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This section first uploaded 12.10.20.
Benjamin Hyett (clerk of the peace for Gloucestershire)
m. Anna
1. Charles Hyett of Painswick House (b 10.04.1677, d 17.02.1738, MP)
  m. (11.03.1707 or 1699) Anna Webb (b c1670, d 1728, dau of Nicholas Webb of Bulley, Mayor of Gloucester)
  A. Benjamin Hyett (b c1709, d 1762)
  i. Frances Hyett (b c1744, d 1745)
  B. Nicholas Hyett of Painswick House & Bulley (a 1713, d 1777)
  i. Benjamin Hyett of Painswick House (d 1810)
  The schedule ends with this generation but this is clearly the Benjamin (dsp 21.06.1810) who is identified in BLG1952 ('Hyett of Painswick House') as husband of the following Sarah Adams. Painswick House passed into the Adams family, members of which assumed the name Hyett.
  m. (10.07.1788) Sarah Adams (b 28.03.1746, d 06.1804, dau/heir of William Adams)
  C. Charles Hyett (b c1713/4, d 1714)



This section first uploaded 12.10.20.
Barnabas Smith (b c1585, d 1656, Rector of North Witham in Lincolnshire)
m. Hannah Ayscough (d 1689, dau of James Ayscough of Market Overton, widow of Isaac Newton of Woolsthorpe, mother of Sir Isaac Newton)
1. Benjamin Smith had issue
2. Marie Smith (bpt 06.05.1647)
  m. (22.11.1666) Thomas Pilkington of Belton
3. Hannah Smith (bpt 07.09.1652, a 1695)
  m. Robert Barton of Brigstock (m1. Elizabeth Pilkington)



This section first uploaded 12.10.20.
?? Smith ("Whitney merchant of Eastcheap, migrated from Dorset")
1. John Smith
2. Robert Smith of London & Bishops Lydiard, Somerset (b c1739, bur 02.09.1827?)
m. (08.08.1768) Maria Olier (b c1750, d 1801/2)
  A. Robert ('Bobus') Percy Smith (b 07.05.1770, d 10.03.1845, MP, Judge Advocate-General) the first mentioned by BP1934
  m. (09.12.1797) Caroline Maria Vernon (dau/coheir of Richard Vernon of Hilton Park by Evelyn (dau of John, Earl Gower & sister of Granville, 1st Marquess of Stafford))
  i. Robert Vernon Smith, later Vernon, 1st Baron Lyveden of Lyveden (b 23.02.1800, d 10.11.1873) had issue
  m. (15.07.1823) Emma Mary Wilson (natural dau of John FitzPatrick, 2nd Earl of Upper Ossory, sister of Lord Castlemain)
  B. Sydney Smith (b 03.06.1771, d 22.02.1845, Canon of St. Paul's)
  m. (02.07.1800) Catherine Amelia Pybus (b 20.01.1776, d 1852, dau of John Pybus of Cheam by Martha Small)
  i. Saba Smith (b 1802, d 02.11.1866)
  m. (20.03.1834) Sir Henry Holland, 1st Bart of Sandlebridge (physician)
  ii. Emily Smith (b 03.03.1807, d 11.1874)
  m. Nathaniel Hibbert of Munden House
  iii.+ other issue - Douglas (b 1805, d 15.04.1829), Windham (b 09.1813)
  C.+ other issue - Cecil in Madras (b 1772, d 1814), Courtenay (b 1773, d 1839, Supreme Judge in Madras), Maria (b 1774, d 1816)



This section first uploaded 21.10.20 using Ord, amended 14.11.20 using Copinger.
Ord & Copinger provide the following descent from Heryon to Gilbert Stapylton. We show this here as an example of how, whilst certain sources can be impressive and very useful, that does not mean that they are always particularly reliable, particularly on early generations. On Stapleton01 we ignore these early generations as we view them as highly suspect, at some points as clearly erroneous.
Heryon or Heron of Stapylton-upon-Teys (a 1052)
1. Allan of Stapylton (a 1080)
  m. ?? (dau of John of Tanfield)
  A. Sir John Stapylton
  m. Johann Mallony (dau of Sir _ Mallony) named Johann by Ord, Mary by Copinger
  i. Sir Miles Stapylton
  m. Pendronas (dau of the King of Cyprus)
  a. Allan Stapylton
  m. Ann Neville (dau of Richard or Robert Neville) father named Richard by Ord, Robert by Copinger
  (1) Sir Brian Stapylton
  m. ?? (dau of Sir Henry FitzHenry)
  (A) Henry Stapylton (dsp) mentioned by Copinger but not by Ord
  (B) John Stapylton
  m. Catherine Hansard (dau of Sir Miles Hansard)
  (i) Sir Miles Stapylton this generation included by Copinger but not by Ord, note his son's 2nd marriage
  m. Barbara Darrel (dau of Sir John Darrel)
  (a) Sir Miles Stapylton, Lord (a 1313)
m1. Sibill (dau/coheir of John de Bella Aqua by Laderina, sister/coheir of Peter de Brus) shown on Stapleton01 as Bellew
  ((1)) Sir Nicholas Stapylton of Carleton, Cleveland (a 1342) this generation included by Ord but not by Copinger
  ((A)) Sir Miles Stapylton of Carleton shown by Ord as Lord (a 1312), not shown as Lord by Copinger (d 1315)
  m. Isabel /Elizabeth Rismond (dau/heir of John Rismond or Richmond)
  ((i)) Sir Miles Stapylton (dspm) mentioned by Copinger but not by Ord
  m. Cicely Ufford (dau of Sir Robert Ufford)
  ((ii)) Gilbert Stapylton shown as 'Sir' by Ord but not by Copinger
  m. Agnes Fitzallan, heiress of Bedale (dau of Sir Brian Fitzallan)
  Gilbert & Agnes's descendants are shown on Stapleton01. Copinger mentions only their 2nd son, Sir Bryan.
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Stapylton mentioned by Ord but not by Copinger
  m. Thomas Metham
  ((B)) Gilbert Stapylton mentioned by Ord but not by Copinger
  ((C)) Mabel Stapylton mentioned by Ord but not by Copinger
  m. William Calverley of Calverley ## see here ## (dates wrong!)
  m2. Joane Darrell (dau of Sir John Darrell of Sesay, m1/2. Sir William Vavasour)
  b.+ other issue - Richard of Seamer in Cleveland, Brian mentioned by Ord but not by Copinger



This section first uploaded 26.10.20.
Edward Ward of Mendham, Suffolk
m. Amy Forthe (dau of Robert Forthe of Butley Abbey)
1. (Sir) William Ward
  Muskett identifies Anne's brother Sir William as ancestor of the Wards, Earls Dudley. That is not consistent with what we show on Ward01.
2. Anne Ward (bur 19.07.1599)
  m. Thomas Hammond of Bury St. Edmunds (d 11.03.1599)
3. Elizabeth Ward
  m. William Glover of Ash
4. Mary Ward
  m. William Rant (MD)



This section first uploaded 26.10.20.
Ambrose Brydon of Bury St. Edmunds
1. John Brydon
  m. Mary Hammond (dau of Henry Hammond of Bury St. Edmunds)
  A. Ambrose Brydon of Bury possibly fits here
  m. ?? Macro (dau of Thomas Macro of Bury St. Edmunds)
2. Mary Brydon
  m. Sir James Ware 'of Dublin'

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