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Families covered: Stapleton of Bedale, Stapleton of Carlton, Stapleton of Ingham, Stapleton of Stapleton (Stapelton of Stapelton), Stapleton of Wighill

The name of this family is variously spelt Stapleton, Stapelton, Stapilton and Stapylton. Somewhat arbitrarily, we settle on Stapleton from the end of the 13th century.
Heryon or Herman, lord of Stapleton (a 1052)
1. ?? de Stapleton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations. Alternative descents from the above Heryon to Sir Gilbert (d 1321) below, provided by Ord & Copinger, are shown on a Temporary page.
  A. ?? de Stapleton
  i. Geoffrey de Stapelton (a 1175)
  a. Sir Nicholas de Stapelton, Governor of Middleham Castle (a 1217)
  m. Aline (or Alive)
TCP (Stapleton) reports that "No issue is recorded" for Sir Nicholas and shows his successor as Roger (d before 1246) who married Juliana de Wath and was father of Sir Nicholas (who married Margery Basset), father of the 1st Lord. We follow BP1934 in showing that the husband of Juliana de Wath and grandfather of the 1st Lord was the following son of the above Sir Nicholas ...
  (1) Nicholas de Stapelton of Hachilsay
  m. Juliana (dau of Robert de Wath)
  (A) Sir Nicholas de Stapelton of Stapelton (d 1290, judge)
  m. Margery Basset (dau of Milo de Basset of E. Haddlesey)
  (i) Sir Miles de Stapleton of Stapleton & Carlton, 1st Lord (d Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  m1. Sibyl Bellew (dau of John de Bellew, lord of Carlton, by Laderina Bruce)
BE1883 differs from BLG1952 and TCP (Stapleton) by showing:
(1) Nicholas, 2nd Lord, as husband of Sibyl Bellew. BE1883 does not name the 1st Lord's wife.
(2) Thomas, 4th Lord, as son of Nicholas (dvp) son of Miles, 3rd Lord.
(3) Gilbert of Bedale, who married Agnes FitzAlan, as son of Miles, 3rd Lord.
We follow BLG1952 which is supported by TCP for items (1) and (2).
  (a) Nicholas de Stapleton of Stapleton & Carlton, 2nd Lord (b c1289, d before 10.06.1343)
  m. (c1301) Isabelle (dau of John de Dreux, Earl of Richmond)
  ((1)) Miles de Stapleton, 3rd Lord, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b c1318, d 26.12.1372)
  m. (before 1338) Isabel Vavasour (dau of Sir Henry Vavasour of Hazlewood)
  ((A)) Thomas de Stapleton, 4th Lord (b c1350, dsp 10.08.1373)
  m. Joan (dau of Sir John FitzWilliam of Sprotborough)
((B)) Elizabeth Stapleton (d 1400)
  m. Sir Thomas de Metham
  ((2)) Gilbert Stapleton (priest)
  (b) Sir Gilbert Stapleton of Bedale & North Morton (d 1321)
  The following is partly supported by Bank's' Baronies in Fee' (vol 1, p267). Alternative pedigrees for this Gilbert from the Heryon at the top of the pedigree, provided by Ord & Copinger, are shown on a Temporary page.
  m. (before 15.12.1317) Agnes FitzAlan (b c1298, d before 03.11.1348, dau of Sir Bryan FitzAlan of Bedale)
  ((1)) John de Stapleton (dsp)
  ((2)) Sir Miles Stapleton of Bedale and later of Ingham (d 1364)
  m1. ?? ## possibly here? ##
  ((A)) John de Stapleton (dsp after 09.1351)
  m. (before 03.07.1351) Iseude
m2. Joan Ingham (dau/coheir of Sir Oliver Ingham of Ingham)
  ((B)) Sir Miles Stapleton of Ingham & Bedale (b c23.06.1357, d 10.04.1419)
  m. Ela d'Ufford (dau of Sir Edmund d'Ufford (brother of Robert, Earl of Ingham) by Eva, dau of Sir John Pierpoint)
  ((i)) Sir Brian Stapleton of Ingham & Bedale (d 07.08.1438)
  m. Cecily Bardolf (d 29.09.1432, dau of Sir William Bardolf of Wormegay)
  ((a)) Sir Miles Stapleton of Ingham & Bedale (d 1466)
  m1. (sp) Katherine de Felbrigge (dau of Sir Symon de Felbrigge)
m2. Katherine de la Pole (d 13/4.10.1488, dau of Sir Thomas de la Pole of Grafton Regis)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Stapleton (d 18.02.1504/5)
  m1. Sir William Calthorpe of Burnham (b 30.01.1409/10, d 15.11.1494)
  m2. Sir John Fortescue of North Mimms (d 28.07.1500)
  Sir John Fortescue is identified as the Chief Justice but this may be a confusion.
  m3. Sir Edward Howard (d 25.04.1513, Admiral)
  (((2))) Jane Stapleton (d 13.05.1519)
  m1. (before 21.02.1463/4) Sir Christopher Harcourt of Great Ashby, younger of Stanton Harcourt
  m2. Sir John Hudleston of Millom and Guiting (d 01.01.1511/2)
((b)) Brian Stapleton
  m. Isabel
  ((c)) Anne Stapleton
  m. Thomas Heath of Hengrave
  ((ii)) Edmund Stapleton (d 1417)
  ((iii)) Ela Stapleton
m. Sir Robert Brewes of Stinton, etc. (d 1424)
  ((C)) Joan Stapleton (d 02.09.1385)
  m. (c1366) Sir John de Plaiz, 5th Lord (bpt 14.01.1342/3, d 02.06.1389)
  ((3)) Sir Bryan Stapleton of Wighill, later of Carlton (b c1320, d 1394, judge)
  m. Alice St. Philibert (dau of Sir John St. Philibert)
  ((A)) Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton (dvp 1391)
m. Elizabeth de Aldeburgh (dau of William de Aldeburgh)
  BLG1952 identifies the Sir Bryan who married Joan Lovel as great-grandson of this Sir Bryan and Elizabeth. The following intermediary generations are as found on a web site.
  ((i)) Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton (b c1384, d 1418)
  m. Agnes Goddard (dau of Sir John Goddard)
  ((a)) Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton
  m. Isabel Rempston (dau of Sir Thomas Rempston)
(((1))) Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton (d 16.12.1496)
  m. Joan Lovel (d before 1507, dau of John Lovel, 8th Lord)
  (((2))) Thomas Stapleton 'of Quarmby' (d 1526)
  m. (1493/4) Elizabeth Nevile (dau of John Nevile 'of Liversedge')
  The following connections were found on various web sites.
  (((A))) Maude Stapleton
m. Anthony Eltofts of Farnhill (b 1499, d 21.07.1537)
  (((B))) Elizabeth Stapleton
  m. William Blyth
  (((3))) Elizabeth Stapleton
  m. John Cheyney
  (((4))) Joane or Margery Stapleton
  m. Richard Bingham
((b)) Elizabeth Stapleton (d before 1446)
  m. (1415) Sir William Plumpton (d 15.10.1480)
  ((c)) Joan Stapleton
  m. Sir William Ingleby
  ((B)) Sir Miles Stapleton of Wighill (d 06.02.1400)
  m. Johanneth Ufflete (dau of Sir Gerard Ufflete)
  ((i)) Sir John Stapleton of Wighill (d 1455)
  m. Margaret Norton (d 1465, dau of Richard Norton of Norton Conyers)
  ((ii)) Catherine Sapleton probably of this generation
  m. Thomas de Hagarston of Hagarston (d 1446)
  ((4)) Avice Stapleton apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Nicholas Midelton of Midelton and Stockeld
  (c)+ other issue - Sir John (a 1338), 2 sons, 1 daughter
  m2. Cecilia de Tyndale (dau of Peter de Tyndale)
  (g) daughter
  m. Alan de Melborne of Collingham
  (ii) Julian Stapleton
  m. Richard de Windsor
  (iii)+ other issue - Nicholas (dvp), Gilbert (a 1307), Sir John of Melsonby (d c1336), Emma (prioress)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Chetwynd-Stapylton formerly of Wighill) with input/support from TCP (FitzAlan), BE1883 (Stapleton), BEB1841 (Stapylton of Myton) and a little support for the Wighill line from 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Stapylton of Myton', p559)
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