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Families covered: Cornewall of Berington, Cornewall of Bredwardine Castle, Cornewall of Moccas
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Sir Rowland (or Richard) Cornewall of Berington, Herefordshire
1. Sir Richard Cornewall of Berington
  m. Jane Milbourne (dau of Simon Milbourne of Tillington)
A. Sir George Cornewall of Berington, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d before 08.10.1562)
  m. Mary Bruges (dau of John Bruges, Lord Chandos, sister of Lord Edmond)
  i. Humphrey Cornewall of Berington, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b c1551, bur 30.05.1633)
  m. Elizabeth Bradshaw (a 1633, dau of John Bradshaw of Presteign)
a. John Cornewall of Berington (bur 29.11.1645)
  m. Mary Barneby (bur 06.04.1634, dau of William Barneby of The Hill)
  (1) Humphrey Cornewall of Berington (bpt 14.07.1616, d before 03.08.1688)
  m. Theophila Skinner (bpt 03.06.1622, dau of William Skinner of Thornton College by Bridget, dau of Lord Chief Justice Coke)
  (A) Robert Cornewall of Berington & Ludlow (bpt 06.1646, bur 09.11.1705)
m. Edith Cornwallis (bur 15.07.1696, dau of Sir Francis Cornwallis of Abermarles)
  (i) Charles Cornewall of Berington (d before 26.01.1718, Comptroller of the Navy, Vice Admiral)
  m1. ?? (dsp)
  m2. Dorothy Hanmer (dau of Job Hanmer of Hanmer)
  (a) Sir Robert Cornewall (bpt 21.04.1700, bur 17.04.1756, 2nd son)
  Robinson reports that Robert "had warrant of Baronetcy from George II., but no patent".
  (b) Jacob Cornewall of Berington (bpt 03.11.1709, d 08.08.1736)
  m. Rose Fowler (dau of Robert Fowler of Barton Priors)
  ((1)) Charles Wofran Cornewall (b 15.06.1735, dsp 02.01.1789, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. Elizabeth Jenkinson (b 1730-1, d 08.03.1809, dau of Colonel Charles Jenkinson)
  (c) Emma Cornewall (bpt 12.07.1711)
  m. (after 1727) Thomas Vernon of Hanbury Hall (d 1777)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 27.07.1699, bur 28.07.1699), Cyriac (bpt 1702, bur 1703), Charles (d infant), Job (bpt 25.11.1705, bur 01.09.1728), Edith (d infant), Henrietta (bpt 13.05.1701, d before 1728), Theophila (bpt 1707, d 1722), Jane (b 1707, a 1728), Annabella (b 1713, a 1728), Mary (b 1714)
  (ii) Frederich Cornewall (bpt 13.11.1677, d before 10.05.1748, vicar of Bromfield, 4th son?) had issue
  m1. _ Trice of Hampshire (d before 1731)
  m2. (c10.1734, sp?) Elizabeth Butcher
  (iii) Henrietta Cornewall
  m. William Proby (Governor of Fort St. George)
  (iv)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 17.10.1671), Robert (bpt 14.10.1673), Henry (bpt 21.04.1678), George (a 1710), James (bpt 19.10.1685, bur 05.08.1686), Frances (bpt 27.09.1670), Elizabeth (bpt 04.05.1675)
  (B) Cyriac Cornewall of Castleton in Eye (b c1654, bur 01.03.1718-9)
  m. Martha Besant (m2. Robert Davies)
  (i) Theophila Cornewall (a 1743)
m. Alexander Vaughan of Kington
  (C) Wofran Cornewall (a 12.1719, Captain RN)
  m. Elizabeth (Roberow?)
  (i) daughter
  m. Robert Fowler of Barton Priors
  (ii) Betty Cornewall (a 1719)
  (iii) Amarantha Cornewall (b c1700, d 07.1785)
m. (c09.1725) Charles Jenkinson (d 1750, Colonel)
  (D) Theophila Cornewall (bpt 26.09.16447)
  m. _ Agborough
  (E) daughter (a 1686)
  m. _ Whitney
  (F)+ other issue - Henry (a 1685, Colonel), Edward (a 1686, Captain), Bridget (a 1686), Carolina (a 1686)
  (2) Edward Cornewall of Moccas & Bredwardine Castle (bpt 03.12.1620, d 05.01.1708)
  m. Frances Pye (b c1613, d 08.09.1701, dau of Sir Walter Pye, widow of Henry (not Sir Roger) Vaughan of Moccas)
(A) Henry Cornewall of Moccas & Bredwardine Castle (d 22.02.1716)
  BP1934 identifies Susanna Williams as Henry's 2nd wife but Robinson suggests that she was his 1st.
  m1. Susanna Williams (dau/coheir of Sir John WIlliams of Pengethley & Eltham)
  (i) Velters Cornewall of Moccas (d 03.04.1768)
  m1. (c04.1722) Judith Powell (dau of Sir Herbert Powell of Colebrook)
  m2. Jane Bray (dsp, dau of Edm. Bray of Barrington)
  m3. Catherine Hanbury (dau of William Hanbury of Little Marcie)
  (a) Henry Frederick Cornewall (d infant)
  (b) Catherine Cornewall (b 15.11.1752, d 17/27.03.1835)
  m. (15.07.1771) Sir George Amyand, later Cornewall of Moccas Court, 2nd Bart (b 08.11.1748, d 26.09.1819)
  Ancestors of later Cornewalls of Moccas Court.
(ii) Mary Cornewall
  m. Henry Berkeley (brother of James, Earl of Berkeley)
  (iii)+ other issue - John (d unm bur 10.12.1700), James (d 11.02.1743, Captain RN)
  m2. Margarita Laurentia Huyssen of Middleburg in Zelanad (d before 05.05.1692)
  (v)+ other isuse - Henry of Byfleet in Surrey (dsp after 04.1755, Lt. General), William (d infant)
  (B) Frances Cornewall
  m. (1691) William Lingen of Presteign
  (C) Mary Cornewall
m. (1675) Gilbert Nicholetts of Avenbury
  (3)+ other issue - Coningsby (bpt 31.05.1620), Gilbert (bur 16.04.1684), George, Thomas, John, Mary (a 1635), Catherine (a 1635), Anne (bpt 02.1618, bur 07.06.1621)
  b. Humphrey Cornewall of Moreton (bur 11.04.1670)
  m. Anne (bur 1658)
  (1)+ issue - Humphrey (bpt 09.09.1634), John (bpt 01.11.1635), Charles (bpt 30.03.1642), Elizabeth (bpt 1635)
  c. James Cornewall (4th son)
  (1) Mary Cornewall (a 1635)
  d. Anne Cornewall
  m. (1617) John Davies of Tuthill
  e. Mary Cornewall
  m. Richard Blunden of Bishop's Castle
  f.+ other issue - Francis (a 1634), Elizabeth (bur 04.04.1636)
  B. Ann Cornewall
  m. Thomas Lee of Langley
  C. Matilda Cornewall
  m. John Nanfan of Birtsmorton
  D. Elizabeth Cornewall
  m. _ Jones of Wrexham
  E. Jane Cornewall
  m. Richard Barrow of Bermingham
  F. Joyce Cornewall (dsp)

Main source(s): Robinson (Hereford, Cornewall of Berington) with some support from BP1934 (Cornewall)
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