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This section first uploaded 19.04.10.
Timothy Kiplin of Badsworth, Yorkshire (bur 29.06.1731)
m. Mary (bur 27.08.1730)
1. Timothy Kiplin
2. John Kiplin of Ackworth (dsp(s))
  m. Ann Lapidge (dau/coheir of Richard Lapidge)
3. Mary Kiplin
  m. John Shemeld of Billingley
4. Hannah Kiplin (b c1693, d 10.11.1760)
  m. John Lightbown of Allostock
  A. Timothy Lightbown of Macclesfield & Bank Top (d before 13.09.1762)
  m. Ellinor Heald (dau of George Heald of Macclesfield)
  i.+ issue - Timothy (b 1757, d 08.02.1775), John (d young)
  B.+ other issue (d unnm) - Hannah (d 18.04.1784), Mary (b 1726-7, d 03.1803)
5. Martha Kiplin
  m. (09.02.1720) Robert Aislabie of Rotherham
6. Elizabeth Kiplin
  m. John Horsfield of Sheffield
  A. Mary Horsfield (d unm)
  B. Elizabeth Horsfield
  m. (1741) Field Sylvester Wadsworth of Sheffield



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1. William of Gatcombe in the Isle of Wight, Hampshire (a 1086)
  A. Hugh de Lisle of Gatcombe
2. Stur
  We presume that Stur, father of Baldwin, was son or grandson of (rather than the same person as) the earlier Stur.
  A. Baldwin
  i. William de Estur 'de Insula' of Gatcombe (d c1224)
  a. Maud de Estur of Gatcombe
  m. Baldwin or Walter de Lisle @2@ just below



This section first uploaded 28.04.10.
Baldwin or Walter de Lisle
m. Maud de Estur of Gatcombe (dau/heir of William de Estur 'de Insula' of Gatcombe) @2@ just above
1. Sir William de Estur of Gatcombe (dsp 1291-2)
2. Geoffrey de Lisle of Gatcombe (d by 1293?)
  A. Baldwin de Lisle of Gatcombe (d 1307)
  i. John Lisle of Gatcombe (b c1303, d 1337)
  m. Elizabeth de Bohun (dau of Sir John de Bohun of Midhurst & Rustington)
  VCH does not name John's wife but Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Cooke-Covert) shows that it was this Elizabeth Bohun and that she had 2 daughters/coheirs by Sir John Lisley (sic), Elizabeth & Eva. BE1883 (Bohun of Midhurst) reports that Elizabeth had 2 daughters/coheirs by Sir John Lesley (sic), Elizabeth & Eva. TCP (Zouche or La Zouche of Richard's Castle or of Mortimer or of Ashby) identifies Elizabeth as dau of John and sister/heir of John. VCH mentions John & Elizabeth then adds that the younger John "seems, however, to have also left a brother Leonard or Laurence".
  a. John Lisle of Gatcombe (dsp 1369)
  m. Joan de Bohun (dau of Sir John de Bohun, Lord of Midhurst)
  b. Leonard or Laurence Lisle
  (1) Thomas Lisle of Gatcombe (b c1373, d before 1428) probably father of ...
(A) John Lisle of Gatcombe
  (i)+ 3 daughters
  c. Elizabeth Lisle
  m. John Bramshott @3@ below
  d. Eva Lisle
  m. Sir John Barford or Burford
  BE1883 shows Sir John & Eva as parents of Elinor (Barford) who m. Thomas Cooke of Wreckham (sic). Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Cooke-Covert) inserts the following additional generation.
  (1) Eva Burford (heir)
  m. Sir Thomas Rokesley
  (A) Elianor Rokesley (heir)
  m. Thomas Cooke of Wickham



This section first uploaded 28.04.10.
?? de Brembelscete or Bramshott
m. Isabel de Rogate of Terwick (sister/heir of Edmund brother/heir of Robert of Terwick (dsp 1310), children of Ralph de Rogate of Terwick by Mary Taylecortays)
1. William de Brembelscete or Bramshott of Bramshott (Hampshire) & Terwick (Sussex) (d before 1367)
VCH follows Terwick but cross-references to this family suggest that it was primarily 'of Bramshott'.
  A. John de Bramshott of Bramshott & Terwick (d before 1428) who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Lisle (dau of John Lisle of Gatcombe) @3@ above
  i. Thomas de Bramshott mentioned in BE1883 (Bohun of Midhurst)
ii. William de Bramshott of Bramshott & Terwick (d before 1451) succeeded by ...
  a. John Bramshott of Bramshott & Terwick
  m. (c1444) Katherine Pelham (dau of Sir John Pelham)
  (1) Elizabeth Bramshott
  m. John Dudley
  (2) Margaret Bramshott of Terwick (d 1485)
  m. John Pakenham
  iii. Joan Bramshott (d c06.1439) apparently of this generation
  m1. (by 09.1391) Hugh la Zouche, 3rd Lord of Mortimer (b 29.09.1338, dsp 11.07.1399)
  m2. (before 24.05.1400) Sir John Pelham of Laughton (d 12.02.1428/9)
  iv. Margery Bramshott probably of this generation
  m. John de Lisle of Wodyton & Thruxton, '6th Lord' (b 1386, d 17.02.1428/9)



This section first uploaded 22.05.12.
John Norton of Wyarton in Boughton Monchelsey, Kent
m. Johanna St. Leger (dau of a nephew of Sir Anthony St. Leger ('Proregis in Hibernia'))
1. Henry Norton
  m. Elizabeth Nelston (dau of William Nelston of Chadisworth)
A. Sir Gregory Norton of Charlton (in Wantage, Berkshire), 1st Bart (bur 26.03.1652, MP)
  Gregory was created a baronet shortly after the Visitation. TCB (vol 1, Norton of Charlton) reports that he was "possibly a son of Gregory ... s. of Sir Dudley Norton" and identifies his wife merely as Martha who m2. Viscount Kenmure. TCB then identifies Henry as his only son & heir (instead of something like 'only surviving son'). We presume that Visitation was correct in identifying this Gregory as husband of Martha Bradshaw for various sources, such as TCP (Kenmure), confirms that she was the wife of the baronet. Sir Gregory was one of Parliament's judges who condemned King Charles I so he is sometimes termed a regicide.
  m. Martha Drew (dau of Bradshaw Drew of Densworth) @4@ below
  i. Sir Henry Norton of Richmond, 2nd Bart (d(sps?) by 1690?, MP, 2nd son?)
m. (14.10.1656) Mabella Norton (dau of Sir Richard Norton of Rotherfield, 1st Bart by Amy, dau of Bishop Thomas Bilson)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1623) - Gregory (b 1622-3, dvpsp?), Elizabeth (b c1621) mentioned by Visitation
  B. Horden Norton
2. Sir Dudley Norton in Ireland (bur 30.07.1634)
  m. Margaret Masterson (sister of Sir Richard Masterson)
  A. Dudley Norton
3. Francis Norton
  m. Dorothy Farnefold (sister of Sir Thomas Farnefold)
  A. Anna Norton
4. Elizabeth Norton
  m. Henry Crispe of Wrotham
5. Sibell Norton
  m. _ Percie
6. Catherine Norton
  m. _ Grene of Egham



This section first uploaded 22.05.12.
Bradshaw Drew of Densworth, Sussex
1. Martha Drew (d by 11.1671)
  m1. John Gunter
  m2. Sir Gregory Norton, Bart @4@ above
  m3. (20.10.1655) Robert Gordon, 4th Viscount of Kenmure (b 11.1622, dsp 26/27.02.1663)



This section first uploaded 03.09.20.
Sir John de la Hay
1/2. Sir Reginald de la Hay
  m. Margaret Hussey (dau/heir of Sir Henry Hussey)
2/1. Sir Richard de la Hay of West Hay, Hertfordshire
  m. Margaret
  A. Constance de la Hay of East Court (a 1453)
  m. Hugh Pakenham
  B.+ other issue - William, Matthew (d before 1451)
3. Joanna de la Hay
  m. Thomas de Warbleton



This section first uploaded 03.09.20.
Sir Christopher Warde of Poswick, Yorkshire
(1) Visitation suggests that Christopher was possibly of Poswick, Yorkshire (albeit with that "of Poswick" added by the Harleian editor with reference to "Caius Coll. M.S."). There are some Wardes of Poswick on Ward01.
(2) Visitation suggests that this may have been the Sir Christopher who married Margaret, dau of Sir William Gascoigne, but does question that connection. Visitation shows this Christopher as having 4 sons as shown below. Note that HoP ('Thomas Ward") identifies Thomas the MP's father Thomas as "the third son of Sir Christopher Ward of Givendale" who is shown on Ward03 as married to Margaret Gascoigne with daughters but no sons. We suspect that there has been confusion between that Sir Christopher Ward of Givendale and this Sir Christopber.
1. Thomas Warde of Poswick (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Cunnington (dau of William Cunnyngton of Huntingdonshire)
  A. Thomas Warde of Wnkefield (Winkfield), Berkshire (a 1488, d 24.07.1538, MP)
  m. (c1505) Maud Moore (dau of Thomas More of Bourton)
  i. Richard Warde of Hurst, Berkshire( b by 1511, d 11.02.1578, cofferor to Henry VII, Edward VI, Mary & Elizabeth, MP) the first mentioned by Lyon
  Lyon notes that "As Hurst House and Whistley Manor were granted to 'Richard Warde and Anne his wife' in 1539, it is supposed that 'Colubra' was his second wife, but no other evidence of this is found." HoP ("Richard Ward") mentions only his marriage to ...
  m. (by 1539) Colubra Lamberde (d 1574, dau of William Lamberde (Flambert or Lambert) of Chertsey by Alice (or Anne), dau/heir of Thomas Tasborough of Suffolk)
Lyon names the 6 children named by Visitation but indicates that Richard & Colubra also had 8 other sons + 9 other daughters. That seems to be in error. Wikipedia ("Richard Warde') reports that they had 17 children, HoP that they had 8 sons + 9 daughtes, at least 2 sons + 4 daughters of whom dvp.
  a. Edward Warde
  b. Richard Warde 'of Hurst' (d 27.08.1605)
  Lyon identifies Anne's wife as Mary. We presume that this was the Richard of Hurst who married ...
m. Mary Appleton (dau of Sir Roger Appleton of Bemfleet)
  (1) Katherine Warde possibly of this generation
  BIFR1976 ('Maunsell', p800) identifies the father-in-law of the following John Maunsell as "Sir Richard Warde(e) of Hurst House, Berks, Treas to Queen Elizabeth I". We suspect that his wife Katherine was of this generation rather than one earlier as the earlier Katherine would have been about 62 at the time of this marriage, which produced at least 3 sons (the last born in 1607).
  m. (1601) John Maunsell of Balney Manor (b 1575, d 19.10.1625)
  c. Alice Warde (d c1558)
m. Thomas Harrison of Finchampsted
  d. Joan Warde
  m. Thoms Durham or Dirham of Hurst (serjeant of the Queen's Larder)
  (1) Richard Dirham
  (A) Thomas Dirham (b 1599, a 08.1605)
  e. Katherine Warde (b 1545, a 08.1605)
  m. William Alexander alias Milward of Busshie
  f. Anne Warde (b 1555, a 1605)
  Lyon identifies Anne's husband as Francis Weldon but notes that Visitation identifies him as ...
  m. Richard Lovelace of Hurley
  g.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue 
  B.+ 18 (sb 8?) other sons (dsp)
2.+ other issue - Sir Christopher, Sir Richard, Symond (priest)



This section first uploaded 03.09.20.
Lyon starts its section on this family with 2 cousins we show as sons of ...
?? Fish
1. Oliver Fish of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
  A. Maria Fish (only daughter)
  m. Richard Palmer of Luckley & East Court, Finchampstead (b 1611, d 1670)
2. ?? Fish
  A. Humphry Fish ('the younger') of Ickwell in Northill, Bedfordshire
  i. Henry Fish, later Fish-Palmer of Luckley & East Court (b 1705, d 13.01.1786, youngest son)
  m. (1728) Elizabeth Ingram (b 1703, d 22.06.1785)
  a. Charles Fish-Palmer of Luckley & East Court (bur 28.02.1807)
  m. Lucy (bur 31.03.1804)
  (1) Charles Fish-Palmer (later Fyshe-Plamer) of Luckley & East Court (b 1768, dsp 1842)
  m. (25.11.1805) Madelina (Gordon) (b 1772, d 1847, dau of Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon, widow of Sir Robert Sinclair, Bart)
  b.+ other issue - Roger, John (b 1741, d 1814), Edward (b 1745, d 1818), Thomas, James (bur 16.06.1805, cleric),
  ii.+ other issue

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