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Families covered: Grandison of Ashperson, Grelle (Greslie) of Manchester, Grendon of Grendon, Grendon of Shenstone, Gubbins of Kenmare Castle, Gubbins of Kilfrush, Godsal of Iscoyd Park, Godsal of Tewkesbury

Although TCP (Grandison) notes that the father of Otho and William may have been Amadee, Sn de Granson, it suggests that their most probable parents were ...
Pierre de Granson, Sn de Granson
m. Agnes de Neufchatel (dau of Ulric, Comte de Neufchatel)
1. Sir Otho or Otes de Grandison, Lord, Governor of Guernsey and Jersey (dsp 04.1328, secretary to King Edward I)
  m(?). daughter of the Count of Burgundy
2. Sir William de Grandison of Ashperson, 1st Lord (d 27.06.1335)
  m. (by 1285) Sibyl Tregoz (d 21.10.1334, dau of Sir John Tregoz of Ewyas Harold, Lord)
  A. Sir Piers de Grandison, 2nd Lord (dsp 10.08.1358)
  m. (before 10.06.1330) Blanche de Mortimer (d 1347, dau of Sir Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore)
  B. John de Grandison, Bishop of Exeter, 3rd Lord (b 1292, d 16.07.1369)
  C. Sir Otes de Grandison (d 23.05.1359)
  m. (before 28.10.1340) Beatrice Malemayne (dau of Sir Nicholas Malemayne)
i. Sir Thomas de Grandison, 4th Lord (dsp 1375)
  m. Margaret de Caru (d 10.1394)
  ii. Elizabeth Grandison (d unm)
  D. Mabella Grandison
  m. (by 1312) Sir John de Pateshulle (b c1292, d 07/8.1349)
  E. Agnes Grandison
  m. Sir John de Northwode
  F. Katherine Grandison
  m. William de Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury (b 1301, d 1343)
3. Agnes Grandison probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Devereux of Lyonshall (d 1314)



It is not known whether or not the following family has any connection with the Gresleys of Gresley.
Albert de Grelle or Gresley, 1st of Manchester
1. Robert de Grelle or Greslei of Manchester (a 1134)
  A. Albert de Grelle of Manchester (a 1134)
BE1883 shows only one generation of Alberts here, reporting that he died about 1185 and m1. Agnes (dau of Nigel, Baron of Halton) m2. a dau of Thomas Basset. We shows 2 generations of Alberts which follows TCP (which does not show their wives) & CTG, which does not identify who was the younger Albert's wife (possibly that Basset?) but names this Albert's wife as ...
  m. Matilda (dau of William FitzNigel, lord of Halton)
  i. Albert de Grelle of Manchester (d c1185/before 1182)
  m. _ Basset (dau of Thomas Basset)?
  a. Sir Robert (Roger) Grelle of Manchester (b c1175, d 1230)
  m. (Margaret) de Longchamp (dau of Henry (sb Hugh?) de Longchamp)
  (1) Sir Thomas Grelle of Manchester (d c1261)
  (A) Robert Grelle
(i) Sir Robert Grelle of Manchester (d c1283)
  BE1883 (Gresley) identifies the father of Lord Thomas, and wife of Hawyse de Burgh, as Thomas and shows him as son of the Sir Thomas above who died c1261. We follow TCP.
  m. Hawyse de Burgh (dau of John de Burgh of Wakerley)
  (a) Sir Thomas Grelle of Manchester, Lord (b 08.08.1279, dsp before 11.10.1347)
  m. (before 02.11.1299) _ Wake (sister of John Wake)
  (b) Joan Grelle or de Gresley (d 20/1.03.1352/3)
  m. (c12.1294) John La Warr of Ewyas Harold, 2nd Lord (b c1276, d 09.05.1347)
  ii. Emma Greslei
  m. Orme FitzAilward of Ormskirk



Roger de Grendon (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
1. Richard de Grendon
  m. Margaret
  A. Sir Robert de Grendon of Grendon the first mentioned by TCP
  m. (c1189) Avicia de Bray (dau of William de Bray or Brae of Shenston)
  i. Sir Robert de Grendon of Grendon and Shenston, Sheriff of Staffordshire and Salop (a 1265)
  m(1). Emma Basset (dau of Sir William Bassett of Sapcote)
a. John de Grendon not mentioned by TCP
  (1)+ issue - Henry, Thomas, Nicholas, Robert, Ranulph
  b. Sir Ralph de Grendon of Grendon and Shenstone (d before 25.12.1279)
  Assuming that TCP is correct, BE1883 appears to confuse the marriage of this Ralph with those of his son, not naming his son's wife/wives but naming this Ralph's 1st wife as Johanna and his 2nd wife as A. de Clinton by whom he was mother of 3 daughters. We follow TCP which confirms that the 3 daughters were half-sisters of the next Ralph. This leaves no definite place for Joane de Grendon, shown by BE1883 to have been sister of Ralph, 2nd Lord, and married to John Rochford (by whom she had Sir Ralph, father of Margery). TCP mentions an Isabel, wife of John de Rochford, as claiming a dower from Robert de Grendon so she may have been a sister of this Ralph.
m. Isabel (a 1307, she m2. Theobald de Neville of Alexton)
  (1) Sir Ralph de Grendon of Grendon and Shenstone, 1st Lord (d c1331)
  m1. Joan Burnell (probably dau of Sir Hugh Burnell, sister of Sir Philip)
  (A) Sir Ralph de Grendon, 2nd Lord (dsp 1364/5)
  BE1883 reports that Ralph was "a person of weak intellect" but TCP reports that he was "a soft and esy mon" but did act as a Sheriff of Stafford.
  m1. (div 1355) Isabel
  m2. Eleanor
  m2. (by 1299) Joan de Clinton (dau of Sir John de Clinton of Coleshill)
  (B) Johanna de Grendon
  m. Sir Roger Chetwind
  (C) Alicia de Grendon
  m. Sir Philip Chetwind (d 1346)
(D) Margaret de Grendon
  m. John de Freford
  m3. Sibyl (a 1348)
  (2) Alicia de Grendon
  Shown by BE1883 as a generation earlier but this is presumed to be the Alice who married John, apparently brother of the Joan shown above as married to her brother.
  m. John de Clinton
  b. Alice de Grendon probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m1. Philip de Legh of Staffordshire
  m2. (1269) Robert Banastre of Newton (b c1240, d 1291)
  BE1883 suggests that Sir Robert and Avicia had a younger son Roger. TCP identify their other children as ...
ii.+ other issue - Richard, Cicely
2. Walchelinus de Grendon of Bromcote
  A. William de Grendon of Bromcote
  i. William de Grendon of Bromcote
  a. Robert de Grendon (a 1293)
  (1) Thomas de Grendon (a 1324)
  (A) Thomas de Grendon 'of Bramcote'
  (i) Margaret Grendon
  m1. (William) Charnels
  m2. Thomas Malory



It is not known (by us) what connection if any there was between the following family and Gubbins of Maidstone Castle. co Limerick (see Temp26).
Joseph Gubbins of Knocklong, co Limerick (a 1693)
m. Catherine Blakeney (dau of William Blakeney of Mount Blakeney & Thomastown) possibly wife of this Joseph, possibly mother of ...
1. Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush, co Limerick (d 01.1737)
  A. Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush (b 1698-9)
  m. (c1728) Anne Grant (dau of Stephen Grant of Cork)
  i. Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush (a 02.1776)
m(1). Mary Stamer (dau of George Stamer of Cahirnelly)
  a. George Stamer Gubbins of Kilfrush
  m. Anne Russell (dau of Francis Russell)
  (1) Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush had issue
  m. Maria Wise (d 05.1841, dau of Thomas Wise of Cork)
(2) George Gubbins
  m. (1833) (Elizabeth) Blood of co Clare
  (3) Mary Gubbins (d unm)
  (4) Eliza Georgina Gubbins
  m. W. Evans Hartopp (rector of Harby)
  b. Joseph Gubbins (d 23.04.1832, General) had issue
  m. (18.07.1803) Charlotte Bathoe (d 29.03.1824, dau of John Bathoe of Bath)
  c. Honor Gubbins
  m. (1803) Ralph Dutton (b 1755, dsp 1804)
  d. Mary Gubbins
  m1. Thomas Panton
  m2. John Gent (General)
  ii. James Gubbins of Kenmare Castle, co Limerick
m1. (06.1772) Bridget Wrixon (dau of B. Wrixon of co Cork)
  a. Joseph Gubbins of Kenmare Castle, Sheriff had issue
  m. (14.04.1805) Anne Henn (d 18.03.1848, dau of William Henn of Paradise Hill)
  b. Sarah Gubbins
  m1. John Lysaght of co Cork
  m2. John Wrixon of Summerville
  m2. Letitia Sheares (dau of Henry Sheares of Cork (MP) by Jane Anne, dau of Robert Bettesworth of Whiterock)
  c. Henry Gubbins (rector of Ballycahane) had issue
m. (03.11.1810) Avarina Atkins (d 21.05.1827, dau/heir of Captain Robert Aitkins of Fountainville by Jane Purdon, dau of Richard Ringrose Bowerman of Moynoe House)
  iii. Anne Gubbins
  m. (1761) Charles Massy of Griston (brother of Hugh, 1st Lord Massy)
  iv. Elizabeth Gubbins
  m. (18.07.1761) Michael Bevan (son of Henry of Camas)
  v. Mary Gubbins
  m. (20.08.1766) James John Bourchier of Baggotstown
  vi. Esther Gubbins
  m. Robert Lidwill (son of George of Dromard)
  vii.+ other issue - William, Margaret, Dorothea
  B. Mary Gubbins
  m. (1713) John Minnitt of Knygh Castle (Captain)
2.+ other issue - son, daughters



William Godsall (or Godsal) (d 1756, bailiff of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire)
m. Elizabeth (d 1747)
1. Philip Godsal of Tewkesbury (b 1689, d 1762)
  m. Frances Webb
  A. Philip Godsal
  B. Thomas Godsal in London (b 1716, d 1763)
  m. Susannah Lake (dau of Henry Lake)
  i. Thomas Godsal of London & Cheltenham (b 1747, d 1826)
  m. Anne Webb (dau of John Webb by Anne Godsal)
  a. Philip Lake Godsal of Iscoyd Park, Flintshire (b 29.01.1784, d 15.01.1858) had issue
  m. (1814) Grace Anne Best (d 1868, dau of 1st Baron Wynford)
  C. Anne Godsal (b 1726, d 1795)
  m. John Webb

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