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Families covered: Sandes of Colderton, Sandys of Sherborne Coudray, Sandys of The Vyne (Vine)
[On 10.09.05 the family of Sandys of Latimer, previously shown in a lower section on this page, was moved to Sandys4.]

Sir John Sandes or Sandys of Cholderton & Sherborne Cowdray or Coudray, Sherriff of Hampshire (d 1395)
m. Johanna (cousin/heir of Sir William Fylhide of Sherborne Cowdray)
The first few generations of this page come mainly from 'Combined Pedigree of Fyfhide, Sandes, and Brocas' from 'The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court' by Montagu Burrows (1886). Johanna is shown as daughter of Agnes, sister of William Fyfhide of Sherborne Cowdray (d 1361), father of Sir William (dsp 1386-7). TCP (Sandys of the Vyne) confirms the inheritance route of Sherborne Coudray, which later became known as The Vyne, and reports that, on the death of Bernard Brocas (son of the below-mentioned Joan & William), Sherborne as "a result of an arrangement made in 1474" passed to Sir William Sandys (who d 1496).
1. Sir Walter Sandes or Sandys of Cholderton & Sherborne Coudray, Sherriff of Hampshire (a 1414)
m. Agnes (d 1425-6)
  A. Thomas Sandes (b c1404, d 1439-40)
  m1. Agnes Warner (dau/heir of Thomas Warner)
  m2. Sibilla (d 1445-6) not clear but possibly wife of ...
  i. Sir William Sandys of The Vyne (d 26.10.1496)
Burrows shows William (b c1438, d 1492-3) as married to Edith, dau of Lord Stourton. BE1883 & TCP both identify his wife as a daughter of Sir John Cheney of Shurland, BE1883 naming her Elizabeth. TCP names her Margaret but admits that its early editions did name her Elizabeth. Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, Cheyney of Toddington) names her Edith (Cheyney).
  m. Margaret (or Elizabeth or Edith) Cheney (dau of Sir John Cheney of Shurland)
  a. John Sandys (dvp)
  b. William Sandys, Sheriff of Hampshire, 1st Lord Sandys of The Vyne (b c1470, d 12.1540)
  m. (before 26.10.1496) Margery Bray (d 03.1538/9, dau of John Bray)
  (1) Thomas Sandys, 2nd Lord Sandys of The Vyne (d before 06.02.1559/60)
  m. (before 1513) Elizabeth Manners (dau of George Manners, 12th Lord Ros)
(A) Henry Sandys (dvp c1555)
  m. Elizabeth Windsor (d 1572, dau of William Windsor of Bradenham, 2nd Lord)
  (i) William Sandys, 3rd Lord of The Vyne (d 29.09.1623)
  BE1883 reports William's first 2 marriages the other way around, not mentioning his 3rd marriage but agreeing that Katharine was mother of Elizabeth and Christian was mother of William. We follow TCP.
  m1. (by 1573) Katharine Brydges (dau of Edmund Brydges, 2nd Lord Chandos of Sudeley)
  (a) Elizabeth Sandys, de jure 5th Baroness Sandys (d before 1650)
  m. (02.06.1586) Sir Edwin Sandys of Latimer (d 1608)
  Their senior grandson became 6th Lord of The Vyne.
  m2. (before 08.12.1597) Christian Annesley (d 1605, dau of Bryan Annesley of Lee)
  (b) William Sandys, 4th Lord of The Vyne (dsp 12.11.1629)
  m. Alathea Panton (d 22.05.1679, dau of John Panton of Brynnelkib)
  m3. Anna Baker (a 1635, dau of Sir Richard Baker of Sissinghurst)
(ii) Thomas Sandys
  (iii) Margery Sandys
  m. Henry Carey of Hamworthy
  (B) Sir Walter Sandys
  (C) Margery Sandys probably of this generation
  m. William Holcroft of Lancashire
  ((i) Elizabeth Holcroft
  m. Robert Lowther (bur 09.01.1655, alderman of London)
  (2) Mary Sandys
  m1. Sir William Pelham
m2. John Palmer of Augmering
  (3) Alice Sandys
  m. Sir Walter Hungerford, Lord of Heytesbury (d 28.07.1541)
  (4) Elizabeth Sandys
  m. Sir Humphrey Forster of Aldermanston
(5) Margaret Sandys
  m. Sir Thomas Essex of Lambourne
  (6)+ other issue - Reginald (d unm, priest), John (d unm, priest)
  c. Edith Sandys (d 22.08.1529)
  m1. Ralph Nevill, younger of Westmorland (dvp 1498)
  m2. (1499/1500) Thomas Darcy, Lord of Temple Hurst (b c1467, d 30.06.1537/8)
  B. Johanna Sandes
  m1. William Brocas of Beaurepaire (m1. Sibilla)
  m2. Sir Thomas Skelton mentioned in VCH (Hampshire, vol 4. Parishes: Sherborne St. John)
  C. Emmeline Sandes
  m1. _ Grewend of Bedington
  m2. Bernard Brocas

Main source(s): BE1883 (Sandys of the Vine), TCP (Sandys of the Vyne) with some input (for the early generations) as reported above
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