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Families covered: FitzWarin of Adderbury, FitzWarine of Caundle Haddon, FitzWarin(e) of Whittington, Eyton of (Eyton &) Adderbury
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Reported by BE1883 to have been a member of the House of Lorraine to whom William the Conqueror "committed the defence of the Marches towards Wales", but described by TCP as "the shadowy or mythical Warin, of Metz in Lorrain", was ...
Guarine de Meer, Sheriff of Salop (a 1083)
m. Mallet (dau of William, sister's son of Pain Peverell, lord of Whittington)
1. Fulke FitzWarin of Whittington and Alveston (d 1170-1) in TCP but omitted by BE1883
  A. Sir Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington (a 11.1194, Governor of the Marches)
m. Hawise de Dinan (dau/coheir of Sir Josce de Dinan or Dinant)
  i. Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington & Adderbury (a 10.1250)
  BE1883 omits this Fulk (who is shown by TCP) and shows the Fulke who died after the battle of Lewes as having married twice (Maud Vavasour & Clarice) but does not mention Constance de Tony (identified by TCP). Neither TCP nor BE1883 indicates which wife was mother of his children. Provionally we follow those web sites which show his children as by his first wife ...
m1. Maud le Vavasor (dau of Robert le Vavasor)
  a. Sir Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington (b c1210, d Lewes 14.05.1264)
  m. (c1233) Constance de Tony (b 1215, d c1265, dau of Sir Ralph de Tony of Castle Maud and Flamstead)
  (1) Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington, 1st Lord (b 14.09.1251, d 24.11.1315)
  m. (before 25.02.1276/7) Margaret (dau of Griffith, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn)
(A) Fulke FitzWarine, 2nd Lord (d before 06.06.1336)
  m. Alianore de Beauchamp (dau of Sir John de Beauchamp of Somerset)
  (i) Fulke FitzWarine, 3rd Lord (d 25.07.1349)
  Shown by BE1883 as the 2nd Lord's 2nd wife but by TCP as the 3rd Lord's only wife was ...
m. Joan Beaumont (dau of Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, Earl of Buchan)
  (a) Fulke FitzWarine, 4th Lord (b 02.03.1340/1, d 12.02.1373/4)
  Shown by BE1883 as the 3rd Lord's wife but by TCP as the 4th Lord's was ...
m. Margaret Audley (dau of James Audley, 2nd Lord)
  ((1)) Fulke FitzWarine, 5th Lord (bpt 02.03.1361/2, d 08.08.1391)
  m. Elizabeth Cogan (d 29.10.1397, dau of Sir William Cogan of Bampton)
  ((A)) Fulke FitzWarine, 6th Lord (b 1389, d 31.10.1407)
  m. Anne Botreaux (d 17.10.1420, dau of William, Lord Botreaux)
  ((i)) Fulke FitzWarine, 7th Lord (b 20.01.1405/6, d 21.09.1420)
((ii)) Elizabeth FitzWarine (b 1403, d c1426)
  m. Richard Hankeford (b c21.07.1397, d 08.02.1430/1)
  (ii) William 'Le Frere' FitzWarine of Caundle Haddon, etc. 1st Lord (d 28.10/03.11.1361, Governor of Montgomery Castle)
  TCP reports that "He was, no doubt, a yr. br. of that Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington who died in 1349, but there is no proof."
  m. Amice (or Mary) de Haddon (dau/heir of Sir Henry de Haddon)
  (a) Ivo or John FitzWarine, '2nd Lord' (d 1414) who married ...
m. Maud de Argentine (dau of Sir John de Argentine)
  ((1)) Eleanor FitzWarine
  m1. Sir John Chediock
  m2. Ralph Bushe of Caundle Haddon
  BE1883 identifies Eleanor as the only dau/heiress of Ivo/John. A note on Commoners (vol 1, 'Delafield of Fieldston', p543) specifically challenges that and suggests that the following Joane was the only/elder/eldest daughter.
((2)) Joan FitzWarine
  m. John D'Arcy
  ((A)) Joane D'Arcy (heir)
  m. Sir Thomas de Rochfort
  (B) Hawise FitzWarine (d 02.09.1344) possibly of this generation
  m1. Ralph de Goushill of Goxhill (b c1274, d before 30.08.1294)
  m2. Robert de Hoo (d by 1339)
  (2) Mabel FitzWarine (d before 24.05.1297) probably of this generation HY
  m1. William de Crevequer (son of Hamon de Crevequer by Maud d'Avranches)
  m2. (c1233) John de Tregoz of Ewyas Harold, Lord (d before 06.09.1300) HY
  (3) Elizabeth FitzWarine possibly of this generation
  m. (1253-4) John de la Feld
  Thanks to a contributor (MF, 17.11.10) for bringing the following connections to our attention.
  b. Fulk Glas FitzWarin
  (1) Fulk Glas FitzWarin of Adderbury (aka Alberbury or Abberbury) (a 1324)
(A) Fulk Glas FitzWarin
  (i) Katherine FitzWarin
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Purslowe of Sudbury and Horstow).
  m1. William de Eyton of Eyton near Abberbury/Alberbury/Adderbury
  (a) John de Eyton of Eyton & Adderbury/Abberbury (a 1395)
  m. Alice Marshe (dau/heir of Roger (or Robert) Marshe or March)
  ((1)) William Eyton (dsp)
  ((2)) Eleanor Eyton
  m. (c1390) William Pusselowe of Shrawardine
  ((3)) Joan Eyton
  m. Roger Cleaton
  ((4)) Margery Eyton
m. William Acton of Acton Scott
  (b) Henry de Eyton
  m2. (?) James de la Mare
  c. Hawise FitzWarin
  m. William Pantulph
  d. Joan FitzWarin
  m. Henry de Pembrugge
  m2. Clarice Dauberville
  ii. William FitzWarin of Upton, Sheriff of Worcestershire possibly of this generation
  a. Asceline or Asselm FitzWarin
  m. Thomas de Luttleton or Luttelton (a 1228, judge)
  iii. Eve FitzWarine
  BE1883 mentions that Fulk had a daughter called Eve and then also shows another Eve, a generation later (given that BE1883 omits a generation of Fulks, possibly 2 generations later), "who became the 2nd consort of Llewelyn the great Prince of North Wales". The dates indicate that that Eve was probably the same person as the Eve of this generation.
  p. Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales (b 1173, d 11.04.1240)

Main source(s): TCP (FitzWarin, 2 sections), BE1883 (FitzWarine, 2 sections)
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