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Families covered: Vavasor of Askwith, Vavasor of Denton, Vavasour (Vavasor) of Hazlewood (Hazelwood or Haslewood), Vavasor of Weston

BE1883 (Vavasour) notes Banks as reporting that "Of this family it was remarked that in twenty-one descents from Sir Mauger le Vavasour, temp. WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, not one of them had ever married an heir, or ever buried his wife."
Sir Mauger le Vavasor (a 1086)
1. Sir Mauger le Vavasor
  A. Sir William le Vavasor of Haslewood (d c1190, judge)
  i. Sir Robert le Vavasor of Haslewood, Sheriff of Nottingham and Derby (d 1227)
  Burke (in both BP and Commoners) identifies Robert's (sole) wife as Juliana, daughter of Gilbert de Ross of Steeton. We follow TCP.
  m1. ??
  a. Maud le Vavasor HJY
  m1. Theobald FitzWalter of Upper Ormond, Chief Butler of Ireland (d before 04.04.1206) HJY
  m2. (1207) Fulk FitzWarin HY
  m2. (1208) Juliane de Multon (dau of Thomas de Multon, widow of Thomas de Rie)
  b. Sir John le Vavasor of Hazlewood (b c1212, d c 1284)
  m. (c1243) Alice Cockfield (d before 22.06.1295, dau of Sir Robert Cockfield)
  (1) Sir William le Vavasor of Hazlewood, 1st Lord (d before 22.03.1312/3)
  m. Nichola Wallis (a 1316, dau of Sir Stephen Wallis of Newton)
  (A) Walter le Vavasor of Hazlewood, 2nd Lord (b c1280, dsp before 07.12.1315)
  m. (c1310) Eleanor
  (B) Sir Robert Vavasor (de jure 3rd Lord)
  ## TCP reports that Sir Robert dsp. BE1883 implies and BP1870 states that he had a daughter Elizabeth who married Sir Robert Strelly of Nottinghamshire. Noting that the Strelley records suggest that the wife Sir Robert (a 1301) was daughter of a Sir William, we provisionally show that Elizabeth below as a generation earlier.
(C) Sir Henry Vavasor of Hazlewood (b c1290, d 01.12.1342)
  TCP identifies Henry and his successors as de jure Lords. However, none were called to Parliament so, noting that his direct descendant was created a baronet and so presumably accepted the fact that he was not entitled to the barony, we do not describe them as Lords. TCP provides the following connection to the baronets.
  m. Constance (a 1345)
  (i) Henry Vavasor of Hazlewood (d before 27.11.1349)
  m. (c1326) Amabel FitzHugh (d before 09.12.1353, dau of Henry FitzHugh, 2nd Lord)
(a) Henry Vavasor of Hazlewood (b 1328-9, dsp before 25.05.1355)
  (b) William Vavasor of Hazlewood (b c07.1334, d c10.1369)
  m. Elizabeth Cressy (d before 08.11.1404, dau of Sir Hugh de Cressy)
  ((1)) William Vavasour of Hazlewood (b c1358, dsp 1386-7)
  ((2)) Sir Henry Vavasour of Hazlewood (d 27.03.1413)
  m. Margaret Skipwith (d 01.07.1415, dau of Sir William Skipwith)
  ((A)) Henry (sb William?) Vavasour of Hazlewood (b c1402, d before 15.01.1452/3)
  TCP names him Henry but BP1870 (Vavasour of Spaldington) & Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Vavasour of Spaldington & Willitoft), which start with this generation, name him Sir William.
  m. Joan Langton (dau of John Langton of Huddleston)
((i)) Sir Henry Vavasour of Hazlewood (d 22.12.1499)
  m. Joan Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne)
  Commoners (vol II, Chaytor of Spennithorne Hall) reads as though it was Joan who was widow of Richard Goldsborough of Goldsborough but could be interpreted as meaning that her daughter Elizabeth was that widow.
  ((a)) William Vavasour of Hazlewood (dsp 1500)
((b)) Henry Vavasour of Hazlewood (b c1456, d c31.10.1515)
  m. Elizabeth Everingham (dau of Sir John Everingham)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Vavasor probably of this generation, married twice?
  m1/2. Sir Richard Clervaux of Croft (d 1490)
  m2/1. Richard Goldesborough of Goldesborough
  ((d)) Anne Vavasor possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Peter Middelton of Stockeld
  ((ii)) John Vavasour of Spaldington, Yorkshire
  m. (1431) Isabel de la Haye (dau of Thomas de la Haye)
  ((B)) Alice Vavasor apparenty of this generation
  m. Thomas Barnardiston of Great Cotes (d 25.09.1461)
  (ii) Isabel Vavasor possibly of this generation
  m. Miles de Stapleton, 3rd Lord (b c1318, d 26.12.1372)
  (D) Alice Vavasor (nun)
  (E) Elizabeth Vavasor possibly of this generation (see note ## above)
  m. Sir Robert Strelley of Strelley (a 1301)
  (2) Sir Malger or Mauger le Vavasor of Denton and Askwith
  m. Alice Dusyn (dau of William Dusyn)
  (A) Sir Mauger le Vavasor of Denton (a 1328)
(i) William Vavasor of Denton
  m. Agnes Grynston (dau of Rogert Grynston)
  (a) Sir Mauger Vavasor of Denton
  m. Margaret
  ((1)) Agnes Vavasor
  m1. Sir Bernard de Brocas
  m2. Henry Langfield
  (ii) Thomas Vavasor of Walsington
  m. Joan
(a) Sir Mauger Vavasor (dsp)
  (b) William Vavasor
  ((1)) Margaret Vavasor (dsp c1385)
  (iii) Richard Vavasor
  (a)+ issue (dsp) - Mauger, John
  (B) Sir John le Vavasor of Askwith
m. ?? Stopham (dau of Sir William de Stopham of Weston)
  (i) John le Vavasor of Askwith (a 1329)
  m. Alice
  (a) John le Vavasor of Askwith
  m. Agnes de Benvils
  ((1)) William Vavasor of Askwith (Attorney General to King Edward III)
((2)) John Vavasor of Weston
  ((A)) John Vavasor of Weston
  m. Agnes Mauleverer (dau of Sir William Mauleverer of Wothersone)
  ((i)) John Vavasor of Weston
m. Margaret Middleton (dau of Sir Peter Middleton of Stockeld)
  ((a)) John Vavasor of Weston
  m. Ellen Beckwith (dau of Thomas Beckwith of Clinte)
  ((b)) Henry Vavasor
  m. Matilda Bunnye
  ((c)) Agnes Vavasor
  m. John Beckwith of Clinte
  ((d))+ other issue - William (pastor of Burdsell), Isabella (d unm)
  ((ii)) Anastasia Vavasor possibly of this generation
  m. John Langton of Farnley & Huddlestone
  ((iii))+ other issue - Richard, Thomas
  ((B)) Joan Vavasor possibly of this generation
  m. George Swale of South Staveley
  (3)+ other issue - John, Amanda, Margaret
  ii.+ other issue - Mauger, Agnes, Mabel
  B. Richard le Vavasor
2. Robert le Vavasor

Main source(s): BP1870 (Vavasour of Hazlewood), Commoners (vol i, Vavasour of Weston), TCP (Vavasour)
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