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Families covered: Manners of Etal, Manners of Haddon Hall, Manners of Rutland

Sir Robert de Manners of Ethale
1. Sir Robert de Manners of Etal (d 1355)
  m. Joane Strother (dau of Sir Henry Strother of Newton Glendall)
  A. Sir John Manners of Etal
  m. Alice (widow of William Whytchestre of Whitchester)
i. Sir John Manners of Etal, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 06.09.1438)
  m. Anne Middleton (dau of Sir John Middleton)
a. Sir Robert Manners of Etal (a 1450)
  m. Joane Ogle (dau of Sir Robert Ogle)
  (1) Sir Robert Manners of Etal, Sheriff of Northumberland (d c1485, MP) the first mentioned by Baker
  m. Eleanor Ros (d 13.10.1508, dau of Thomas de Ros, 10th Lord of Hamlake, etc)
  (A) Sir George Manners of Belvoir, etc, 12th Lord Ros (d 23/27.10.1513)
  m. Anne St. Leger (d 21.04.1526, dau of Sir Thomas St. Leger)
  (i) Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland (d 20.09.1543)
  m1. (21.02.1512-3, sp) Elizabeth Lovel (dau of Sir Robert Lovel, niece of Sir Thomas who m. Isabel Ros)
m2. Eleanor Paston (d 1550, dau of Sir William Paston of Paston)
  (a) Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland (d 17.09.1563)
  m1. (03.07.1536) Margaret Nevill (dau of Ralph Nevill, 4th Earl of Westmorland)
  ((1)) Edward Manners, 3rd Earl of Rutland (d 14.04.1587)
  m. (06.06.1573) Isabel Holcroft (d 16.01.1605-6, dau of Sir Thomas Holcroft of Vale Royal Abbey)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Manners, Baroness de Ros (d 19.05.1591)
  m. (1589) Sir William Cecil, 'Lord Burleigh', 2nd Earl of Exeter (b 1566, d 06.07.1640)
  ((2)) John Manners, 4th Earl of Rutland (d 24.02.1588)
  m. Elizabeth Charlton (d 03.1594, dau of Francis Charlton of Apley Castle)
((A)) Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland (b 06.10.1576, dsp 26.06.1612)
  m. (05.03.1598-9) Elizabeth Sidney (d 08.1612, dau of Sir Philip Sidney)
  ((B)) Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland (b 1578, d 17.12.1632)
  m1. (06.05.1602) Frances Knyvett (dau of Sir Henry Knyvett of Charleton)
  ((i)) Katharine Manners, Baroness de Ros (d 10.1649)
  m1. (16.05.1620) George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (b 28.08.1592, d 23.08.1628)
  m2. (04.1635) Randal McDonell, 2nd Earl of Antrim
  m2. (26.10.1608) Cecily Tufton (bur 11.09.1653, dau of Sir James Tufton of Hothfield)
  ((ii)) Henry Manners, Lord Roos (d young)
((iii)) Francis Manners, Lord Roos (d young 05.03.1619-20)
  ((C)) George Manners, 7th Earl of Rutland (b 1580, dsp 29.03.1641)
  m. (03.03.1605) Frances Cary (dau of Sir Edward Cary of Berkhamstead)
  ((D)) Sir Oliver Manners (a 04.1608)
  ((E)) Bridget Manners
  m. Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
((F)) Frances Manners
  m. William Willoughby, 3rd Lord of Parham (d 1617)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Manners
  m. (18.01.1572-3) Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle (b 1543, d 24.06.1630)
  m2. Bridget Hussey (dau of John, Lord Hussey)
  (b) Sir John Manners of Haddon Hall (d 04.06.1611)
  m. Dorothy Vernon (d 24.06.1584, dau of Sir George Vernon of Haddon)
  ((1)) Sir George Manners of Haddon Hall (d 23.04.1623)
  m. (01.08.1593) Grace Pierpont (dau of Sir Henry Pierpont)
((A)) John Manners, 8th Earl of Rutland (b 10.06.1604, d 29.09.1679)
  m. (1628) Frances Montagu (d 19.05.1671, dau of Edward Montagu, 1st Lord of Boughton)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Manners
  m. (1616) Robert Sutton of Aram, Lord Lexington
  ((C)) Eleanor Manners (d 23.10.1679)
  m. (1622) Lewis Watson, 1st Lord Rockingham (b 1584, d 1652)
  ((D)) Frances Manners (d 1652)
  m. Nicholas Saunderson, Viscount Castleton (d 13.11.1640)
((E)) Dorothy Manners
  m. Sir Thomas Lake of Canons
  ((F)) Mary Manners
  m. Sir Sackville Crow
  ((2)) Grace Manners
  m. Sir Francis Fortescue of Salden (d 1623)
  (c) Roger Manners of Uffington (d 1607)
  (d) Sir Thomas Manners of Heminburg, Yorkshire (d 06.1591)
  m. Theodosia Newton (dau of Sir Thomas Newton)
  ((1)) Charles Manners
((2)) Anne Manners
  m. William Vavasour of Haselwood
  ((3)) Eleanor Manners
  m. Thomas Poutrall of West Halham
  (e) Oliver Manners (b c1543, dsp 1563)
  (f) Gertrude Manners (d 01.1566-7)
  m. George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl Marshal (b 1528, d 18.11.1590)
  (g) Anne Manners
  m. Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland (d 1563)
  (h) Frances Manners (d 10.02.1576-7)
m. Henry Nevill, 6th Lord Bergavenny (d 10.02.1586-7)
  (i) Katherine Manners (d 09.03.1572)
  m. Sir Henry Capell of Raines
  (j) Elizabeth Manners (d 08.08.1570)
  m. Sir John Savage of Clifton and Rock Savage (d 05.12.1597)
(ii) Sir Richard Manners (d 1551, 4th/5th son)
  m. Margaret Dymoke (d 1550, dau of Sir Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby, widow of Sir William Coffyn)
  (a) John Manners
  (iii) Anne Manners
  m. Sir Henry Capel of Raines
  (iv) Eleanor Manners
  m. John Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Bath (d 1560)
  (v) Elizabeth Manners
  m. (before 1513) Thomas Sandys, Lord of the Vine
(vi) Catherine Manners
  m. Sir Robert Constable of Everingham
  (vii) Margaret Manners
  m1. Sir Henry Strangways of Melbury
  m2. (sp) Robert Heneage of Lincoln (d 27.07.1536)
  (viii)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Sir Olive (dsp)r, Anthon (dsp)y, John (dsp), Cicely (d unm)
  (B) Edward Manners
  (C) Elizabeth Manners
  m. Sir William Fairfax of Steeton Castle (d 1535)
  (D) Dorothy Manners
  m. Thomas Fairfax (son of Sir William)
  (E) Cicely Manners
  m. Thomas Fairfax (brother of Sir William)
  (2) Gilbert Manners possibly of this generation
  partner unknown
  (A) Euphemia Manners
  m. Raufe Bradford of Bradford & Berwick
  b. John Manners (d 06.1492)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert of Bassington, Gilbert

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Rutland') with support from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Peverel of Brunne, co. Camb.; Harcourt, Trusbut, Ros or Roos of Hamlake, co. York; and Manners Earl (now Duke) of Rutland', p269+)
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