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Families covered: Russell of Barwick, Russell of Kingston Russell, Russell of Strensham

Hugh de Russell (a 1050) = Hugh du Resel (a 1066)
As reported below there is contradiction in the early generations between what is given by MGH and what was reported (in 2003 & 2021) by 'TUDOR'. Provisionally, we largely but not completely follow MGH and note that these very early generations should be viewed with some caution.
1. Hugh de Russell (2nd son)
  A. Hugh de Russell of Barwick, Dorset
i. Odo Russell of Barwick (a 1200)
  MGH shows Odo as father of Sir John Russell of Kingston Russell in Dorset and then shows Sir John as father of James Russell, Constable of Corfe Castle (a 1221) who is identifies as ancestor of the Dukes of Bedford. Provisionally we ignore that suggestion and identify Odo as father of ...
  a. John de Russell, Governor of Corfe Castle (d 1224) the first mentioned by Collins
  'TUDOR' shows Governor John as son of Odo de Russell son of Robert de Russell (d 1201) son of ?? de Russell son of Hugh de Russell (a 1050) and then, supported by Collins, shows this John (not the one below) as husband of ....
  m. Rose Bardolph (dau of Thomas Bardolf, relict of Henry de Pomeria)
(1) Ralph de Russell
  m. Isabel de Newmarch (dau of James Newmarch of North Cadbury)
  (A) Sir William Russell of Kingston Russell (d 1310/1)
  m. Jane Peverell (dau of Robert Peverell)
  (i) Sir Theobold Russell of Kingston Russell (d 1340)
  m1. Eleanor de Gorges (dau of Sir Ralph de Gorges of Wraxall, 1st Lord)
  (a) Sir Theobald Russell, later Gorges of Wraxall, Sheriff of Somerset, Dorset, etc (d 22.11.1380)
  m. Agnes de Wyke (d 15.11.1400, dau of John de Wyke of Yatton)
(b) Sir Ralph Russell of Kingston Russell (d 13.02.1375)
  m. Alice
  ((1)) Sir Maurice Russell of Kingston Russell (b 02.02.1356, d 27.06.1416)
  Collins shows Maurice as brother rather than son of Sir Ralph but, noting the dates, we follow BE1883 (Gorges), Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Dennis) & 'TUDOR' in showing him as Ralph's son.
  m1. Isabel Childrey (dau of Sir Edmund Childrey or Chelrey)
  ((A)) Margaret Russell
  m1. Sir Gilbert Denys of Derham
  m2. (c12.1422) John Kemys of Syston Manor
  ((B)) Isabel Russell (d 01.05.1437)
  m1. Sir William le Scrope, Earl of Wiltshire, 'King of the Isle of Man' (dspvp 29.07.1399)
  m2. Sir Thomas de la Riviere of Westrop (d 1405-6)
  m3. (1408-9) Sir John Drayton of Newnham (dspm 03.10.1417)
  m4. (before 17.02.1422/3) Stephen Hatfield (d before 10.11.1461)
m2. Joan Dauntesay (dau of John Dauntesay) identified by 'TUDOR'
  ((C)) Sir Thomas Russell (d 1430)
  ((2))+ other issue (d unm) - Theobald, John
  m2. Eleanor de la Tour (dau of John de la Tour)
  (c) William Russell
  m. _ Mustian
  ((1)) Henry Russell
  Henry is reported to be the same person as Henry Russell (b c1401, d c1464) who married Elizabeth (dau of John Herring). However, BP1934 (Bedford) reports that the parents of that Henry were Stephen Russell and Alice.
  m. Elizabeth Heringham (dau of John Heringham)
  Not mentioned by Collins but reported by 'TUDOR' were ...
  (2) Thomas de Russell of Strensham
  (A) James de Russell of Strensham (a 1300)
  m. Jane
  (i) John de Russell
  (ii) Nicholas de Russell of Strensham (d 1337)
  m. Agnes Grindon
  (a) Robert Russell of Strensham (d 1376)
  m. Catharine Vampage
  ((1)) Sir John Russell of Strensham (d 1405)
  m1. Anne Planches
((A)) Joan Russell
  m1. Thomas Quatermain
  m2. John Credy
  ((B)) William Russell of Strensham (d 1428)
  m. Agnes Haddington
((i)) Robert Russell of Strensham (b 1422)
  m. (c1448) Elizabeth Throckmorton (dau of Sir John Throckmorton)
  ((a)) Robert Russell of Strensham (b c1460, d 1505)
  m. Elizabeth Baynham (dau of Thomas Baynham of Mitcheldean)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Russell
  m. (??) Robert Throckmorton of Coughton
  ((C)) Margaret Russell
  m. Ralph Rochford
  ((D)) Elizabeth Russell
  m. Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham (d 03.05.1409)
  ((E)) John Russell
  m2. Margaret Hastings (dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing)
  m3. Elizabeth de la Plaunche
  (b)+ other issue - John (d 1349), Edmund, Christian (d 1340), Margaret (d 1376, m. _ de Appurleys), Marjory (m. _ de la Bourne)
  (B) Lucy de Russell
  m. Osbert Dabitak
  (3) James de Russell
m. Jane Tilly
  (4) Roberta de Russell
  m. Robert de Oglander
  ii.+ other issue - Patrick, Robert, Thomas, William, John, Richard
2. Richard de Russell (4th son) this line from MGH
  A. Richard Russell (a 1196) possibly of this generation, father of ...
  i. Hugh Russell (a 1196) possibly father of ...
  a. John Russell ('le Porter'), "Janitori de Trematon, Cirnwall" (a 1207)
  MGH shows John as possibly father of the following Reginald by Rohesia, widow of Henry de Pomerai. See the notes at the top of the page.
  (1) Reginald le Porter of Treseles (d 1254)
3.+ other issue - Roger, Theobald

Main source(s):
(1) For very early generations (amended 08.11.21) : MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), 'Early genealogy of Russell, Porters of Trematon, Cornwall', p192)
(2) For Russell of Kingston Russell : Collins (1741, vol i, 'Russell of Bedford', p95+)
(3) For Russells of Strensham : 'TUDOR'
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