwilliam of Aldwarke, Fitzwilliam of Emley (Elmley), Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough, Fitzwilliam of Woodhall

This family is descended from William FitzGodrick but, according to TCP (Fitzwilliam), he is often reported wrongly, being dated a century or so earlier than he actually lived. This has led to the 'invention' of intervening generations. For interest, and to show that we have considered (and rejected) them, we report those early generations just below. The 'real' pedigree starts below this first section.
William FitzGodrick
1. Sir William Fitzwilliam (a 1066)
  BE1883 reports that, according to Dugdale, this William was "cousin in blood" to King Edward the Confessor and that he acted as that sovereign's ambassador to William, Duke of Normandy, and was Marshal of the Norman army at Hastings. TCP (Fitzwilliam) says that this story "is obviously mythical".
  m. Eleanor Elmley (dau of Sir John Elmley of Elmley and Sprotborough)
  A. Sir William Fitzwilliam of Elmley and Sprotborough (a 1117)
  BE1883 suggests that this was the William who married Ella de Warren but BP1934 suggest that that was his son ...
  i. Sir William Fitzwilliam of Elmley and Sprotborough (d 1148)
  m. Ella de Warren (dau of William de Warren, Earl of Surrey)
  a. Sir William Fitzwilliam of Elmley and Sprotborough
  m. Albreda (dau of Robert de Lizures)
  (1) Sir William Fitzwilliam of Elmley and Sprotborough (a 1221)
  m. Ella (dau of Hamlyn, Earl Warren and Surrey)
  and subsequent generations covered below
  (2) Donatia Fitzwilliam of Crowie
  b. Roger Fitzwilliam of Gretewell
We follow TCP (Fitzwilliam) which starts with the following Ketelborn, reporting that the family "notwithstanding the Norman form of the name, is certainly of Anglian or Scandinavian descent."
Ketelborn of Hopton (a 1135)
1. Godric
  A. William FitzGodric (b c1140, d by 1194)
  m. (c1169) Aubrey de Lisours (dau of Robert de Lisours)
TCP (Fitzwilliam) clearly identifies Aubrey as William's wife and mother of the following William. However, TCP does not mention the wives of William's successors over the next few generations which information comes from BP1934 and BE1883.
  i. William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough (a 02.1218)
  m. Ela Plantagenet (b c1162, a 1220, dau of Hamelin Plantagenet, 5th Earl of Surrey)
  a. Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough and Emley (a 1253)
  m. Agnes Bertram (dau of Roger Bertram, lord of Mitford)
  (1) Sir William FitzThomas Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough (d by 1294)
  m. Agnes Grey (dau of Richard de Grey of Codnor)
  (A) Sir William Fitzwilliam of Emley and Sprotborough, Baron (d by 1342)
  m1. Maud (d by 1324)
BE1883 identifies Maud as daughter of Edmund, Lord Deincourt. BP1934 identifies her as daughter of Edward, Lord Deincourt. [There was no Lord Edward Deincourt around this time.] TCP identifies her just as Maud and, unlike our other sources, identifies a second wife as Isabel Deincourt (who died "apparently s.p."). We suspect (albeit with no real evidence) that BE1883 and BP1934 have confused the wives and that Maud was probably not of the Deincourt family. Various web sites show Isabel Deincourt as Sir William's only wife and mother of all of his children.
  (i) Sir William Fitzwilliam (dvp 22.03.1322)
(ii) Sir John Fitzwilliam of Emley and Sprotborough (d 10.08.1349)
  m. Joan de Reresby (dau of Adam de Reresby of Thribergh)
  (a) Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough (b 1327, d 1385)
  m. Elizabeth Clinton (dau of William Clinton, Earl of Huntingdon)
TCP suggests that it "is probably an error" that Elizabeth's father was the Earl of Huntingdon. BE1883 (Clinton) notes the doubt but suggests that she was illegitimate.
  ((1)) Sir William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough
  m. Maude de Cromwell (dau of Ralph de Cromwell, 1st Lord of Tattershall)
  ((A)) Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough (d 05.07.1417)
  m. Eleanor Green (dau of Sir Henry Green of Drayton, of Norton family)
((i)) Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough & Emley (d 1421)
  m. Margaret Clarell (a 1441, dau of Thomas Clarell of Aldwark)
  ((a)) John Fitzwilliam
  ((b)) William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough (d 01.12.1474)
  m. Elizabeth Chaworth (dau of Sir Thomas Chaworth)
  (((1))) Sir William Fitzwilliam (d 1494)
  m. Elizabeth Conyers (dau of Sir John Conyers)
  (((A))) John Fitzwilliam (dvp)
m. Elizabeth Fitzwilliam (dau of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam of Aldwark) @@ below
  (((i))) William Fitzwilliam (dvpsp 1484)
  (((B))) Dorothy Fitzwilliam (d by 1529)
  m. Sir William Copley of Batley
  (((C))) Margery Fitzwillliam (d 29.12.1535)
  m. (1478) Thomas Soothill of Soothill or Southill (d 29.12.1535)
  (((D)))+ other issue - Richard, William
(((2))) Isabel Fitzwilliam
  m. Richard Wentworth of West Bretton
  (((3))) Catherine Fitzwilliam
  m. (1463) Sir Thomas Wortley of Wortley (d 1514)
  (((4)))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Margaret
((c)) Eleanor Fitzwilliam
  m. Sir William Ryther (d 19.04.1475)
  ((d)) Matilda (Mawde) Fitzwilliam possibly of this generation
  m. William Bosville of Erdesley & Newhall
  ((ii)) John Fitzwilliam of Milton and Green's Norton (6th son, 2nd John)
  m. Eleanor Villiers (dau of William Villiers of Brokesby)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Nicholas, Ralph, Robert, William, daughter
  ((B)) Joan Fitzwilliam
  m. Sir Henry Soothill (a 05.1369)
  ((C)) (Elizabeth) Fitzwilliam who apparently married ...
  m. Sir Robert Rockley of Rockley (Rokeley of Rokeley)
  ((2)) son
((3)) Edmund Fitzwilliam
  BE1883 reports Sir Thomas of Aldwarke as grandson of Edmund. That the intervening generation was the Sir Richard who married the heiress of Aldwarke is supported by 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' (vol 2, Yorkshire - West Riding, 'Reygate of Steveton') by Joseph Foster (1874).
  ((A)) Sir Richard Fitzwilliam of Wadworth, later of Aldwarke (d 1478)
  m. Elizabeth Clarell (dau of Thomas Clarell of Aldwarke)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam of Aldwarke (b 13.01.1448, d 29.05.1495)
m. Lucy Nevill (dau of John Nevill, Marquess of Montacute, m2. Sir Anthony Browne)
  ((a)) Thomas Fitzwilliam of Aldwarke (b 1486, d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Agnes Pagenham (dau of Sir Hugh Pagenham, m2. Sir William Stanley)
  (((1))) Alice Fitzwilliam
  m. Sir James Foljambe of Walton and Aldwarke, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b c1511, d 26.09.1558)
  (((2))) Margaret Fitzwilliam (dsp 07.02.1557)
  m. Godfrey Foljambe (d 25.05.1559, son of Sir Godfrey)
  (((3)))+ other issue (d young) - William (b c1509, d 1515), John
  ((b)) John Fitzwilliam (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
((c)) William Fitzwilliam, Earl of Southampton (b c1490, dsp 15.10.1542, Admiral)
  m. (11.1513) Mabel Clifford (bur 01.09.1550, dau of Henry de Clifford, 10th Lord)
  partner unknown
  (((1))) Thomas Fitzwilliams or Fysher
  ((d)) Margaret Fitzwilliam possibly of this generation
  m. William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
  ((ii)) Edward Fitzwilliam
  m. Alice Westby (dau of Robert Westby of Ravenfield)
((iii)) Elizabeth Fitzwilliam
  m. John Fitzwilliam @@ above
  ((iv)) Isabel Fitzwilliam
  m. (c1461) William Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse (d 1477)
  ((v)) Margaret Fitzwilliam
  m. Ralph Reresby of Thribergh (d 1530)
  (b) Joan Fitzwilliam
  m1. Sir Thomas de Stapleton, 4th Lord (dsp 1373)
  m2. Sir JohnFelton (d 1396)
  (iii) Thomas Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe shown by various web sites as of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Mablethorpe (dau of Thomas or Sir Robert Mablethorpe)
  m2. Isabel Deincourt (dsp 1348)
  (B) Anne Fitzwilliam possibly of this generation
  m. Adam de Newmarch or Newmarsh (dvp)
(2) Sir Roger Fitzwilliam of Woodhall
  The following comes from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Bosvyle).
  m. Maud Bosvyle (dau of Sir John Bosvyle of Ardsley)
  (A) John Fitzwilliam of Woodhall
  m. Ales (Elenor) Mydelton (dau of John (sb William?) Mydelton, sister of Peter)
  (i) John Fitzwilliam of Woodhall
  m. Katherine Haryngell (dau of Robert Haryngell of Yorkshire)
  (a) Isabel Fitzwilliam
  m. Thomas Barley of Woodhall or Woodsome
  ((1)) Mary Barley
  m. John Bosvyle of Ardesley
  ((2)) Margaret Barley (d by 1434)
  m. John Drakes (Drax) of Woodhall
  (3) Alberda Fitzwilliam
  m. Sir Richard Walleis of Burgh Walleis
  (4) Dionysia (Denise) Fitzwilliam possibly of this generation
  m. (by 1229) Sir Robert Deiville of Egmanton
  (5)+ other issue - Peter of Deney, Margaret, Agnes, Bertha, Rometa

Main source(s): TCP (Fitzwilliam), BP1934 (Fitzwilliam), BE1883 (Fitzwilliam), BE1883 (Fitzwilliam of Southampton), TCP (Southampton) with a little support/input from Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough)
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