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Families covered: Peverell of Bradford Peverell, Peverell of Burdolston (Barlaston), Peverell of Hamatethy, Peverell of Newton Peverell, Peverel of Saundford
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Baronies in Fee' (Banks, vol 1 (1844), p119) provides the following. Provisionbally, even though it shows certainty whereas Maclean's work shows considerable uncertainty, we give precedence to Maclean's work because it was published 29 years after Banks's. Banks starts with ...
Richard Peverel of Saundford, Devon
m. Jane Eloyn
1. James Peverel of Saundford
  m. Mary Cornwall (dau/coheir of Sir Walter Cornwall)
  A. Hugh Peverel of Saundford
  m. Elizabeth Cobham (dau of John Cobham by Amicia, dai/heir of Sir James Boehay)
  i. Sir Thomas Peverel - see alternative ancestry below
  m. Mary Courtenay (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Courtenay by Muriel, dau/coheir of John, Lord Moels)
The following comes from 'Deanery of Trigg Minor' (vol 1, 1873, Sir John Maclean, 'Peverell, Hungerford and Hastings', p382+).
Robert de Peverell (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199) probably father of ...
1. William FitzRobert (a 1250) probably father of ..
  A. Walter Peverell probably father of ..
  m. ?? (dau of John Trevigou?)
  i. Henry Peverell (a 1283, dsp)
  m. Matilda
  ii. (Hugh?) Peverell
  a. Hugh Peverell of Hamatethy, Cornwall (a 1288, 1302)
  (1) James Peverell of Hamatethy (d 1313)
  m. Margaret (m2. Richard Sergeaux?)
(A) Thomas Peverell (b 1307, a 1347)
  (i) Thomas Peverell (b 1330?, a 1349)
  m. Wentheliana (a 1349) probably parents of ..
  (a) Hugh Peverell of Hamatethy (a 1401) probably father of ...
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Peverel of Hamathethy, etc. (d before 1422) - see alternative ancestry above
  m. Mary (or Margaret) Courteney (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Courteney by Muriel, dau/coheir of John, Lord Moels)
  ((A)) Alianor Peverell (b c1382, dsp 1486-7)
  m. (Sir) William Talbot
  ((B)) Catherine Peverell (b c1394 (sb 1384?))
  m. (before 18.09.1402) Sir Walter Hungerford, 1st Lord (d 09.08.1449)
  (B) Johan Peverell
  m. Richard Helygan of Helygan



'Notes and Queries' identifies Hutchins, in his 'History of Dorset', as source of much of the following.
Robert Peverell of Sussex (a 1160) possibly father of ...
1. Robert Peverell of Bradford (a 1199, d 1277) could this be the same Robert as the one shown above??
  A. Andrew Peverell
  'Notes and Queries' reports that "the first named in the pedigree drawn up by Huthcins" was ...
  i. John Peverell of Dorset (a 1273)
  a. Sir John Peverell of Bradford Peverell (a 1310, a 1324)
  m. Isabella
  (1) Richard Peverell of Bradford Peverell (a 1334, 1346)
  'Notes and Queries' jumps from Richard to William of Burdolston (a 1516), stating that he "can add nothing to Hutchins's account" of the intervening generations. Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to find Hutchins's account within the volumes of his works that we have seen. The intervening generations come from a note in www.geni.com, with thanks to JR (see below) for drawing that to our attention.
  m. Margaret
  (A) Richard Peverell of Bradford Peverell
  m. Agnes Ludesford (dau/heir of John Ludesford of Pidie Barlaston)
  (i) William Peverell (a 1384)
  (a) John Peverell (a 1429)
  ((1)) Marianne Peverell
  m. Robert Buller
  ((A)) Robert Buller (dsp)
  (b) Andrew Peverell of Barlaston
  ((1)) William Peverell of Bradford Peverell (b c1430)
((A)) John Peverell (b c1466)
  m. _ Bardolf
((i)) William Peverell of Burdolston & Bradford Peverell (a 1516, d before 1523)
  m. Jane Baskerville (dau of Philip Baskerville of Sherborne, m2. Sir John Gifford of Fountel Gifford)
  ((a)) Jane Peverell
  m1. Nicholas Meggs of Downham
  (((1))) Lawrence Meggs
  'Notes and Queries' reports that Bradford Peverell "was held by his descendants until 1770."
  m2. Roger Churchill of Catherstone
  b. Thomas Peverell of Newton Peverell (d 1305)
(1) Sir Andrew Peverell of Newton Peverell (b c1271, d by 1329)
  m. Alice (d by 1337)
  (A) Sir Andrew Peverell of Newton Peverell (b c1305, d by 1376)
  m. Katherine (d c1378)
  (i) Andrew Peverell (d young?)
  (ii) Lucy Peverell
  m. (Herbert) Fitzherbert
  (iii) Alice Peverell
  'Notes and Queries' reports that "there is reason to suppose" that Alice's daughter Margaret married Sir Oliver Brocas but is not clear who Alice's husband was. The Brocas sources provide the following connection.
  m. Sir Thomas Hever of Apse (son of Sir Ralph of Hever)
  (a) Margaret Hever (d 1363)
  m. Sir Oliver Brocas (dvp 1363)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : as reported above
(2) For lower section : 'Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset' (vol 1 (1890), 'The Peverells of Dorset', p86+ & p102+), with thanks to a contributor (JR, 08.02.21) for bringing that source to our attention (available here)
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