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Families covered: Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (Ketilby), Tyrwhitt of Scotter, Tyrwhitt of Stainfield

Sir William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby or Ketilby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1522)
m. Anne Constable (dau of Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough)
1. Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (Vice Admiral)
  m. Maud Talboys (dau of Sir Robert Talboys of Goulton)
  A. Sir William Tyrwhitt of Scotter, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (dvp 19.03.1540/1)
  m. Isabel Girlington (d 1559/60, dau of William (not Sir Robert) Girlington of Normanby)
i. Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (d 13.11.1581)
  m. Elizabeth Oxenbridge (bur 25.01.1589/90, dau of Sir Thomas Oxenbridge of Etchingham)
  a. William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (bur 08.07.1591)
  m. Elizabeth Freschville (dau of Peter Freschville of Staveley)
(1) Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (d 1617)
  m. (08.1594) Bridget Manners (d 10.07.1604, dau of John Manners, 4th Earl of Rutland)
  (A) William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (d 1642)
  m. Catherine Browne (dau of Anthony Browne, Viscount Montague)
  (i) Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (b c1618, dsp 1648)
  m. Elizabeth
  (ii) Francis Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (b c1633/4, d 1673)
  m. Elizabeth Lloyd (dau of Robert Lloyd)
(a) Catharine Tyrwhitt
  m. Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart of Wingerworth (d 01.1714)
  (iii) Mary Tyrwhitt (b c1629)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Rutland, Bridget (bur 25.08.1614)
  (2) Margaret Tyrwhitt
  m. Nicholas Rookwood of Euston
  (3) Mary Tyrwhitt
  m1. Robert Bradford (d 1596)
  m2. Robert Monson of Northorpe
(4) Ursula or Grace Tyrwhitt
  m. Sir William Babthorpe of Babthorpe
  (5)+ other issue - William, Goddard (dsp), Edward (dsp), George (dsp)
  b. Marmaduke Tyrwhitt of Bigby (d before 10.12.1589, 4th son)
  m. _ Witham
(1) Robert Tyrwhitt
  m. Mary Haggerton
  (2)+ other issue (a 1600) - Elizabeth, Mary
  c. Ursula Tyrwhitt (d before 04.08.1618)
  m. (before 13.11.1581) Edmund Sheffield, 1st Earl of Mulgrave (b 07.12.1565, d 10.1646)
d. Anne Tyrwhitt
  m. Thomas Dalton of Sutton
  e. Elizabeth Tyrwhitt
  m1. William Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe (bur 01.04.1597)
  Possibly the Elizabeth who (also) married ...
  m2. Ambrose Rokewode (d 1605)
  f. Frances Tyrwhitt
  m1. William Thorold of Marston
  m2. George Hatcliffe of Grimsby
g. Margaret Tyrwhitt
  m. Philip Constable of Everingham
  h. Mary Tyrwhitt probably of this generation
  m. Sir George Browne of Wickham Brews
  i.+ other issue - Edward (bur 01.07.1577), Humphrey (bur 18.09.1579), Robert, Goddard, George, John ("the Ryder"), Roger (bur 26.09.1610)
  ii. William Tyrwhitt (dsp 1555, prebendary of Lincoln)
  iii. Tristram Tyrwhitt of Granby (dsp bur 10.05.1590, MP)
  m. _ Skipwith (dau of Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby)
  iv. Marmaduke Tyrwhitt or Tyrwhite of Scotter (b 1533, d 21.01.1599/1600)
  m. Ellen Reresby (bur 06.04.1608, dau of Lionel Reresby of Thribergh)
v. Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (d 17.02.1574-5)
  m1. (sp) Robert Sutton of Wellingore
  m2. Humphrey Littlebury of Stainsby (b c1523, d 12.10.1580)
  vi. Faithe Tyrwhitt (d before 04.06.1605)
  m1. Ambrose Sutton of Bertram (later of Wellingore)
  m2. Laurence Meers of York (d before 27.05.1593)
vii. Troth Tyrwhitt
  m1. Sir Godfrey Foljambe of Walton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 04.03.1527, d 22.12.1585)
  m2. Sir William Mallory
  B. Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Leighton Bromswall (bur 06.1572)
  m. Elizabeth Oxenbridge (d 1578, dau of Sir Goddard Oxenbridge)
  i. Catherine Tyrwhitt (dsp 1567)
  m. Sir Henry D'Arcy
C. Philip Tyrwhitt of Barton-upon-Humber (d 29.11.1558)
  m. Margaret Barnaby (d before 30.09.1592, dau of Edward Barnaby of Barton)
  i. Edward Tyrwhitt of Stanfield, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (bur 21.12.1590)
  m. Anne Dallyson (dau of William Dallyson of Loughton = Dalison of Laughton)
  a. Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Bart of Stainfield (d 05.02.1624)
  m. Martha Thorold (dau of Sir Anthony Thorold of Marston)
  (1) Sir Edward Tyrwhitt, 2nd Bart of Stainfield (bpt 23.03.1576-7, bur 03.03.1627-8)
  m1. (before 1598) Faith St. Paul (dau of Thomas St. Paul of Snarford, sister of Sir George, Bart)
  (A) Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, 3rd Bart of Stainfield (bpt 23.09.1598, d c1667)
  m. Anne Saunderson (dau of Nicholas Saunderson, Viscount Castleton)
(i) Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, 4th Bart of Stainfield (bpt 03.12.1633, bur 15.07.1688)
  m. Penelope de la Fountain (d by 1709, dau of Sir Erasmus de la Fountain of Kirby Belers)
  (a) Sir John Tyrwhitt, 5th Bart of Stainfield (b c1663, d 11.1741)
  m1. (24.02.1690-1) Elizabeth Philips (dau of Francis Philips of Kempton Park)
  ((1)) Penelope Tyrwhitt
  m. George Short of East Keal
((2)) Anne Tyrwhitt
  m. Carr Brackenbury of Panton (d 13.11.1741)
  m2. (c08.1704) Mary Drake (b c1680, d 1738, dau of Sir William Drake of Shardeloes)
  ((3)) Sir John de la Fountain Tyrwhitt, 6th Bart of Stainfield (d unm 22.08.1760)
  ((4)) Sarah Tyrwhitt
  m. Samuel Waddington
  ((A)) Margaretta Waddington (d 07.02.1826)
  m. (1776) Marmeduke Cradock
((5))+ other issue - Mary, Juliana, Frances, 7 others (d young)
  (b) daughter
  m. Sir Edward Southcote of Witham
  (c)+ 10 others (d young) presumably including Juliana (bpt 26.07.1662)
  (ii) Nicholas Tyrwhitt
  m. (Elizabeth) Grantham (dau of Sir Thomas Grantham)
  (a)+ 3 sons (dsp)
(iii) Faith Tyrwhitt (b c1629, d 19.10.1709)
  m. George Heneage of Hainton
  (iv) Frances Tyrwhitt (b c1631)
  m. Anthony Monson of Northorpe
  (v)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward (dsp), William (bpt 04.02.1634-5, dsp)
  (B) Edward Tyrwhitt
  (C) Martha Tyrwhitt
  m. Sir William Elwes of Worlaby
(D) Mary Tyrwhitt
  m. Charles Pelham of Manton (d 24.01.1671-2, son of Sir William of Brocklesby)
  (E) Elizabeth Tyrwhitt
  m. Gervase Elwes of Gainsborough
  m2. (mcrt 25.03.1602) Elizabeth Chute (d before 11.1649, dau of George Chute of Bethersden (by Elizabeth, dau of James Gage of Bentley), widow of Robert Fitzwilliams of Mabethorpe)
  (F)+ other issue - Edward (a 1649), Mary, Anne
  b. Roger Tyrwhitt (a 1590)
c. Barbara Tyrwhitt (bur 05.03/27.05.1622-3)
  m1. Anthony Dighton of Winceby
  m2. Edward Littlebury of Somersby and Winceby
  d. Elizabeth Tyrwhitt
  m. William Oglethorpe of Roundhay
  e. Margaret Tyrwhitt probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Pell of Dembleby (d before 31.10.1607)
  ii. Thomas Tyrwhitt
  iii. Katharine Tyrwhitt
  m. Edward Holme of Paul Holme
iv. Helen (Ellinor) Tyrwhitt
  m. Robert Haldenby of Haldenby
  D. Marmaduke Tyrwhitt (4th son) probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Anne (d 1589, dau of Martin Anne of Frickley)
  i. Dorothy Tyrwhitt
  E. Anne Tyrwhitt
  m. _ Bolles of Hough
  F. Agnes Tyrwhitt
  m. William Hansard (son of Sir William)
G. Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (d 08.10.1546)
  m. William Monson of South Carleton
  H. Catherine Tyrwhitt
  Commoners identifies Catherine's husband as John Thimelby (son of Sir Richard). Maddison identifies him as ...
  m. Sir Richard Thimbleby of Irnham (d 28.09.1590)
  I. Margaret or Margery Tyrwhitt (dsp)
  m1. Matthew St. Paul of Snareford (dsp 15.10.1556)
  m2. George Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe
  J. Maud Tyrwhitt
  m. Henry (not George) Portington of Sawcliff
2. Sir Philip Tyrwhitt (a 1532)
3. Katharine Tyrwhitt (dsp)
  m. John Bolle (son of Richard of Haugh)
4. Agnes (or Anne) Tyrwhitt
  m. (1496) Thomas Burgh, 3rd Lord of Gainsborough (d 28.02.1549/50)
5. Elizabeth Tyrwhitt
  m. Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1527)
6.+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, Thomas, Humphrey, John

Main source(s): Commoners (vol i, Tyrwhitt of Nantyr), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 (Tyrwhit of Kettleby), BEB1844 (Tyrwhitt of Stainfield), BP1934 (Berners)
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