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Families covered: Lords of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd, Princes of Gwynedd, Princes of Wales
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Gruffydd ap Cynan, Prince of Gwynedd (b 1055, d 1137)§W§ (F31)
m1. Angharad (d c1162, dau of Owain ap Edwin, Lord Tegaingl)
1. Owain, Prince of Gwynedd ('Owen Gwynedd') (b c1100, d 23.12.1169/70)§W§ (T9)
  m1. Gwladys (dau of Llowarch ap Traheiarn, Lord of Pembroke, sister of Robert)
  A. Iorwerth Drwyndwn ('broken nose') of Dolwyddelan Castle (d c1174)
  m. Margaret (Marared) (dau of Madog ap Meredydd, Prince of Powys)
i. Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales (b 1173, d 11.04.1240)§A
  Griffith shows Llewelyn as married twice, first to Tanglwst (mother of Gruffydd & Gwladus) then to Joan (mother of David, Gwenllion, Helen & Margaret), with one illegitimate child (Tegwared). However, Tangwst (perhaps more commonly spelt Tangwystsl) is more widely identified as his mistress rather than his wife. Wikipedia reports that Llywelyn was survived by 9 children, 2 definitely legitimate (Dafydd & Elen), 1 probably legitimate (Gwladus), and 6 illegitimate. Wikipedia also reports that the mother of some of the illegitimate children is uncertain but Tangwysstl was certainly mother of Gruffydd and probably mother of most of the others. Various sources show Joan as mother of various of the other children but we suspect that this was often 'wishful thinking' to give an additional connection to the Kings of England. The following is an attempt to make the best of this.
  m(1). Gwenllian (dau of Endyfed Vychan, Lord of Brynffenigl)
This marriage is reported by BE1883 (Tudor of Richmond) & 'RoyalData' but we are not convinced that it ever took place.
  m(2). (18.06.1205) Joan (b c1188, d 04.03.1237, natural dau of John, King of England)
  a. Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd (b c1215, d 1246)
  m. Isabel de Braose (dau of William de Braose of Brecknock)
  Griffith (p393) shows this Dafydd as having had a son (Dafydd) who had descendants. Wikipedia seems confident that he had no male issue but notes that he may have had a daughter ...
  (1) Helen (b 1246, d 1295)
  b. Helena of Wales (b c1207, d 1253) HJY
  m1. (1222) John le Scot, Earl of Chester (dsp 1237)
  m2. (1237) Robert de Quincy (d 1257) HJY
  Not sure if daughter of Joan or Tangwystsl was ...
  c. Gwladus Dou ('dark eyed') of Wales (b c1206, d 1251) HJY
  m1. Reginald de Braose (d 06.1228)
  m2. (1230) Ralph de Mortimer, lord of Wigmore (d 1246) HJY
p. Tangwystsl Goch (dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai)
  d. Gruffydd (b c1196, d 1244)
  m1. Ragnhilda of Man
  m2. Senena (dau of Caradoc ap Thomas ap Rhodri, Lord of Anglesey)
  (1) Llywelyn 'the Last', Prince of Wales (d 11.12.1282)
  m. Eleanor de Montfort (b c12.1252, d 1282, dau of Simon de Montfort, 2nd Earl of Leicester)
  (A) Gwenllian (d 1337, nun)
  (B) Catherine, Princess of Wales
  m. Philip ap Ivor, Lord of Iscoed, Cardiganshire
(i) Eleanor Goch H
  m. Thomas, Lord of South Wales (d c1343) H
  (2) Dafydd, lord of Denbigh (d 1283, 3rd son)
  partner unknown identified on Griffith (p178) as "d. of the Earl of Derby, a young widow"
  (A) David Goch of Penmachno
  m. Angharad (dau of Heilin ap Tudor)
  (3) Gwladys
  m. Rhys ap Rhys Mechyll
  (4) Catherine (Catrin) probably of this generation
  m1. Maredudd of Watsay and Ruabon
m2. Iowerth Fychan of Chirck
  m3. Trahaern of Dudleston
  (5)+ other issue - Owain 'the Red', Rhodri
  Probably children by Tangwystsl were ...
  e. Angharad of Wales
  m. Maelgwn or Malgwn Fychan (d 1257)
  (1) Eleanor probably of this generation (mentioned by 'RoyalData') H
  m. Maredudd ap Owain (d 1265) H
f. Margaret (Marared) of Wales (b c1198, a 1263)
  m1. John de Braose 'Tadody', Lord of Bramber and Gower (d 1231-2)
  m2. Walter de Clifford (d 10.1232 / c1264)
  g. Helen of Wales (a 1291) called Susanna by Wikipedia J
  m1. Malcolm, 7th Earl of Fife (d 1266) --
  m2. Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar (d after 25.07.1297) J
  p. Crysten identified in Wikipedia as mother of ...
  h. Tegwared-y-bis Wen (Baiswen)
  m. Angharad (dau of Ednyfed Vychan, m2. Einion ap Gwalchmai)
  p. Eve FitzWarine (dau of Fulke FitzWarine of Whittington) mentioned by BE1883 (Fitz-Warine) as "2nd consort of Llewelyn"
  B. Cadwgan identified as 2nd son by 'ArchCamb' (vol 7, 1876, p20), presumed of this marriage
  i. Tangwystl
  m. Moreidigg (Meridigg), lord of Burton & Llai
C. Maelgwyn
  D. Gwenllian shown by 'RoyalData' as daughter by Christina H
  m. Owain Cyfeilioc, Prince of Higher Powys (d 1197) H
  m2. Christina (dau of Gronw ap Owain ap Edwin, Lord of Engefield/Teaningl, cousin)
  E. Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd (d 1203)
  m. Emma Plantagenet (d before 1214, dau of Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou) called Agnes by Griffith
  i. Owain mentioned by 'RoyalData'
  ii. Gwenllian or Angharad probably of this generation (mentioned by 'RoyalData')
  m. Gruffydd of Nannau
F. Rhodri, Lord of Anglesey and Arfon (d 1195) shown by 'RoyalData' as son by Angharad
  m1. Agnes/Nest (dau of Rhys, Lord of South Wales)
  i. Gruffydd (dsp)
  ii. Thomas, Lord of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd
  This line is supported by BP1934 (Williams-Wynn) & Griffith's Pedigrees (Gwydir, p280).
  m. (after 1188) Margaret or Annes (dau of Einion ap Seisyll, Lord of Merioneth, widow of Owain Brogyntyn of Edeirnion)
  a. Caradoc, Lord of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd
  m. Efa or Eva (dau of Gwyn ap Griffith ap Beli, Lord of Cegidfa)
  (1) Griffith, Lord of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd
  m. Lenki/Lleucu (dau of Llowarch Vaughan ap Llowarch Goch ap Llowarch Holbwrch, Lord of Meriadog)
m2. daughter of Reginald, King of Man
  G. Cadwallon (abbot of Bardsey)
  H. Ievan mentioned by 'RoyalData'
  'RoyalData' shows Ievan as father of Gwenllian who married Hwfa ap Kendrig and had a daughter Angharad who married Kendrig ap Iorwerth of Brynffenigl and was mother of Ednyfed Vychan. However, we believe that that was a confusion with another Hwfa.
  i. Gwenllian
  m. Hwfa ap Cynric
  I. Iago
  J. Angharad of Gwynedd
  m. Gruffydd Maelor, Lord of Bromfield (d 1191)
  K. Margaret of Gwynedd probably of this generation (shown by 'RoyalData' as of this marriage)
  m. Bradwan ap Idnerth, of Brnffenigl
partner(s) unknown
  L. Howel
  M. Conan, lord of Meironydd probably of this generation
  i. Gwenllian
  m. Llowarch ap Bran
2. Cadwallader of Caerdigan (d 1172)
  m. Alice de Clare (dau of Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Hertford) wife of Cadwalader ap Prince Griffth, presumed mother of ...
  A. Richard
  m. Agnes (dau of Rarwedd ap Gwyn) wife of Richard ap Cadwalader ap Griffth ap King Conan (Cynan), presumed mother of ...
i. Adlais apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Tudor of Nant and Llangynhafal
3. Gwenlian of Gwynedd H
  Griffith (and 'RoyalData') shows Gwenlian as married to Gruffydd ap Rhys but, unless it was a different Gwenlian, it seems that she first married ...
  m1. (c1098) Cadwgan, Prince of Powys, Lord of Nannau (d 1111)
  m2. Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Tewdwr, Lord of South Wales (d 1137) H
4. Susanna of Gwynedd HJY
  Griffith shows Susanna as married to Reinalt, King of Man, but adds that "in some books" she is shown as married to Madog ap Meredyth, of Powys. Provisionally, we follow that latter suggestion which is supported by 'RoyalData'.
  m. Madog ap Meredydd, Prince of Powys (d 1160) HJY
5.+ other issue - Cadwallon (d 1132), Morfydd, Mareda, Nest
m2. ?? (dau of Llychiom of Llanbeulan)
9. Elizabeth
  m. Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn, of Yale
10.+ other issue - Rhydderch, Iago
m3. Perisair (sister of Llanwarch ap Bran)
12. Dillin (author, youngest son?)
  A. Thomas
13.+ other issue - Cadwallon, Idwal (Abbot of Penmon)
Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage we are unclear, were ...
15. Gwladys mentioned by 'RoyalData' with implication that Angharad was her mother
  m. (sp) Walter FitzOther, Constable of Windsor Castle
16. Jane mentioned by BLG1952 (Powell of Nant-Eos)
  m. Llowden, Lord of Uchaeron

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (The Kings & Princes of Wales (p309) & Tribe of Owen Gwynedd (p393))
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