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Families covered: Brydges of Chandos, Brydges (Egerton-Brydges) of Denton Court, Brydges (Egerton-Brydges) of Lee Priory, Brydges of Sudeley, Brydges of Wilton Castle, Brydges of Wootton

Sir John Bruges or Brydges, 1st Lord Chandos of Sudeley (b 09.03.1491/2, d 12/.04.1557)
m. Elizabeth Grey (d 29.12.1559, dau of Edmund Grey, Lord Grey of Wilton)
1. Edmund Brydges, 2nd Lord Chandos of Sudeley (b before 1522, d 11.03.1572/3)
  m. (c1548) Dorothy Bray (b c1530, d 31.10.1605, dau of Edmund Bray, 1st Lord)
  A. Giles Brydges, 3rd Lord Chandos of Sudeley (b c1548, d 21.02.1593/4)
  m. (before 09.1573) Frances Clinton (d 12.09.1623, dau of Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln)
  i. Elizabeth Brydges (b c1578, dsp 10.1617)
  m. (1603) Sir John Kennedy
ii. Catherine Brydges (b c1580, d 29.01.1656/7)
  m. (26.02.1608) Francis Russell, 2nd Lord of Thornhaugh, 4th Earl of Bedford (b 1593, d 09.05.1641)
  B. William Brydges, 4th Lord Chandos of Sudeley (d 18.11.1602)
  m. Mary Hopton (bur 23.10.1624, dau of Sir Owen Hopton)
  i. Grey Brydges, 5th Lord Chandos of Sudeley (b before 1581, d 10.08.1621)
  m. (28.02.1607/8) Anne Stanley (b 1580, bur 11.10.1647, dau of Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby)
  a. George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos of Sudeley (b 09.08.1620, d 02.1654/5)
  m1. (14.12.1637) Susan Montagu (bur 20.04.1652, dau of Henry Montagu, 1st Earl of Manchester)
(1) Margaret Brydges (b 1651, d 01.01.1741-2)
  m1. William Brownlow of Humby and Snarford (b 1638, d by 04.1675)
  m2. Sir Thomas Skipwith, 2nd Bart of Matheringham (d 06.1710)
  (2) Elizabeth Brydges (bpt 25.03.1651, dsp 03.02.1717/8)
  m1. Edward Herbert, 3rd Lord of Chirbury (dsp 09.12.1678)
  m2. William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin, Governor of Jamaica (d 01.1691-2)
  m3. (08.1694, div) Charles Howard, 4th Lord of Escrick (dspl 1715)
  m2. (17.01.1652/3) Jane Savage (d 06.06.1676, dau of John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers)
  (4) Lucy Brydges
m. Adam Loftus, Viscount Lisburne (d 1690)
  (5) Catherine Brydges (dsp 24.08.1682) who apparently married ...
  m. (14.10.1681) Sir Richard Parsons, 1st Viscount Rosse (b c1656, d 30.01.1702-3)
  (6) daughter (d unm)
  b. William Brydges, 7th Lord Chandos of Sudeley (bur 22.08.1676)
  m. Susan Kerr or Carr (dau of Garret Keire of London)
  (1)+ 3 daughters - Mary, Frances, Rebecca
  c. Elizabeth Brydges (bur 16.03.1678/9)
  m. James Touchet, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven, 13th Lord (b c1617, dsp 11.10.1684)
d. daughter
  m. _ Torteson
  ii. Giles Brydges (dsp)
  iii. Frances Brydges
  m1. Sir Thomas Smith of Parsons Green (d 18.11.1609)
  m2. (1610) Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter
  iv. daughter
  m. Sir Thomas Turvile
  v. Beatrice Brydges
  m. Sir Henry Poole of Saperton
  C. Katharine Brydges (d before 12.1597)
  m. (by 1573) William Sandys, 3rd Lord of The Vyne (d 29.09.1623)
D. Eleanor Brydges
  m. (after 1572) George Giffard
2. Charles Brydges of Wilton Castle, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 1619)
  m. Jane Carne (dau of Sir Edward Carne of Ewenny or Wenny)
A. Sir Giles Brydges, 1st Bart of Wilton Castle (a 05.1627)
  m. Mary Scudamore (dau of Sir James Scudamore)
  i. Sir John Brydges, 2nd Bart of Wilton Castle (d 21.02.1651/2)
  m. Mary Pearle (dau/her of John (James) Pearle of Dewsal and Aconbury)
  a. Sir James Brydges, 3rd Bart of Wilton Castle, Sheriff of Herefordshire, 8th Lord Chandos (b 09.1642, d 16.10.1714)
  m. (before 1673) Elizabeth Barnard (d 26.05.1719, dau of Sir Henry Barnard of London and Bridgnorth)
(1) James Brydges, Marquess of Carnarvon, 1st Duke of Chandos (b 06.01.1673/4, d 09.08.1744)
  m1. (27.02.1695/6) Mary Lake (bpt 18.07.1668, d 15.12.1712, dau of Sir Thomas Lake of Canons)
  (A) John Brydges, 'Marquess of Carnarvon' (b 1703, dvp 08.04.1727, 4th son)
  m. (01/11.09.1724) Catherine Tollemache (d 17.01.1754, dau of Lionel Tollemache, Earl of Dysart)
  (i) Catherine Brydges (b 17.12.1725)
  m1. William Berkeley Lyon
  m2. (09.08.1753) Edward Francis Stanhope of Stanwell House (b 1720, d 16.05.1807)
(ii) Jane Brydges (b 27.07.1727, dsp)
  m. James Brydges of Pinner
  (B) Henry Brydges, 2nd Duke of Chandos (bpt 01.02.1708, d 28.11.1771, 6th son)
  m1. (21.12.1728) Mary Bruce (b c1700, d 14.08.1738, dau of Charles Bruce, 3rd Earl of Ailesbury)
  (i) James Brydges, 3rd Duke of Chandos (b 16.12.1731, d 29.09.1789)
  m1. (22.03.1753) Margaret Nicol (dsp 14.08.1768, dau of John Nicol of Minchenden House)
  m2. (21.06.1777) Anne Eliza Gamon (d 20.01.1813, dau of John Gamon of Datchworthbury)
  (a) Anne Eliza Brydges (d 15.05.1836)
m. (16.04.1796) Richard Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Chandos (b 20.03.1776, d 15.05.1836)
  (ii) Caroline Brydges
  m. (10.03.1755) James Leigh of Adlestrop and Longborough (bpt 07.07.1724, d 31.03.1774)
  m2. (25.12.1744) Anne Wells (dau of John Wells, m1. _ Jefferies)
  (iii) Augusta Anne Brydges
  m. Henry John Kearney
  m3. (28.07.1767) Elizabeth Major (dau of Sir John Major, Bart of Worlingworth Hall)
  (C)+ other issue (d young) - James, Thomas, Lancelot, Charles, Mary, Rebecca
  m2. (04.08.1713) Cassandra Willoughby (d 16.07.1735, dau of Francis Willoughby of Wollaton)
  m3. (18.04.1736) Lydia Catherine Van Hatten (dau of John Van Hatten)
(2) Henry Brydges (b 1674-5, d 09.05.1728, archdeacon and prebendary of Rochester)
  m. (07.06.1705) Annabella Atkyns (dau of Henry Atkyns, son of Sir Robert (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer))
  (A) Robert Brydges (dsp 1779)
  (B) James Brydges of Pinner (dsp 1789)
  m. Jane (dau of John, Marquess of Carnarvon)
  (C) Elizabeth Louisa Brydges (d 1740)
  m1. Sir Robert Walter, Bart of Saresden (b 29.08.1680, dsp 20.11.1731)
  m2. John Barneval
  (D) Annabella Brydges
  m. _ Inwood of Stanmore (Colonel)
  (E) Mary Brydges
  m. Simon Whorwood Adeane of Chalgrove
(F) Henrietta Brydges
  m. Rev. John Kearney
  (G) Catherine Brydges
  m. Lindley Simpson
  (3) Francis Brydges (b 1677-8, dsp 25.09.1714)
  m. Sarah Western
  (4) Mary Brydges (d 13.06.1703)
  m. (28.11.1689) Theophilus Leigh of Adlestrop (d 10.02.1724-5)
(5) Elizabeth Brydges
  m1. (26.12.1691) Alexander Jacob
  m2. Thomas Dawson (vicar of Windsor)
  (6) Emma Brydges (d 06.1738)
  m. (26.05.1692) Edmund Chamberlayne of Maugersbury House
  (7) Anne Brydges
  m. Charles Walcot of Walcot (b 1660, d 17.06.1726)
  (8) Catherine Brydges
  m1. (02.05.1700) Brereton Bourchier of Barnsley Court
  m2. Henry Perrot of North Leigh
  (9)+ other issue - 14 children (d infant)
B. Tristram Brydges
  C. Thomas Brydges (d 1652)
  i.+ issue - Deborah, Catherine
  D. Catherine Brydges (bur 02.08.1641) probably of this generation
  m1. (04.02.1606) Rev. Peter Cocks of Bishop's Cleeve
m2. (1613) Rev. Timothy Gates of Cleve
3. Anthony Brydges (4th son) had issue
  m. Catherine Fortescue (dau of Henry Fortescue of Faulkbourn Hall)
  The following comes from a note in TCP (Chandos) which considers a claim for the Chandos barony - see section below.
  A. Robert Bridges of Maidstone (dspm 1636) see ## just below
  i. Ann Bridges
  m. _ Jackson
  B. Catherine Brydges probably of this generation
  Sir John Astley of Maidstone
4. Catherine Brydges (bur 28.04.1566)
  m. (1556) Edward Sutton, 4th Lord of Dudley (bur 12.08.1586)
5. Elizabeth Brydges
  m. John Tracy of Todington
6. Frances (probably not Mary) Brydges
  m. George Throckmorton (son of Sir George of Coughton)
7. Mary Brydges probably of this generation
  m. Sir George Cornewall of Berington
8.+ other issue - Richard, Henry, Giles, Stephen



The following comes from a note in TCP (vol III, Chandos, p133) which reports on the claim by Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges for the barony of Chandos. Sir Samuel claimed that the undermentioned Edward Bridges was bpt in Maidstone on 25.03.1603, being son of Robert of Maidsone (## just above). However, G.F. Beltz (Lancaster Herald) showed that:
- according to the will of his daughter Ann, Robert of Maidstone dspm;
- the insertion of the baptism record in Maidstone was "a modern [and doubtless fraudulent] insertion"; and that
- the following shows Edward's father and correct baptism date.
This is reported in some detail partly because of its general interest but mainly because Sir Samuel Egerton-Brydges was the well-known genealogist who (inter alia) edited & revised Collins's Peerage of England.
John Bridges of Harbledown (d 1646)
1. Edward Bridges of Faversham (bpt 1606, a 1665)
  m. Catherine Sharp (dau of John Sharp of Faversham)
A. John Bridges of Canterbury, Kent (d 1699, grocer)
  m. Mary Young (dau of Thomas Young of Canterbury)
  i. John Brydges of Wootton, Kent (b 1680, d 07.1712)
m. (1704) Jane Gibbon (dau/heir of Edward Gibbon of Wootton or Westcliffe by Martha, dau of Sir John Roberts)
  a. John Brydges of Wootton Court (b 1710, d unm 04.1780)
  b. Edward Brydges of Wootton Court (b 01.1712, d 11.1780, 3rd son?)
  The following is supported by CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p492).
  m. (03.1747) Jemima Egerton (b c1727, d 12.1809, dau/coheir of Rev. William Egerton son of Thomas of Tatton Park son of John, 2nd Earl of Bridgewater)
  (1) Rev. Edward Tymewell Brydges (b 1749, dsp(s) 10.1807)
m. Caroline Fairfield (dau of Richard Fairfield of Streatham)
  (2) Sir Samuel Brydges, later Egerton-Brydges of Denton Court & Lee Priory (Kent), 1st Bart (b 30.11.1762, d 08.09.1837, genealogist)
  m1. (01.01.1786) Elizabeth Byrche (d 07.1796, dau/heir of Rev. William Dejovas Byrche by Elizabeth, sister of Thomas Barrett of Lee Priory)
  (A) Thomas Brydges, later Barrett-Brydges of Lee Priory (b 20.06.1789, dvp unm 01.06.1834)
(B) Sir John William Brydges, later Egerton-Barrett-Brydges of Denton Court, 2nd Bart (b 11.1792, d unm)
  (C) Elizabeth Jemima Brydges (d 24.06.1822)
  m. (10.07.1817) George Holmes (Lt. Colonel)
  (D) Jemima Anne Brydges (d 24.06.1822)
  m. (04.02.1817) Edward Quillinan
  (E) Charlotte Katherine Brydges
  m. (11.1820) Frederick Dashwood Swann (Captain)
  m2. Mary Robinson (d 27.11.1844, dau of Rev. William Robinson, brother of Matthew, 2nd Lord Rokeby)
  (F) Mary Jane Brydges
m. (28.08.1827) George Todd (Captain)
  (G)+ other issue - Grey Matthew (b 10.1797, dsp 02.1812, RN), Anne Mary, Egerton Anthony (b 01.1802, dsp, rector of Denton), Anthony Rokeby (b 1803, dsp), Ferdinand Stanley Head (b 1804, dsp), Ellen, Frances Isabella, Jane Grey
  (3) Sir John William Head Brydges (b 07.1764, d 06.09.1839, Captain of Sandgate Castle) had issue
  m. (14.04.1812) Isabella Anne Beresford (dau of George, 1st Marquess of Waterford)
  (4) Anne Brydges (d 16.12.1804)
  m. (28.12.1778) Rev. (Isaac Peter) George Lefroy (b 1745, d 1806)
  (5) Deborah Jemima Brydges (d 03.1789)
  m. Henry Maxwell of Ewshot House (d 07.1818)
  (6) Charlotte Brydges
  m1. Champion Branfill of Upminster Hall (d 10.1792)
  m2. (sp) John Harrison of Dennehill (d 08.1818)
  (7)+ other issue (d unm) - Jane (d 1788), Jemima (d 1819)
  c. Deborah Brydges
  m. Edward Tymewell

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(1) For upper section : BE1883 (Brydges of Chandos), TCP (Chandos), Collins (1741, Brydges, Duke of Chandos)
(2) For lower section (added 08.12.09) : TCP (Chandos), DBART1820 (Collen 1840, Brydges of Denton Court, p81)
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