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Families covered: Brocas of Beaurepaire, Brocas of Compton

Seen (by OWC, the contributor who helped us pull together this page) as reported as possibly son of Robert, Compte de Foix in Gascony, was ...
Sir Bernard de Brocas (a 1066, "who came into England with the Conqueror")
1. Sir Bernard de Brocas of Beaurepaire
  A. Sir Bernard de Brocas of Beaurepaire
  i. Sir Bernard Brocas of Beaurepaire
  a. Sir John Brocas of Beaurepaire (d 1365)
The above is given by Visitation (Hampshire). Burrows reports that the parentage of Sir John and his brothers is not known for certain although he does then provide a pedigree which shows their parents as ...
Arnald de Brocas of Beaurepaire, Southamptonshire (Hampshire) (d Bannockburn? 1314)
m. _ Campaine
1. Sir John de Brocas of Beaurepaire (d 24.02.1365/6)
m1. Margaret
  A. Sir John Brocas (dvp unm 1352)
  B. Sir Oliver Brocas (dvp 1363)
m. Margaret Hever (d 1363, dau of Sir Thomas Hever of Apse (by Alice, dau of Andrew Peverell of Berton Peverell), son of Sir Ralph of Hever)
  i. John Brocas of Beaurepaire (b c1350, d unm 26.09.1377)
  C. Sir Bernard Brocas of Beaurepaire, etc. (b c1347, d 1395, Master of the Royal Buckhounds, Chamberlain to Queen Anne, etc.)
  m1. (c1354, div 1360) Agnes Vavasour (dau/heir of Sir Mauger Vavasour of Denton, m2 Henry Langfield)
Commoners (vol 1, Vavasour of Weston) suggests that Agnes was mother of the undermentioned Sir Bernard but Burrows reports that, though she did have a son called Bernard, he was not Sir Bernard's son. Visitation mentions only Bernard's marriage to Mary de Roches and shows her as mother of his children.
  m2. Mary de Roches (d c1381, dau/heir of Sir John de Roches of Roche Court, widow of John de Borhunte)
  i. Ralph Brocas (dvp before 1384)
  ii. Sir Bernard Brocas of Beaurepaire (d 04.02.1399/1400)
  m. Johanna (d 18.03.1429)
  a. William Brocas of Beaurepaire & Denton (Yorkshire), Sheriff of Hampshire (d 1456)
  m1. Sibilla
  m2. (c1420) Joan Sandys (dau of Sir Walter Sandys of Sherborne Coudray)
  b. Bernard Brocas of Alton & Bradley (d 1423)
  m1. Sibella Crook or Croke of London
  m2. Johanna Banbury (d before 1458, dau/heir of Gilbert Banbury of Haliborne or Hollibourne by Sibbell)
  m3. Emmeline Sands (dau of Sir Walter Sands, widow of _ Grewend of Bedington)
  c. Gilbert Brocas (5th son)
  m. Alice Whitcurch
  (1) Humphrey Brocas
  m. Alianor (heiress)
  (A) John Brocas (b c1441)
  (i) John Brocas
  (a) John Brocas
  ((1)) John Brocas
  m. Joan Monk (dau/heir of Gilbert Monk of Fifield)
  ((A)) Abisha Brocas
  ((i)) William Brocas of Odiam (2nd son?)
  ((a))+ issue - Achior of Exeter, Robert, Samuel, John
  ((ii))+ other issue - George of Axminster (a 1640), John, Abisha of Exeter
  (B)+ other issue - William, Elizabeth
  d. Oliver Brocas
  m. Beatrix
e. Katherine Brocas
  m. Robert de la Mare (son of Sir Thomas)
  f. Johanna Brocas
  m. Sir T. de Romeseye
  g.+ other issue - Richard, Thomas
  iii. Joan/Jane Brocas
  m. Robert Dyneley (son of Robert (son of Henry of Lancashire by sister of Sir John Holland) by Mary Comyn)
  m3. (sp) Katherine (de la Plaunche) (b c1343, d 1372/1398, relict of Sir Hugh Tyrell, sister of Elizabeth (wife of Sir John de Clinton))
  D. Matilda Brocas
m. Sir John Foxley of Bray & Bramshill
  E. Isabella Brocas (a 1383)
  Visitation shows Elizabeth (m. Thomas Missenden) and Isabella (m. Sir John Goloffre) as daughters rather than sisters of Sir Bernard. Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Golafre or Gulafre (of) Missenden, ...', p395), which supports the following, also identifies Isabella as dau of Bernard. However, Burrows considers this but suggests that Isabella must have been of this generation.
  m1. Sir Thomas de Missenden of Missenden & Quainton (d 1369, son of John of Missenden)
  i. Sir Edward Missenden of Missenden & Quainton, Buckinghamshire (d 12.12.1394)
  m. Juliana Grey (d 1407, dau of Lord Grey of Rotherfield)
  a. Sir Bernard Missenden of Missenden (b 1386, d c1408)
  m. Isabel Frome (a 1435, dau/coheir of John Frome of Buckingham (by _ Tregos) son of William Frome of Frome Knolton & Woodland by Elizabeth. dai/heir of John Brewys son/heir of Sir Giles de Braose by Beatrix)
  (1) Katharine Missenden of Missenden (d 10.07.1736)
  m. John Iwardby of Missenden (b 1386, d by 1435?, son of John of Maple Durham by Jane, dau/coheir of Sir Hugh Annesley)
  m2. (sp) Sir John Golafre or Golloffre or Gulafres of Oxfordshire (d 1379)
  m2. Isabella (m2. Sir John (or Nicholas) Lillyng)
  F. John Brocas (d unm)
  G. Oliver Brocas of Polyngfold (d before 1437)
  m. Beatrice Tyrwhitt (a 1437)
  i. Joan Brocas
  m. Lawrence Stonard
2. Bernard de Brocas (d 1368, rector of Guildford)
3. Arnald de Brocas (d by 1340)
  A. Arnald Brocas (d 1396, rector of Guildford)
  m. Alice Sydney
  i. Thomas Brocas of Compton, Surrey (a 1403, MP)
  a. John Brocas of Compton
(1) Arnald Brocas of Compton (a 1418, 1441, MP)
  (A) Benedict Brocas of Compton (d 1488)
  m. Cecilia
  (i) Thomas Brocas of Compton
  (a) Ann Brocas
  m. W. Rosethorne
  (ii) Richard Brocas of Compton
  (a) Joan Brocas
  m. T(homas) Parvish or Purvishe of Godlesmere
  ((1)) Ann Parvish or Purvishe
  m. Laurence Rosethorne

Main source(s):
(1) 'The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court' by Montagu Burrows (1886), available at www.archive.org
[This book appears to be accepted (eg by VCH) as the authoritative work on this family. We have looked through it but not with the level of concentration needed to be sure that we have picked up all of its points properly].
(2) VCH (Hampshire, vol 3, 'The hundred and parish of Fareham') with just a little support from VCH Buckinghamshire, vol 3, Parishes: Cheddington), VCH (Surrey, vol 3, Parishes: Peper Harow)
[Many thanks to a contributor (OWC, 14.12.10) for providing us with a schedule which drew our attention to the above sources, (1) & (2), and pulled together most of the information found therein and so helped us work on this family.]
(3) Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, Brocas), Visitation (Hampshire, 1686, Brocas)
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