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Families covered: Montgomerie of Auchinhood, Montgomerie of Bonyglen, Montgomerie of Bowhouse, Montgomerie of Broomlands, Montgomery in/of Greenfield, Montgomery of Stane, Montgomerie of The Hall, Montgomerie of Wrae
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William Montgomery of Greenfield & Stane (d before 03.09.1546)
m. (mcrt 20.01.1507-8) Elizabeth Francis (dau/heir of Robert Francis of Stane)
1. Arthur Montgomery of Greenfield & Stane
  GH reports that Arthur m. Elizabeth Fairlie and dsp. BdeM reports as follows.
  m1. Lucy Cairnes, heiress of Meikle Dreghorn
  A. John Montgomery of Dreghorn (dsp)
  m. Jonet Mure
  m2. Elizabeth Fairlie (dau of John Fairlie of that ilk)
  B. Hugh Montgomery of Stane (dsp)
m. Margaret Montgomery (dau of Hugh Montgomery, 2nd Earl of Eglinton)
  C. Thomas Montgomery in Greenfield
  m. Katherine Lindsay
  i. John Montgomery in Greenfield (a 1616)
  a. William Montgomery in Greenfield (a 1616)
  b. Elizabeth Montgomery (a 1607)
  ii. Euphame Montgomery (d 1606) --
  m. John Hamilton in Henschaw (b c1559, d 1623) --
  iii.+ other issue - Alexander (d 1591), Matthew (d 1593)
2. Hugh Montgomery of Auchinhude or Auchinhood this line supported by BLG1952
  m. Elizabeth Blair (dau of _ Blair of Adamtoune)
  A. Neil Montgomerie of Broomlands (eldest son) this generation given by BLG1952 but not by GH
  m. Janet Lindsay
  i. Hugh Montgomerie of Auchinhood & Bowhouse (a 1606, d 1658, 2nd son)
  m1. Margaret Calderwood (dau of _ Calderwood of Peacockbank)
  a. Hugh Montgomerie of Bowhouse
m. Margaret Swinton of Glasgow
  (1) Hugh Montgomerie of Bowhouse
  m. Margaret Durry of Glasgow
  (A) Hugh Montgomerie of Bowhouse (dsp 1718)
m. Margaret Montgomerie (dau of George Montgomerie of Broomlands) @@ below
  b. George Montgomerie of Broomlands (b 1614, d 07.05.1700)
  m1. Anne Barclay (dau of Sir Robert Barclay of Perceton (Peirston))
  (1) Hugh Montgomerie of Broomlands (b c1645, d 03.12.1728)
  m. (c1673) Jean Brown (b c1728, dau/heir of Robert Brown of Moile)
  (A) Robert Montgomerie of Broomlands (b c1676, dsp 11.01.1740)
  m. Elizabeth Cuninghame (dau of Alexander Cuninghame of Colleland)
  (B) Hugh Montgomerie, Provost of Cambellton, later of Broomlands (b c1686, d 24.02.1766, 3rd son)
  m1. Mary Boes (dau of Rev. James Boes of Campbellton)
  (i) Charles Montgomerie of Glasgow, last of Broomlands (d unm before 1790)
  (ii) Jean Montgomerie
  m. Henry Eccles ("of the Excise")
  (a) Margaret Eccles (d c1728)
  m. _ Henderson
  (iii) Elizabveth Montgomerie
m. Rev. David Campbell of Southend, Kintyre
  (iv) Mary Montgomerie
  m. Adam Dickson in Glasgow
  m2. (sp) Margaret Learman of Moneymore, co. Derry
  (C) William Montgomerie (d 1753)
  m. Jean Brisbane (dau of John Brisbane of Bishoptoune)
  (i) John Montgomerie of Arthurstone then in Fife (b 1723, m. ??, dsp)
  (ii) Jean Montgomerie
  m. Robert Ramsay in Dundee
  (D) Margaret Montgomerie
  m. Charles Binning of Pilmore
  (E) Jean Montgomerie
m. William Kelso of Hullerhurst
  (F) Ann Montgomerie
  m. Edward Ker of Irvine
  (G)+ other issue (d unm) - George (d 1735, Captain), Alexander (Captain)
  (2) William Montgomerie in Edinburgh
  (A)+ issue (d unm) - William, George, Hugh
  (3) Jean Montgomerie
  m1. John Guthrie, Provost of Irving
  m2. (1671) John Montgomerie of Beoch then Brigend
  m2. Margaret Wallace of Shewalton
  (4) George Montgomerie
  m. Janet Garven (dau of George Garven)
  (A) Margaret Montgomerie
m. Alexander Simpson in Edinbugh (surgeon)
  (5) Alexander Montgomerie of Assloss
  The following is supported by Paterson (Ayr, vol 2, 'Somervilles of Kennox', p462).
  m. (1704) Margaret Montgomerie (dau of Sir Alexander Montgomerie of Kirktonholme)
  (A) Janet Montgomerie
  m. James Somerville of Kennox then Bollingshaw
  (B) Margaret Montgomerie
  m. _ Forbes of Waterton
  (C) Penelope Montgomerie
m. Sir David Cuninghame of Corshill, Bart (d 1770-1)
  (D) Anne Montgomerie of Kirktonholme
  m. George Moir of Leekie or Leckie
  (6) John Montgomerie of Wrae & Auchinhood (d 1721, youngest son)
The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Montgomery of Garbolidsham').
  m. (c1685) Penelope Barclay (dau of Sir Robert Barclay, 1st Bart of Peirston)
  (A) George Montgomerie of Wrae (to England)
  m. Abigail Turner (dau of Elias (probably not Lilious) Turner of London)
  (i) George Montgomerie 'of London' of Thundersley Hall (Essex) & Chippenham Hall, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire (b 30.08.1712, d 29.03.1766, 2nd son)
  m. (1739) Catherine Sawbridge (dau of Jacob Sawbridge MP)
  (a) Katy (Catherine) Montgomerie (b 24.12.1739)
  m. (12.11.1756) Crisp Molineux of Garboldisham Hall (MP)
  (ii)+ other issue - John Elias (b 14.06.1711, d young), Elias (b 10.11.1713), Edward of THundersley Hall (b 18.06.1716, d 1747). Edward (b 16.06.1720), Elizabeth (b 19.02.1714)
  (7) James Montgomerie in Edinburgh (dsp, youngest son)
  m. Mary Stewart (dau of Matthew Steward of Newton)
  (8) Margaret Montgomerie
  m. Hugh Montgomerie of Bowhouse @@ above
(9)+ other issue - Robert (dp), Ninian (d unm)
  c. Robert Montgomerie (to Ireland)
  m. _ Mackwatersa of Maybole
  (1) Robert Montgomerie of Bonyglen (Bonnylyn), co. Donegal (b 1660)
  m. ?? Conyngham (dau of Rev. Alexander Conyngham, Dean of Raphoe, grandson of William (Bishop of Argyle))
  (A) Alexander Montgomerie of Bonyglen (b 1700, d 1748)
  Most of the following, which is supported by BP1934 ('Montgomery of The Hall'), was first uploaded 06.07.11 within a Temporary page.
  m. (21.09.1725) Anne Phillips (dau of Rev. Ralph Phillips of Killymard)
  (i) James Montgomerie of Bonyglen (b 1726, d 1797, Archdeacon of Raphoe)
  m. Dora Coddington (dau of Nicholas Coddington of Droyhra)
(a) Alexander Montgomerie of Bonyglen (b 1774, cleric)
  m. Mary Stewart (dau of Charles Stewart of Hornhead)
  (ii) Alexander Montgomerie of The Hall, co. Donegal (b 1727, d 1792, Captain)
  m. (19.11.1762) Mary Dalway Allen (dau of James Allen of Castle Dobbs)
(a) Sir Henry Cunningham Montgomerie or Montgomery of The Hall, 1st Bart (d 21.01.1830, MP)
  m. (21.06.1800) Sarah Mercer Grove (d 08.12.1854, dau of Leslie Grove of Grove Hall)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Conyngham Montgomery of The Hall, 2nd Bart (b 10.03.1803, dsp 24.06.1878)
  m. (03.03.1827) Leonora Pigot (d 16.06.1889, dau of General Richard Pigot)
  ((2)) Sir Alexander Leslie Montgomery of The Hall, 3rd Bart (b 15.03.1807, d 13.06.1888, Admiral RN) had issue
  m. (30.06.1840) Caroline Rose Campbell (dau of James Campbell of Hampton Court House)
  ((3)) Hugh Montgomery (b 13.03.1809, d unm 04.06.1852, Major)
  ((4)) Alfred Montgomery (b 13.04.1814, d 05.04.1896, Commissioner of the Inland Revenue) had issue
  m. (13.10.1842) Fanny Charlotte Wyndham (d 27.01.1893, dau of George, 1st Lord Leconfield)
  ((5)) Marian Emily Montgomery (d 09.09.1895)
  m. (10.03.1830) Grantham Munton Yorke (d 02.10.1879, Dean of Worcester, brother of 4th Earl of Hardwicke)
  ((6)) Matilda Montgomery (d 13.06.1894)
  m. (25.01.1846) Hon. Rev. W.T. Law
  ((7)) Isabella Elizabeth Montgomery (d 29.08.1892)
  m. (25.03.1856) Sir Thomas Whichcote, Bart (d 17.01.1892)
  (b) James Montgomery of Sea View, co. Donegal (b 01.03.1771, d 1832) had issue
  m. (01.01.1806) Jemima Glasgow (dau of James Glasgow of Aughadenvarn)
  (c) Martha Montgomerie
  m. (1782) Anthony Coare of Higginstown
  (d) Anne Montgomerie
m. Rev. John Hawkins (d 11.05.1841, son of the Bishop of Raphoe)
  d. Janet Montgomerie
  m. Hugh Thompson of Garscadden
  e. Helen Montgomerie
  m. Ninian Barclay of Warrix
  m2. _ Peebles (probably of the Broomlands family)
  B. John Montgomerie
  m. Margaret Davidson
  i. Hugh Montgomerie
  m. Isabel Duncan
  a. George Montgomerie in Ayr (surgeon)
3. Janet Montgomery
  m. William Barclay of Perceton (Pierston) (d 17.07.1584)

Main source(s): "The Origin and History of the Montgomeries" by B.D. de Montgomery (1948), 'GenealogicalHistory', shown above as "GH" = 'A Genealogical History of The Family of Montgomery' (Thomas Harrison Montgomery, 1863, p117+), BLG1952 ('Molineux-Montgomerie (now Howard) formerly of Garboldisham')
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