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Families covered: Vavasour (Vavasor) of Hazlewood (Haslewood)

Henry Vavasour of Hazlewood (b c1456, d c31.10.1515)
m. Elizabeth Everingham (dau of Sir John Everingham)
1. John Vavasour of Hazlewood (d 11.08.1524)
  m. Anne or Katherine Scrope (dau of Henry le Scrope, 6th Lord of Bolton)
  A. Sir William Vavasour of Hazlewood (b 20.11.1514, d 09.05.1566)
m. Elizabeth Cavalay (dau of (Sir) Anthony Cavalay 'of London')
  i. John Vavasour of Hazlewood (b 1538, dsp 1609)
  m. Eleanor Fairfax (dau of Sir Nicholas Fairfax)
ii Ralph Vavasour of Hazlewood (d before 05.1611)
  m1. Ursula Fairfax (dau of Sir William Fairfax)
  FMG (Continuation, p154) identifies Ralph's 2nd wife as Elizabeth West, dau of Leonard West of Burghwallis. Provisionally we follow TCP in identifying her as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Peck (dau of Richard Peck)
  a. William Vavasour of Hazlewood (b 1569, d before 1628) named Walter by FMG but William by TCP & TCB
  m. Anne Manners (dau of Sir Thomas Manners)
(1) Sir Thomas Vavasour, 1st Bart of Hazlewood (d before 03.1635/6) the first (on this page) mentioned by BP1870
  m. Ursula Giffard (dau of Walter Giffard of Chillington)
  (A) Sir Walter Vavasour, 2nd Bart of Hazlewood (b c1613, a 08.1666)
  m. Ursula Belasyse (dau of Thomas Belasyse, 1st Viscount Fauconberg)
  (i) Sir Walter Vavasour, 3rd Bart of Hazlewood (b c1644, dsp 16.02.1712-3, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Crossland (dau of Sir Jordan Crossland)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (d infant), Henry (d infant), John (b c1613, dsp?), Ursula (d infant)
  (B) Peter Vavasour of York (5th son)
m. Elizabeth Langdale (dau of Philip Langdale of Langthorpe)
  (i) Sir Walter Vavasour, 4th Bart of Hazlewood (b c1660, d unm 05.1740)
  (ii) Peter Vavasour
  (a) Sir Walter Vavasour, 5th Bart of Hazlewood (d 13.04.1766)
  m1. Elizabeth Vavasor (dau of Peter Vavasor of Willitoft)
  ((1)) daughter (d young)
  m2. Dorothy Langdale (dau of Marmaduke Langdale, 4th Lord)
  ((2)) Sir Walter Vavasour, 6th Bart of Hazlewood (dsp 03.11.1802)
  m. (1797) Jane Langdale (dau of William Langdale of Langthorpe)
Because of the Langdale connection, certain estates passed into the Stourton family, a line of which assumed the name Vavasour and became Baronets of Hazlewood, that being a new creation.
  ((3)) Sir Thomas Vavasour, 7th Bart of Hazlewood (d unm 20.01.1826)
  ((4)) Peter Vavasour (dsp 1818)
  m. the Countess de Paisburg
  (iii) Jane Vavasour apparently of this generation
  m. John Young
(C) Frances Vavasour
  m. Alphonso Thwenge of Kilton Castle
  (D)+ other issue - William (d unm, Major), Thomas (d Marston Moor 1644), John (d unm), Anne Mary (d 24.12.1631, nun)
  (2) Jane Vavasour
  m. Raphe Hansby of Tickhill
  (3) Frances Vavasour
  m1. Philip Doleman of Leade
  m2. James Lawson of Neesam
  (4)+ other issue (all d unm?) - Henry, John, Francis (friar), George, Theodosia, Bridget, Anne, Mary (nun), Margaret (nun)
  b. Frances Vavasour
  m. Francis Percy (not Hercy) of Scotton
  iii Mary Vavasour probably of this generation
  m. William Plumpton of Plumpton (b 17.01.1543-4, d 13.01.1601/2)
  iv. Catharine Vavasour probably of this generation
  m. Richard Peck of Wakefield (a 1585, 1619)
2. Jane Vavasour probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Oglethorpe of Beale
3. Margaret Vavasour possibly of this generation
  m. Anthony Ardes of Sherrington

Main source(s): BP1870 (Vavasour of Hazlewood), TCP (Vavasour), BEB1844 (Vavasor of Haslewood) with some support/input from Visitation (Surtees Society 1869, Yorkshire, Dugdale 1664-6, Vavasour of Haslewood)
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