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Families covered: Courtenay of Courtenay, Courtenay of Devon, Courtenay of Okehampton

Athon de Courtenay, Isle de France
1. Joscelin, Seigneur de Courtenay (a 1065)
  m1. Hildegard (dau of Geoffry Feroll, Count of Gastinois)
  A. Hodierne de Courtnay
  m. Jeoofry, Count de Joigny
  m2. Isabell (Elizabeth) de Monthery (dau of Guy de Monthery or Montlhery)
  B. Miles, Sn. de Courtenay (a 1127)
  m. Ermengard de Nevers (dau of Renault, Count de Nevers)
  i. Josceline de Courtenay
ii. Reginald (Renaud) de Courtenay, Sn de Courtenay, later of Sutton (d 27.09.1194)
  There is some confusion/contradiction between this Reginald and his son. Vivian combines them, showing that Reginald m1. Matilda du Donjon (mother of Elizabeth) m2. Hawise d'Abrinces shown as dau of Robert d'Abrinces or Averinces of Okehampton (mother of Robert, Reginald, Henry & Egelina). Provisionally, not least because the dates have led us to suspect that Vivian has missed out a generation, we support those web sites which show as follows.
  m1. Hawise de Donjon (b 1113, dau of Frederic de Donjon, sister of Guy de Donjon)
  a. Elizabeth, heiress of Courtenay (b c1135, d after 14.09.1205) EGHJSY
  m. (after 1150) Pierre I, Sn de Courtenay (b 1126, d 1182) EGHJSY
  b. Sir Renaud (Reginald) de Courtenay (d 27.09.1174) the first mentioned by BP1934 & BE1883
  m. Hawise, lady of Okehampton (d 31.07.1219, dau of William de Curcy)
  (1) Robert de Courtenay of Okehampton (d 26.07.1242)
  m. Mary de Redvers (dau of William de Redvers 'Vernon', Earl of Devon, m2. Peter Prouz)
(A) John de Courtenay of Okehampton (d 1273) generation omitted by BE1883
  m. Isabel de Vere (dau of Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford)
  (i) Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton (d 28.02.1291)
  m. Eleanor Despencer (d 01/11.10.1328, dau of Hugh Despencer)
  (a) Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton, 1st/9th Earl of Devon (b c1275, d 1340)
  We show that Hugh was the 1st Courtenay Earl but also show the numberings used by TCP (Devon) which are given on the basis that the earldom was inherited through Hugh's great-grandmother.
  m. (1292) Agnes St. John d 11.06.1340, (dau of Sir John de St. John of Basing)
  ((1)) John Courtenay of Okehampton (d 1349, abbot of Tavistock)
  ((2)) Hugh Courtenay, 2nd/10th Earl of Devon (b 12.07.1303, d 02.05.1377)
  m. (11.08.1325) Margaret de Bohun (d 16.12.1391, dau of Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex)
  ((3)) Robert de Courtenay of Moreton
BE1883 suggests that Robert d young buy Vivian shows the following.
  m. Elizabeth
  ((A)) Robert de Courtenay
  m. Johanna (d 04.01.1383)
  ((i)) William de Courtenay (b c1378, dsp 1388)
  ((4)) Thomas Courtenay of Wotton, Southpole, Woodheish, etc (d c1363)
  m. Muriel de Moels (b c1322, dau of Sir John de Moels, 4th Lord)
  ((A)) Hugh Courtenay (dsp)
((B)) Margaret (or Mary) Courtenay
  m. Sir Thomas Peverell of Parke, etc
  ((C)) Muriel Courtenay (d before 12.08.1369)
  m. Sir John de Dinham or Dynham, 4th Lord (b by 1318, d 07.01.1382/3)
  ((5)) Eleanor Courtenay TCP (Grey) suggests she may have been a generation earlier
  m. Henry (not John) de Grey, 1st Lord of Codnor (d 1308)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Courtenay (a 04.1364)
  m. (by 1329) Bartholomew, Lord Lisle (d 1345)
  (b) Sir Philip de Courtenay of Moreton (d unm Stirling (Shivelin) 24.06.1314)
  (c) Isabel de Courtenay
  m1. (before 1308) John de St. John of Basing, 1st Lord (b c1273, d 14.05.1329)
  m2. Raynold Paveley
(d) Aveline de Courtenay
  m. Sir John Giffard, 2nd Lord of Brimsfield (b 1287, dsp 1322)
  (e) Egeline de Courtenay
  m. Robert (probably not John) de Scale, Lord
  (f) Margaret de Courtenay
  m. (before 02.1312/3) Nicholas (or John) de Moels, 2nd Lord (dsp before 29.01.1315/6)
  (g)+ other issue (d young) - Robert, John, Alice
  (ii) Ada de Courtenay possibly of this generation
  m.Sir John Giffard of Chillington (d 1329)
  (B) Sir William de Courtenay 'de Musberrie' (dsp)
  m. Joane Basset (dau of Thomas Basset)
  (C) Hawise de Courtenay (d before 08.04.1269)
m1. John de Nevil (d before 18.06.1246)
  m2. Sir John de Gatesden (d before 17.10.1262)
  c. Egelina de Courtenay Y
  m. Gilbert Basset of Hedington (b c1154, d 1207) Y
  m2. Maud, Dame du Sap (dsp 1224, dau of Robert FitzEdith)
  Identified as mother of Anne, possibly illegitimate?, was ...
  p. _ Bollers of Montgomeryshire
  d. Anne de Courtenay probably of this generation
  m. Sir Amyan Champneys
  iii. William de Courtenay, Governor of Montgomery Castle
  m. Matilda (dau of Robert FitzEde, natural son of King Henry I)
  a. William de Courtenay (dsp)
  m. Ada (m2. Theobald de Lascot of Northampton)
  b. Reginald de Courtenay
  c. Robert de Courtenay, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1209, dsp)
  m. Alicia de Romeli
  C.+ other issue - Josecline (Count of Edessa), Jeoffry de Chaplay

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Courtenay', p243+), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Courtenay', p105+), BE1883 ('Courtenay of Devon'), BP1934 ('Devon') with some support for the early generations from 'RoyalData'
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