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Families covered: Herbert of Raglan, Jenkin of Gwarinddu (Gwernddu), Thomas of Llansaintffraid

We used to show on this page the widely-reported 'fact' that the following Jenkin ap Adam was son of Adam Fitzherbert, a descendant of Herbert, Lord Chamberlain of King William Rufus. TCP (Pembroke, vol X page 400 note b) reports: "A spurious pedigree from Herbert the Chamberlain (of Henry I), who is given an equally false descent from Herbert, Count of Vermandois, is set forth by Nicholas, Counties and County Families of Wales, vol ii, pp. 776-77." On 12.02.07 we moved the pedigree of Adam FitzHerbert to FitzHerbert04 to make it clear that we do not wish to imply that we support that apparently-spurious connection.
Jenkin ap Adam of Gwarinddu
m. Gwenllian (dau of Sir Aaron ap Bleddyn of Killsant)
1. William (Gwillim) ap Jenkin = Herbert of Gwarinddu or Gwarindee or Gwernddu (a 1350, d 1377)
m. Gwenllian (dau of Howel Ichon (Howel Ychan ap Howel ap Ioreth))
  A. John or Jenkin ap Gwyllim of Gwarinddu (Wern-ddu or Gwernddu)
  BE1883 identifies John/Jenkin as "ancestor of the family of Prodgerese of Gwarinduû". BLG1952 identifies John as "ancestor of the Morgans of Llanfihangel Cucorney, and of the Progers of Llanmaes". The following comes from Smart (p74).
  i. Roger ap John of Gwernddu
  m. Margaret Scudamore
  a. John ap Roger of Gwernddu
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Gwilym (John) Jenkin of Llnavair Kilgord)
  (1) William John Proger-Herbert of Gwernddu, Sheriff of Brecknockshire (a 1554)
  m. Margaret Philip (dau of Lewis Philip by Anne Kemys) @@ below
  (A) Anne Proger-Herbert
m. Richard ap Jenkin of Llanover
  B. David ap Gwyllim of Chapell ancestor of Jones of Trostre, Morgans of Triley, Morgans of Arxton (Arkstone)
  m. Anne (dau of Watkin Rees)
  C. Howell ap Gwyllim (a 1384)
  m. Maud (dau of Howell ap Rhys)
  i. Jenkin ap Howell
  m. Constance (dau of Roger Vychan ap Walter Says)
  a. David ap Jenkin of Treowen (d Banbury 1469)
  m. Margaret Huntley (dau of Thomas Huntley of Treowen)
D. Sir Thomas ap Gwyllim of Perthir (bur 08.07.1438)
  m. Maud Morley (dau/coheir of Sir John Morley of Raglan Castle)
  BE1883 shows Thomas & Maud's sons in the order Philip, Even (Evan), David, Howel & Sir William. We used to follow that order but changed it on 18.05.21 to be as follows, which is the order given by BLG1952. Smart appears to have confused members of this generation with members of the next, showing Howel & David as sons of Sir William. We will probably revisit this family in due course.
  iv Howell ap Thomas of Perthir ancestor of Powells of Perthir
  m. Catherine (dau of Gruno ap Ivor)
  a. William Vychan of Llanrothal (3rd son)
  m. _ Pye (dau of John Pye of The Mynde)
  ii. Evan ap Thomas ancestor of Gwyns of Raglan, Raglans of Carnllwyd
  a. John Harbert (Herbert) alias Ragland possibly of this generation
  iii. David ap Thomas ancestor of Hughes of Cilwych or Caelwch or Killough
BLG1952 identifies David as ancestor of Hughes of Cilwych, BE1883 as progenitor of Hughes of Caelwch or Killough. This appears to be the David who is identified by Smart (p80) as 4th son of Sir William with the following family.
  m. ?? (dau of Llewelyn Howel hên)
  a. David Ychan
  m. ?? (dau of Gwilym John Jenkin of White Castle ap David Hoel Madoc)
  (1) Hugh (ap David Ychan) of Killwch in Llandilo Cresseny
m. ?? (dau of Morgan Jenkin Phillip of Pencoed Castle)
  (A) John ap Hugh (dsp)
  (B) Watkin ap Hugh (or Hughes alias Herbert) 'of Killwch'
  m1. ?? Mynors (dau of Richard Mynors)
  m2. Margaret Herbert (dau of Sir Richard Herbert of Ewyas)
  (i) John ap Watkin ap Hugh (dsp)
  (ii) Elizabeth (heir)
  m. William ap Richard (Prichard) of Llanover (d before 01.1566)
  iv. Philip ap Thomas of Llansaintffraid (d 09.11.1460)
  m. Joanne Blethin (d 07.06.1458, dau of Thomas Blethin of Pentre) named Elizabeth by Smart
a. David of Llansaintffraid (d 19.12.1510)
  m. Katharine Vaughan (d 26.03.1520, dau of Sir Roger Vaughan)
  (1) Thomas of Llansaintffraid (d 03.04.1537) had issue
  m. Jane (d 13.08.1533, dau of John ap Thomas of Treowen)
b. Lewis (ap) Philip mentioned by Smart
  m. Anne Kemis (dau of David Kemis, widow of Thomas David Jenkin)
  (1) Margaret Lewis Philip
  m. William Proger of Werndhe @@ above
v. Sir William ap Thomas or Herbert of Raglan Castle (d 1446)
  BE1883 reports that Sir William had 2 wives: Gwladys and Margaret. BLG1952 also shows 2 wives: Elizabeth and Gladys. Provisionally we show 3 wives as follows:
  m1. Elizabeth Bluet (d 24.05.1419, dau of Sir John Bluet of Daglingworth, widow of Sir James Berkeley and Thomas ap Harry)
  m2. Gwladys (dau of Sir David 'Gam' ap Llewelyn ap Hywel ap Einion Sais, widow of Sir Roger Vaughan of Bredwardine)
  a. Sir William Herbert of Raglan, 1st Earl of Pembroke (b c1423, d 27.07.1469)
  m. Anne Devereux (dau of Sir Walter Devereux of Bodenham and Whitchurch)
b. Thomas Herbert of Troy House (d before 1482)
  c. Sir Richard Herbert of Colebrooke or Coldbrook (d 27.07.1469)
  m. Margaret (dau of Sir Thomas ap Griffith ap Nicholas of Carmarthen)
  d. John Herbert (a 1469)
  e. Elizabeth Herbert or Thomas
  m. Sir Henry or Harry Stradling of St. Donat's
  f. Margaret Herbert
Margaret is shown by BE1883 as daughter of Margaret, by BLG1952 (which does not mention her mother Margaret) as daughter of Gladys. Having previously favoured the former, we now follow the latter which is supported by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (1996, 'Visitations by the Heralds in Wales'), South Wales and Herefordshire, 1531, 'Herbert, Earls of Pembroke', p100) though that also does not mention Margaret.
  m. Sir Henry Woogan or Wogan of Wiston
  m3. Margaret (dau of Thomas ap Griffith)
  g. Maud Herbert
  Maud is not mentioned by BE1883. BLG1952, which does not mention her mother Margaret, shows her as daughter by Gladys but as younger than her sister Margaret.
  m. Howel of Blaina Gwent
  E. Gwenllian
  m. Meurig ap Howel Fychan of Penrhos Ffwrdios

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Herbert of Upper Helmsley of Westow'), BE1883 ('Herbert of Herbert, Chepstow, Pembroke and Huntingdon') with some input/support from 'Genealogy of the Descendants of the Pritchards' (Rev. Thomas Gregory Smart, 1868, p74+)
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