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Families covered: Newmarch of Brecknock, Newmarch of Cadbury, Newmarch of Whatton

Around the beginning of the 12th century, there appear to have been at least 3 families who were most probably not related to each other but who took similar names, presumably because they originated from places, whether in England or Normandy/France, where permission for a new market had not long been granted. We identify their family names as Newmarch or Newmarsh but they used Neufmarche, de Novo Foro, de Mercato, or similar.
We know little of the genealogy of the first such family we report.
Bernard of Neufmarche = Bernard de Newmarch of Brecknock
Bernard's wife is often identified as daughter of Griffyn, son of Llweleyn, Prince of Wales, but such a prince is not readily identifiable (those who say he was Llywelyn 'the Great' are disregarding the fact that that Llywelyn was not born until 1173). We provisionally follow the suggestion that she was granddaughter of Gruffydd, son of Llywelyn, Prince of Deheubarth.
m. Nest or Agnes (dau of Osbern FitzRichard le Scrope)
1. Mahel de Newmarch (dsp)
2. Sybil de Newmarch of Brecknock HY
  m. (1121) Miles de Pitres of Gloucester, Earl of Hereford (d 24.12.1143) HY



The second family was based in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.
Sir William de Waddon or Whatton
This William is thought to have been the same person as Sir William de Whatton. We will review this probable connection again in due course.
m. _ de Novo Foro (sister of William de Novo Foro, nephew of Paine de Novo Foro)
1. Adam de Novo Foro or Novo Mercato (d 1160-1)
  A. Henry de Novo Mercato (b c1151, d 1178)
  m. Denise (dau of Otes de Tilli by Mabel, dau of William FitzRaven of Hatfield)
  i. Adam de Novo Foro or Novo Mercato of Tickhill, Whatton, Aclaton, Gant, Carlton and Ketton (d 1247)
  a. John de Novo Foro or Novo Mercato or Newmarch
  (1) Adam de Novo Mercato or Newmarch (d 1283)
  m. Joan (d before 10.1315)
(A) Adam de Newmarch (d before 20.01.1302/3)
  m. Elizabeth de Mowbray (a 1317, dau of Roger de Mowbray)
  (i) John de Newmarch (dsp before 20.05.1310)
  m. (by 01.1302/3) Avice (d by 03.1329/30)
  (ii) Sir Roger de Newmarch (d 03.1351/2)
  m. Cyssely Bowmester (dau of Roger Bowmester)
(a) Adam de Newmarch or Newmarsh (dvp)
  m. Anne FitzWilliam (dau of William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough)
  ((1)) Robert Newmarch or Newmarsh (b c1343)
  m. Jane Sherley (dau of Raff Sherley)
  ((A)) Ralph Newmarch or Newmarsh (d Shrewsbury 1403)
  m. Jane Newmarch (dau of Hugh Newmarch of Whatton) @@ below
  ((i)) Robert Newmarch or Newmarsh
  m. Anne Rolston (dau of Sir Ralph Rolston)
  ((a)) Raff Newmarch
((b)) Elizabeth Newmarch
  m. John Nevill of Oversley
  b. Sir Adam de Novo Mercato or Newmarch of Whatton
  (1) Henry Newmarch of Whatton
  (A) Thomas Newmarch of Whatton
  (i) Thomas Newmarch of Whatton
  (a) Hugh Newmarch of Whatton
  m. _ Fitzacres (dau of Ralph Fitzacres)
  ((1)) Jane Newmarch
  m. Ralph Newmarch or Newmarsh (d Shrewsbury 1403) @@ above
  c. daughter
  m. Robert de Willoughby
  ii. Henry de Novo Foro or Novo Mercato ot Newmarch (d by 1239)
  m. (1217, sp?) Frethesant Paynel (dau of William Paynel)



The third family was based in Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and terminated with ...
James de Newmarch of North Cadbury (d c1232, brother of Henry)
1. Isabel de Newmarch
  m. Ralph de Russell
2. Hawyse de Newmarch
  m1. John de Botreaux
  m2. Nicholas de Moels of Watlington and Cadbury (d after 1264)

Main source(s):
(1) Newmarch of Brecknock : TCP (Hereford)
(2) Newmarch of Whatton, etc. : TCP (Newmarch) with support/input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Nevile)
(3) Newmarch of North Cadbury : TCP (Newmarch), BE1883 (Newmarch)
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