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Families covered: Langton of Farnley, Langton of Kilkenny

(1) We presume that various of the Langton families arose from different towns/villages called Langton. However, we have yet to be sure that we have found what connections there are between the different families. Other lines are on Langton01 (which leads into Langton02) and Langton04 (draft).
(2) It is arguable that we should not have launched this page properly' into the database but left it as Draft. However, we felt it worth separating the following from other branches of the family that we are working on and trust that this caveat is enough to ensure that people do not view the following as 'final'. We aim to revisit this page in due course but will need first to find a traditional source that covers this branch of the Langtons.
?? Langton
1. ?? Langton
  A. Sir John Langton of Langton, Yorkshire ("nephew of Stephen Langton")
  m. (1216) Margaret Nevil (dau/coheir of Sir John Nevil)
i. Thomas Langton of Farnley & Huddlestone (d 1280)
  m. Margaret de la Pont (dau of John de la Pont)
  a. ?? Langton
  Presumed intermediary generations.
  (1) ?? Langton
  (A) John Langton of Farnley & Huddlestone
  m. Anastasia Vavasor (dau of John Vavasor of Weston)
  (i) Nicholas Langton, Mayor of York possibly fits here
The familyorigins site follows the line that moved into Ireland. We presume that the main line continued at Farley.
  (ii) Richard Langton
  m. Margaret Langton (dau of John Langton of Walton)
  (a) John Langton of Lowe, Lancashire
  m. Margaret Rothe (dau of William Rothe of Haverfordwest)
  ((1)) Richard Langton (d 1483)
  m. _ Langton (dau of John Langton of Lincolnshire)
  ((A)) John Langton of Kilkenny (younger son) - continued below
  m. Lettice Rothe (dau of Jenkin Rothe of Callan)
2. Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal (d 09.07.1228)
3. Simon Langton (Archdeacon of Canterbury)



John Langton of Kilkenny (younger son, moved to Ireland) - continued above
m. Lettice Rothe (dau of Jenkin Rothe of Callan)
1. Richard Langton 'FitjJohn' (d 1566)
  m. Isabel Blanchville (d 1604, dau of William Blanchville)
  A. Nicholas Langton, Mayor of Kilkenny (b 1562, d 1623/32?)
  m1. (1588) Lettice Daniel (d 03.09.1604, dau of William Daniel of Kilkenny)
  i. James Langton of Grenan (b 27.09.1589)
  m. Mary Anne Rothe (dau of John Rothe of Kilree)
  BLG1886 starts with the following Michael other than to identify him as son of Nicholas of Grennan, son of Richard Langton FitzJohn i.e. it omits this generation.
  a. Michael Langton of Kilkenny (b 1606, d 09.12.1683)
  m. Anne Murphy (b 04.02.1629, d 08.06.1687, dau of William Murphy)
  (1) Nicholas Langton (b 27.09.1631, d 07.12.1683)
  m. (02.10.1659) Jane Slee (d 1716, dau of William Slee of Clone)
  (A) Michael Langton (b 1663)
  m. (21.10.1703) Elinor Rothe (dau of Pierce Rothe)
  (i) Nicholas Langton (b 1705, d 1779)
  m. Frances Carew (dau of Lorenzo (Laurence) Carew of Cadiz)
  (a) Michael Laurence Joseph Langton in Cadiz (b 1737)
  This line is reported by BLG1886.
  m1. Mary Ellen Wadding (dau of Gerard Wadding)
  ((1)) Mary Langton
  m. P. Cruise
  ((2))+ 2 daughters
  m2. (1766) Mary Dillon (dau of Thomas Dillon)
  ((4)) Michael Theobald Langton of Bath (2nd son) had issue
  m. (21.11.1820) Mary Ryan (d 22.01.1864, dau of Jeremiah Ryan of Newtown by Margaret, dau of Joseph Burke of Rockville)
  ((5)) Frances Christina Nimpha Langton (d 1829)
  m. (1785) John Claud Gabet of Lyons
  ((6)) Marie Christine Seraphine Julienne Langton (dsp 1841)
  m. (1794) Baron Andilla of Valencia
  ((7)) Marie Carmen Joseph Andrea Langton
  m. (1798) Blas Aranza of Catalonia
  ((8)) Josefa Teresa Ramona Donata Langton (d 1796)
  m. (1792) Don Jose Brun y Yassi de Ronda
  ((9))+ other issue (d unm) - Nicholas (d 1794), Thomas Marie del Carmen Edward (d young), Henrietta Nimphe (d 1806)
  (b) Josepha Langton (b 1748) mentioned by the familyorigins site
  m. (28.07.1765) Edward Murphy of Jenkinstown (b 1747, d 1826)
  ii.+ 10 others
  m2. Nicolasa (dau of Patrick Archer fitzEdward of Kilkenny)
  xii.+ 14 others

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : various web sites, in particular www.familyorigins.net/pages1/langton.htm
(2) For lower section : the above-mentioned familyorgins site, BLG1886 ('Langton of Danganmore')
[The above is as was shown when this page was launched on 07.04.08 as Draft except that a section has been removed and placed in Langton04 so that we do not lose sight of its need for further research.]
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