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Families covered: Neville of Essex, Nevill of Gayhurst/Gotehurst, Nevill of Prestwold, Neville of Wymeswold

Alan de Neville (d 1177-8, judge)
1. Ralph de Neville
  m. _ Rafin (dau of Bertram Rafin son of Gilbert)
  A. Hugh de Neville, Sheriff of Essex & Hertfordhire (d before 21.07.1234)
  BE1883 starts with this Hugh and identifies his wife as Joane dau/coheir of Warine FitzGerald by Alice, dau/heir of William de Courcy, but TCP identifies her as shown below. Note that we show her grandmother Alice de Courcy as married twice, once to Henry de Cornhill then to Warin FizGerold.
  m1. (before 30.04.1200) Joan de Cornhill (dau/heir of Henry de Cornhill, son of Gervase FitzRoger by Alice de Courcy)
i. John de Neville (d before 18.06.1246, Chief Forester & Justice)
  m. Hawise de Courtenay (dau of Sir Robert de Courtenay of Okehampton, m2. Sir John de Gatesden)
  a. Hugh de Neville (dsp before 05.10.1269)
  m. (c08.1254?) Beatrice de Brewes (d before 07.1273, dau of Robert de Brewes by Beatrice, dau of Paul de Teyden)
  b. John de Neville, Constable of the Tower of London (d before 20.05.1282)
  m(2?). Margaret (d by 12.1338,probably dau of ?? son/dau of Hugh Gifford of Boyton (son (sb grandson?) of Elis III) by Sybil, dau of Walter de Cormeilles, Margaret m2. Sir John Giffard of Brimpsfield, Lord Giffard)
  (1) Hugh de Neville, 1st Lord Neville of Essex (b 23.08.1276, d before 27.05.1335)
  m1. (1290?) Eleanor Weyland (dau of Thomas de Weyland, Chief Justice, by Margery)
  (A) John de Neville, 2nd Lord Neville of Essex (b by 1300, dsp 25.07.1358)
  m1. (div 1345) Margaret de la Ward (dau of Robert de la Ward, Lord, by Ida FitzWalter)
  m2. Alice (d 28.05.1394, relict of Thomas de Nerford)
  (B)+ other issue - Hugh, Edmund
  m2. (1309?) Ida FitzWalter (d 07.11.1361, dau of Robert, Lord FitzWalter (by Alianora de Ferrers), widow of Robert de La Ward)
  ii. Joan de Neville shown by various web sites as of this family, of this generation
  m. John de Cobham of Cobham
  iii.+ other issue - Herbert, Agnes
  m2.(by 04.1230) Beatrice de Turnham (d by 12.1245, dau/coheir of Stephen de Turnham, widow of Ralph de Fay, m3. Hugh de Playz)
  B.+ other issue - Roger, Adam, Thomas, William
2. Geoffrey de Neville (d 1225/6, 3rd son?)
  A. John de Neville (d c1253)
  i. Geoffrey de Neville (dsp 1267)
  B. Geoffrey de Neville (d 1249)
  m. Mabel de la Mare
  i. Hugh de Neville (d before 1275)
  a. Geoffrey de Neville (d 1316)
  (1) Philip de Neville (dsp 1345)
  C. Alan de Neville
3.+ other issue - Alan (d 1190?), Thomas, Ives



We have yet to find out how the following (Leicestershire) branch of Nevilles connected to the other Nevilles. They share the page with the above Essex family for our convenience. HoP ("Sir John Neville of Wymeswold") reports that "The Nevilles had held Wymeswold from before Edward I's reign" (1272-1307).
Sir John Neville of Wymeswold, Leicestershire
1. Sir John Neville of Wymeswold (a 1381, 1415, dsp, MP)
2. Sir Henry Neville of Prestwold (Leicestershire), Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (d c1415, MP) the first mentioned by Lipscomb
  m. (by 1383) Joan Gotham (dau/heir of Walter Gotham of Gotham by Maud, sister/coheir of Robert Poultrel of Prestwold)
  A. (Sir) Robert Nevill of Prestwold (d 1426)
  m. Joan Nowers (d 1427, dau/heir of Sir John Nowers 'of Gayhurst/Gotehurst')
  i. John Nevill of Prestwold & Gayhurst (Buckinghamshire) (dsp 1427-8/1433)
  m. Joan
  ii. Robert Nevill of Gayhurst (a 1454, d c1490)
m. Joan (d 30.08.1512)
  a. Robert Nevill of Gayhurst (d 1495) this generation omitted by Banks
  m. Joan (a 1495)
  (1) Michael Nevill of Gayhurst/Gotehurst (d 10.1521)
  m. Joan (d c1558)
  (A) Robert Nevill (d young)
  (B) Nicholas Nevill of Gayhurst/Gotehurst (dsp before 04.1527)
  (C) Francis Nevill of Gayhurst/Gotehurst (b c1518, dsp 1581)
  (D) Mary Nevill (bur 24.02.1609)
  m1. Thomas Mulsho (d before 1581)
  m2. Christopher Slingsby
  iii. Sir Godfrey Neville of Gothurst probably of this generation
  a. Michael Neville of Gothurst
  b. daughter
  Thomas Lovett of Liscombe
  B.+ other issue - Sir Ralph, William (a 1410)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 10.11..08) : TCP (Neville or Nevill of Essex) with a little support from BE1883 (Nevill of Essex)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 02.09.15) : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Nowers, Neville, and Mulsho', p143) with input/support from HoP, VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 4, 'Parishes: Gayhurst"), 'Baronies in Fee' by Sir T.C. Banks, Bart (vol 2, 1843, p106)
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