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Families covered: Family of Bachwen, Family of Maesog

Tegwared-y-bis Wen (Baiswen) = Tegwared y Bais Wen§W§
m. Angharad (dau of Ednyfed Vychan, m2. Einion ap Gwalchmai)
1. Gruffydd
  A. Meredydd
  i. Howel
  a. Tegwared
  m. Gwenhwyfer (dau of Howel ap Iorwerth Vychan)
(1) Meredydd
  m. Morfydd (dau of Howel ap Gruffydd ap Tudur Vychan)
  (A) John 'of Maesog'
  m. Angharad (dau of John ap Llewelyn ap Ifan)
  (i) Robert of Maesog (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
  m1. Lowry (dau of Gruffydd ap Lewis (ap Llewelyn ap Meredydd), of Plas yn Chwllog)
  (a) Henry Roberts of Bachwen
  m. Margaret (dau of 'Sir' Humphrey ap Richard)
  ((1)) Morris
  ((A)) Robert
  ((i)) William of Glasfryn
((B)) John
  ((i)) John
  ((a)) John Jones
  ((C)) Lowry
  ((D)) Elizabeth
  m. Richard Brampton
  ((2)) Humphrey 'of Bachwen'
  m. Jane (dau of Thomas Williams of Glangwna)
  ((A)) Thomas Humphreys of Bachwen (dsp)
  m. Mary (dau of Dafydd Lloyd of Bodfan, m2. Hugh Johnson, m3. Richard Meredydd)
  ((B)) Ellis (d young)
  ((C)) Mary
  m. _ Balm of London (m2. Gaynor, dau of Thomas Williams of Glangwna)
  ((i)) Robert Balm (sold Bachwen)
(b) Gruffydd
  m. Catherine (dau of Lewis ap Thomas ap Howel ap Rhys)
  (c) Margaret
  m. John ap Humphrey ap Dafydd Lloyd
  (d) Jonet
  m. Humphrey ap Richard
  (e)+ other issue - Morris (b c1562, a 1590, rector of Penmorfa), Hugh, Dafydd, Owen, Cadwaladr, Edmund, Catherine
  m2. Elin (natural dau of Sir John Puleston of Carnarvon)
  (l) John Wynn 'of Maesog' (d 25.05.1594)
  m. Catherine (dau of Thomas Gruffydd ap Jenkin, of Monachdy Gwyn)
  ((1)) Lowry
  m. William Glynne of Leuar (a 1588)
  (m) Richard of Llwyngwnandle
  m. Angharad (dau of Hugh ap Gruffydd ap Meredydd)
  ((1)) Catherine
  m. Evan Gruffydd of Eithinog
((2))+ other issue - Hugh (dsp?), Robert (dsp?), Lowry, Jane
  (n) Rowland
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Edmund ap Howel ap Robert)
  ((1))+ issue - Robert, William, Hugh, Jane
  (o) 'Sir' Morgan
  m. Catherine (dau of Hugh ap Robert)
  ((1)) William
  (p) William
  (q) Jane
  m. Morris ap John ap Dafydd ap Howel ap Einion ap Howel Coetmor
  (r) Annes
  m. Gruffydd ap Robert ap Gruffydd
  (s) Lowry
  m. Hugh ap Robert ap Howel
(ii) Margaret
  m. Robert ap Morris ap Griffith ap Ifan
  (iii) Jonet
  m. William ap Rhys ap Howel ap Ifan ap David
  (iv) Annes
  m. Lewis ap Howel ap Meredydd ap Ifan
  (v) Lowry
  m. John (base son of Sir William Griffith)
(vi) Catherine
  m. John ap Howel Gwyn ap Howel ap Einion ap Howel Coetmor)
2. Tegwared Vychan
  m. Eva (dau of Madog ap Meredydd ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn)
  A. Howel
  m. Tanglwst (dau of Cynfrig ap Robert, of Pengele)
i. Llewelyn Moel
  m. Gwladys (dau of Bleddyn Vychan ap Bleddyn)
  a. Hwlkin
  m. Eva (dau of Gruffydd ap Madog Gloddaeth)
  (1) Llewelyn
  m. Mallt (dau of Llewelyn ap Ieuan ap Tudur Lloyd ap Howel ap Tudur ap Madog ap Iarddur)
  (A) Ifan (Ieuan or Evan)
  m. Margaret (dau/heir of Gruffydd ap Dafydd ap Howel ap Gruffydd Vychan ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Caswallon ap Howel ap Owen Gwynedd)
  (B) Mathe
  (i) Annes
  m. William Owen of Penmynydd (a 1509)
b. Gwenhwyfer
  m. Dafydd Goch ap Gruffydd, of Trefeilir
  ii. Iorwerth
  m. Mali (dau of Tudur ap Howel, of Llechwedd ucha)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Pedigree of (Sheriff) Madog Llwyd (p55) & Plas (p85)). We believe that the connection must be wrong given that it appears that Sheriff Madog Llwyd lived at the beginning of the 14th century which makes it look as though far too many generations are shown. [Tegwared y Bais Wen, shown at the top of the page, was probably born around the beginning of the 13th century.]
  a. Tudur
  m. Annes (dau of Rhys ap Ifan ap Dafydd, from Hwfa ap Cynddelw)
  (1) Grono
  m. Ales (dau of Ifan ap Tudur ap Madog, from Iarddur)
  (A) Thomas
  m. Arddun (dau of Rhys ap Meredydd ap Tudur, from Llowarch ap Bran)
  (i) Madog Llwyd, Sheriff of Anglesey (a 1309)
  m. Eva (dau/heir of Madog ap Adda, of Tindaetwy, from Madog Gloddaeth)
3. Angharad
  m. Griffith ap Howel ap Meredydd

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Tribe of Tegwared y Baes Wen (p397) & Maesog & Bachwen (p209)) with input as reported above
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