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This section first uploaded 06.07.11.
Josias Champagne of Portarlington (Major)
m. Jane Forbes (d 10.1760, dau of Arthur Forbes, 2nd Earl of Granard)
1. ?? Champagne this generation not mentioned by BLGI1912 (Close of Drumbanagher)
  A. Arthur Champagne (Dean of Clonmacnoise)
  m. Marianne Hamon (dau of Col. Isaac Hamon)
  i. Jane Champagne (b 1742, d 09.03.1817)
  m. (11.04.1767) Sir Henry Bayly, later Paget, 1st Earl of Uxbridge (b 18.06.1744, d 13.03.1812)
  ii. Harriett (Henrietta) 'de Robillard' Champagne (d 11.06.1807)
  m. (1783) Sir Erasmus Dixon Borrowes, 6th Bart (b 20.12.1759, d 19.09.1814)
  iii. Mary Anne Champagne
  m. (c11.1778) Sir Charles Philip Vinchon Des Voeux, 1st Bart (d 08.1814)
  iv. Deborah Champagne (d 1815) mentioned by BLGI1912 (Close of Drumbanagher)
  m. (25.04.1782) Samuel Close of Elm Park (b 09.1749, d 1817, rector of Keady & Drakestown)



This section first uploaded 08.07.11.
Sir Thomas Belhouse of Great Stanway, Essex
1. Nicholas Belhouse or Belhus of Aveley (Avethley or Alvethley), Essex (a 1327)
  A. Thomas Belhouse of Belhouse (Belhus of Belhus) in Aveley (d by 1397)
  m. (before 1367) Isabel/Elizabeth Norton (dau/heir of Richard Norton)
  i. John Belhouse (dsp)
  ii. Alice Belhouse
  m. John Barrett (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
  Belhouse (Belhus) passed into the Barrett family.
  iii. Iseult Belhouse
  m.Gilbert Lee
2. Sir John Belhouse
  A. Sir Thomas Belhouse (dsp)
  B. John Belhouse
  i.+ issue - John, Sir Thomas
3. William Belhouse



This section first uploaded 08.07.11, reviewed 26.12.20.
Visitation starts with the Robert who married Margaret Comyn. 'The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court' (Montagu Burrows, 1886, p117) identifies his parents as ...
Henry Dynley of Lancashire
m. ?? (sister of Sir John Holland)
1. Robert Dynley
m. Margaret Comyn (heir)
  A. Robert Dynley
  Visitation identifies Robert's wife as Jane, dau of Sir Barnard (?) Buers. Thanks to a contributor (JR, 24.12.20) for drawing our attention to the fact that this was ...
  m. Joan/Jane Brocas (dau of Sir Bernard Brocas of Beaurepaire)
  i. William Dynley
  m. Margaret Foscott (dau/heir of Thomas Foscott (by Phillipa, dau/heir of William Stokes) son of Robert by Maude, dau/heir of John Chenduit by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Reginald Fitzherert son of Herbert FitzJohn)
  a. Robert Dynley
  m. _ Ludlow (dau of William Ludlow of Wiltshire)
  (1) Edward Dynley 'of Wolverton, Hampshire'
m. Elizabeth Langford (dau of William Langford)
  (A) Thomas (not John) Dynley 'of Wolverton' (b 1479, d 29.05.1502)
  This lineage is taken from the section in Visitation (Essex) on "various Harleian manuscripts" which shows that the parents of Elizabeth were Thomas & Phillip(a) Harysfield, Thomas being Phillip's 1st husband. Visitation (Essex, 1612, Barrett) shows Elizabeth's mother as Elizabeth Harpsfild who m1. John Barrett (father of George) m2. John Dyngley.
  m. Phillipa (not Elizabeth) Harpesfeld (dau of John Harpesfeld)
  (i) Elizabeth Dynley (b 12.1502, d before 1549)
  m1. George Barret of Belhouse
  m2. Sir John Baker of Sisinghurst
  Through these marriage connections, Belhouse later passed through the Baker family into the Lennard family.



This section first uploaded 10.07.11.
John Pipe
m. Margaret Harcourt (dau/heir of (Henry, son/heir of) Sir Henry Harcourt)
1. Agnes Pipe (coheir)
  m. Roger Blackenhall
  A. Thomas Blackenhall (heir)
  i. Thomas Blakenhall (heir)
  a. Katharine Blakenhall (heir)
  m. Thomas Hawtrey of Checkers



This section first uploaded 13.07.11.
Sir Thomas Bamville
Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Agnes, dau/coheir of Alexander Silvester of Stourton. Ormerod identifies her as ...
m. Agnes (dau/coheir of Alexander by Annabella, dau of Alan Sylvester of Storeton (forester of Wirral) & sister/heir of Ralph)
Visitation shows Thomas & Agnes as parents of Sir Phillip (dsp), William (d young), David (d young), Steven, Alexander, Jone (m. William Stanley), Ellin (m. William Lake), Agnes (d young), & Miriell (m. John Radcliff). Provisionally we follow Ormerod who shows as follows.
1. Sir Philip Bamville of Storeton (forester of Wirral)
  m1. _ Polford (dau of Sir Robert de Polford)
  A. Jane Bamville
  m. (1282) William de Stanley
  B. Ellen Bamville
  m. William Lakene
  i. William Lakene (d 1349-50)
  a. Alicia Lakene
  C. Agnes Bamville
  m. John de Bechinton
  i. Symon de Bechinton (d 1349-50)
  a. Richard de Bechinton (dsp)
  m. Cecilia
Shown connected by a dotted line, so it is likely that either the connection is uncertain or he was illegitimate, was ...
  b. Willliam de Bechinton (d 1362-3)
  (1)+ issue - Agnes, Amelia, Alicia
  m2. Letitia Venables (dau/heir of William Venables of Wincham, m2. Richard de Wilbraham, m3. Robert Croft)
  D.+ other issue
2. Alexander de Bamville
  m. Roesia (widow of Robert de Stokeport)
  A. Thomas de Bamville
  m. Hawise de Winnington (dau of Robert de Winnington)
  i. Alexander Bamville (a 1334) ancestor of Bamvilles of Chester
3. Alice Bamville
  m. Philip de Orreby
4. Annabella Bamville
  m. Hugh de Corona



This section first uploaded 13.07.11.
William Waldron
m. Elizabeth Burnell (dau of William Burnell by Elizabeth, dau of William Lent by Isbaell, dau/coheir of Geffery Frethorn)
1. Thomas Waldron
  A. William Waldron
  i. Thomas Waldron
  m. Alice Englefield
  a. Joane Waldron
  m. Walter Warren
  (1) Isabell Warren (dsp)
  m1. _ Kentwood
  m2. William Phetiplace
  ii. Avice Waldron
  m. Thomas Pinchpole @@ below



This section first uploaded 13.07.11.
John Pynchepole of Mamdey, Essex
m. Sarah Wale (dau/heir of Henry Wale of Oxfordshire)
1. Thomas Pynchpole
  m. Jane Cokerell (dau of John Cokerell)
  A. Thomas Pinchpole
  m. Avice Waldron (dau of William Waldron, siser/coheir of Thomas Waldron) @@ above
  i. John Pinchpole of Winrush, Gloucesteshire
  a. Jane Pinchpole
  m. Edmund Bury of Hampton Poyle



This section first uploaded 17.02.12.
John Staley
m. Judith
1. John Staley
  m. Martha Lankford (dau of Henry Lankford of Leek)
  A. child (dsp)
  B. Mary Staley (bur 09.11.1770)
  m1. George Wall of Wensley (d 20.01.1753)
  m2. John Wilkinson of Chesterfield (bur 03.08.1766)
2. Ann Staley
  m1. Edward Daws
  A.+ 2 daughters
  m2. John Vessey
  C. William Vesey
  m. Elizabeth Main
  i. John Staley Vessey

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