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Families covered: Hopton of Cockfield, Hopton of Swillington, Hopton of Westwood, Hopton of Witham

Robert Hopton of Westwood
m. Mary Scargill
1. Sir Thomas Hopton
  Visitation identifies Sir Thomas wife as "d. and h. of Pert". Various web sites identify her as ...
  m. Margaret Pert (dau of William Pert by Joan, dau of Sir Stephen Scrope)
A. Sir John Hopton of Swellington or Swillington
  m. Anne or Margaret Swellington (dau of Sir Roger Swellington or Swillington by a dau of ?? Foose of Wissett)
  i. Sir John Hopton (of Cockfield) of Westwood, Suffolk
  We reviewed this page on 18.06.21 using MGH which starts with Thomas Hopton, "illegitimate son of Sir Robert Swillington, Kt. (died 1391), of Swillington ... by (probably) .... da. of .... Hopton of Armley" and then shows him m. Joanna Perte with them being parents of John ("called John Swillington, son of Thomas Hopton") who m1. Margaret Savile (identified as mother of Sir William), m2. Agnes Heviningham m3. Thomasine Barrington. Noting that the names Robert & Roger were often interchangeable at this time, we would not be surprised if this was true but have nevertheless provisionally left the page basically following Visitation. We may revisit this in due course.
[Note added 22.04.24. The speculative connection shown for the above Robert of Westwood suggests that he may have been son of an Edmund Hopton by Barbara, dau of Sir John Swillington.]
m1. (1427) Mary or Margaret Savill (d 1452, dau of Sir Thomas Savill of Thornhill)
  a. Isabel Hopton
  MGH notes that "Isabel or Elizabeth (sometimes represented as two daughters)" m1. William Brewse m2. John Jermy. Following Visitation, we show Elizabeth below as half-sister of Isabel. Isabel(la) & Elizabeth (Bella) were indeed interchangeable at this time. We will probably revisit this in due course.
  m. Sir John Jermyne
  m2. Agnes Heviningham (dsp, dau of Sir John Heveningham of Suffolk) not mentioned by Visitation
  m3. (1457?) Thomasin Barrington (dau of John Barrington of Rayleigh, m1. William Lunsford m2. William Sydney)
b. Sir William Hopton (d 07.02.1484, Treasurer)
  m. Margaret Wentworth (dau of Sir Roger Wentworth of Nettlested)
  (1) Sir George Hopton of Swillington & Westwood (b 1461, d 06.07.1490)
  m. Thomasine Southill (Soothill) of Yorkshire
  (A) John Hopton (d 20.01.1491)
  (B) Sir Arthur Hopton of Westwood & Cockfield Hall, last of Swillington (d 16.08.1555)
  m1. Maud Dymoke (dsp, dau of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby)
  m2. Ann Owen (dau of Sir David Owen of Cowdrey)
(i) Sir Owen Hopton of Cockfield Hall (b 1519, d 09.1591, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, MP)
  m. Anne Itchingham (d before 25.01.1600, dau of Sir Edward Echingham or Itchingham)
  (a) Sir Arthur Hopton of Cockfield Hall & Witham Priory (d 20.11.1607, MP)
  m. Rachel Hall (d 1629, dau of Edmund Ball of Gratford)
((1)) Robert Hopton of Witham Priory (b 1579, d 1638, MP) the first mentioned by BE1883
  m. Jane Keymis (dau of Rowland Keymis of the Vaudrey, widow of Sir Henry Jones)
  ((A)) Sir Ralph Hopton, Baron Hopton of Stratton (bpt 13.03.1596, dsp 08.10.1652, Lt. General, MP)
  m. (18.03.1622/3) Elizabeth Capel (bpt 18.11.1591, d 1646, dau of Sir Arthur Capel of Hadham by Margaret Grey)
((B)) Rachel Hopton
  m1. David Kemys of Kevenmably (Cefn Mably) (d 30.11.1617)
  m2. (1621) Thomas Morgan of Machen and Tredegar (d 13.05.1664)
  ((C)) Mary Hopton (b c1602, d 1693)
  m1/2. Sir Henry Mackworth, Bart (d 08.1640)
  m2/1. Sir Thomas Hartop of Butron Lazars (d 1661)
  ((D)) Catherine Hopton (d 1663)
  m. John Windham (d 1649)
((E)) Margaret Hopton
  m. Sir Baynam Thogmorton, Bart (d 28.05.1664)
  ((F))+ other issue - William (b c1602, a 1619, d young), Jane (b 1607, d 1609)
  ((2)) Owen Hopton of Longtown, Herefordshire (dsp 26.08.1609)
  m. Dorothy Hopton (d 1609, dau of Sir Robert Hopton) @@ below
  ((3)) Dorothy Hopton
  m1. William Smith
  m2. Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stifkey (d 1623)
  ((4)) Catharine Hopton 
  m. Sir George Morton, 1st Bart of Milbourne St. Andrew (d 1661)
  ((5)) Selina Hopton
m1. Henry Bodenham of Fugglestone (d 1595)
  m2. Robert Baskett of Dewlish (d 1613)
  ((6)) Willoughby Hopton
  m.Sir Thomas Hobart of Little Plumpstead (d 1623)
  ((7)) Frances Hopton (bur 10.02.1641-2)
  m1. Rice Jones of Asthall (d 1615)
m2. Sir Giles Fettiplace of Poulton (d 1641)
  ((8)) Anne Hopton (d 1650)
  m. Richard Cole of Nailsea Court (d 1650)
  ((9)) Rachel Hopton
  m. _ Thomas of Herefordshire
  ((10)) Jane Hopton
  m. Richard Bingham of Melcombe (d 1636)
  ((11)) Margaret Hopton
  m. Sir John Rogers of Brianston
  ((12)) Philadelphia Hopton
  m. (mcrt 21.05.1616) John Ernley of Wiltshire (bpt 18.01.1598, d 1685)
((13))+ other issue - Sir Thomas of London (b before 18.07.1638), Sir Arthur (b c1587, dsp 06.03.1649/50, Ambassador)
  (b) William Hopton of Witham then Wroxton (b 1564, d before 10.11.1613)
  m. Dorothy Morgan (dau of John Morgan of Witham)
  ((1))+ other issue - Edward, Richard, Mary
  (c) Mary Hopton (bur 23.10.1624)
  m. William Brydges, 4th Lord Chandos of Sudeley (d 18.11.1602)
  (d) Cecily Hopton (b 1559, d 1625)
  m. Sir George Marshall of Putney (d 1637)
  (e) Anne Hopton (b 1561, bur 10.05.1625)
  m1. (c1585) Henry Wentworth, 3rd Lord (b 1558, d 16.08.1593)
  m2. (1595) William Pope, 1st Earl of Downe (bpt 15.10.1573, d 02.06.1631)
  (f)+ other issue (dsp) - George, Ralph (d 1580)
  (ii) Sir Ralph Hopton of Witham Priory (d sp 15.12.1571, Knight Marshall, MP)
m. Dorothy Willoughby (d before 23.08.1597, dau of Sir Christopher Willoughby of Parham)
  (iii) Sir Robert Hopton of London (d before 23.02.1590, Knight Marshall, MP)
  m. Dorothy Pakenham
  (a) Dorothy Hopton
  m. Owen Hopton (cousin) @@ above
  (iv) Margaret Hopton 
  m1. Anthony Cockett
  m2. Arthur Robsart (natural son of Sir John Robsart or Robsert)
  (v) Frances Hopton
  m1. _ Miller
  m2. _ Jermy
  m3. Sir Thomas Nevill
  (vi) Mary Hopton
m1. Richard Gorney of Currey Mallet
  m2. W. Butler of Langley
  (vii) Dorothy Hopton
  m. _ Berry of Norwich
  (viii) Ann Hopton possibly fits here
  m. Bartholomew Moore of Chirk
  (ix)+ other issue - Thomas, Charles, John
  (2) Ann (Agnes) Hopton
  m. Sir Robert (not William) Cleere
  (3) Margaret Hopton
  m. Sir Philip Booth of Shrubland Hall
  (A) Audrey Booth
  m. William de Lytton of Knebworth
  (4) Audrey Hopton (d young)
  c. Elizabeth Hopton see note above under Isabel, her half-sister
  m. William Bruse (d 1489)

Main source(s): Visitation (Somerset, 1623, 'Hopton'), MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), 'Pedigree of Hopton of Suffolk and Somerset', p9+) with just a little support from BE1883 ('Hopton of Stratton')
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