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Families covered: Lovelace of Bayford, Lovelace of Bethersden, Lovelace of Canterbury, Lovelace of Hurley, Lovelace of Woolwich

Richard Lovelace of Queenhithe in London, 1st of Bayford in Sittingborne, Kent (a temp HenryVI who r. 1422-1461)
1. Lancelot Lovelace of Bayford & Hever (d 1465)
  m. _ Eynsham (heir)
  A. Sir Richard Lovelace of Bayford & Bethersden (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Cromer (dau of Sir James Cromer, m2. Sir William Finch of the Mote)
  B. William Lovelace of Bayford (d 1501)
m. Lora Peckham
  i. John Lovelace 'of Hever in Kingsdown' of Bayford (d 1548)
  m. Mary Harman (dau of William Harman of Clayford)
  a. Thomas Lovelace, last of Bayford
  (1) Elizabeth Lovelace
  m. Sir Edward Monins
  b. Henry Lovelace
  m. Margaret Hamon
  (1) Thomas Lovelace (dsp)
  (2) Lancelot Lovelace (b c1570, d 1640, recorder of Canterbury)
  m. Mary Cussier (d 1636, dau/coheir of William Cussier of Hollingbourne)
  (A) Francis Lovelace (b 1596, d 1679, recorder of Canterbury)
  m. (1624) Ann Rogers (dau of Godwell Rogers of Denton)
  (i) Godwell Lovelace of Canterbury
  m. (1687!) Alice Hawkes of Canterbury (widow)
  (ii) William Lovelace (d 1683)
  m. Judith Whitfield (dau of Henry Whitfield)
  (a)+ issue - William (b c1653, d 1679), Francis of Canterbury (a 1702)
  (B) Judith Lovelace (a 1712!)
  m. (1617) John Doughty of Norfolk
  (C) Mary Lovelace
  m. Robert Ladde
  (D)+ other issue - Henry, Leonard, Elizabeth, Ann, Margaret
  c. Reginald Lovelace (4th son)
  m. Catherine Hodney
  (1) Robert Lovelace (2nd son?)
  m. Joan Tooke
  (A) Robert Lovelace
  m. Margaret Hide (dau of Edward Hide of Hadham)
  (i) Edward Lovelace (b by 1627)
  (B) Mary Lovelace
  m. Richard Voley (vicar of Weston)
  (2)+ other issue - Matthew, Richard (dsp 1619)
  d. Edward Lovelace (7th son)
  (1) John Lovelace
  e.+ other issue - William (dsp), William, Lancelot
ii William Lovelace
  a. William Lovelace (d 1576, sergeant-at-law)
  m1. _ Lewis (dau of _ Lewis, alderman of Canterbury)
  (1) Sir William Lovelace of Bethersden, later of Gray Friars in Canterbury (d 1629)
m. Elizabeth Aucher (dau of Edward Aucher of Bourne)
  (A) Sir William Lovelace of Woolwich
  m. Anne Barnes (dau of Sir William Barnes of Woolwich)
(i) Sir Richard Lovelace 'of Kingsdown' of Woolwich, later of Lovelace Place in Bethersden (d 1658)
  (a) Margaret Lovelace
  m. Henry Coke (son of Lord Chief Justice Coke)
  (ii) Dudley Lovelace (4th son?)
  m. Mary Lovelace
  (a) daughter (bur 1678)
  (iii)+ other issue - Francis (Colonel), William
  (B) Mary Lovelace (d 1669) probably of this generation
  m. (07.1619) Robert Lade (d 1666, Recorder of Canterbury)
  (C)+ other issue - Richard, Thomas, Elizabeth
  m2. ?? ## see here ##
  iii. Mary Lovelace possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Honywood of Honywood (a 1451)
  C. John Lovelace - continued just below
  Berry identifies John as "ancestor of Lord Lovelace". The dates suggest that he was the John, shown in the continuation below, who was the first mentioned by BE1883.
  m. Maud



John Lovelace (Lovelas) in Wargrave (d by 12.1518) - continued just above
m. Maud
1. John Lovelace of Hurley (d 25.08.1558)
  m1. Joan (a 1538, dsp)
  m2. Grace Sampson (d 12.11.1579, dau of Robert Sampson of Binfield)
  A. Richard Lovelace of Hurley (b 21.04.1542, d 10.03.1601/2)
  m. Anne Warde (d before 12.02.1611-2, dau of Richard Warde of Hurst)
i. Richard Lovelace, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire, 1st Lord of Hurley (b c1568, d 22.04.1634)
  m1. (sp) Katherine Gyll (dau of George Gyll of Wydial)
  m2. (c1615?) Margaret Dodworth (b c1588, d 1652, dau of William Dodworth of London)
  a. John Lovelace, 2nd Lord of Hurley (b c02.1616, d 24.09.1670)
  m. (11.07.1638) Anne Wentworth, Baroness Wentworth (bpt 29.07.1623, d 07.05.1697, dau of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Clevland)
(1) John Lovelace, 3rd Lord of Hurley (b c1640, d 27.09.1693)
  m. (28.08.1662) Martha Pye (b c1640, d c1704, dau of Sir Edmund Pye, Bart of Lekhampstead & Bradenham, by Catherine, dau of Thomas Lucas of Colchester & sister of John, 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield)
  (A) Martha Lovelace, Baroness Wentworth (b c1667, dsp 18.07.1745)
  m. (11.03.1692/3) Sir Henry Johnson of Friston Hall and of Blackwall (b c1659, d 29.09.1719)
  (B)+ other issue (dvp) - John (d infant), 2 daughters
  (2) Anne Lovelace (d unm)
  (3) Margaret Lovelace (d 14.04.1671)
  m. (30.10.1660) Sir William Noel, Bart of Kirby Mallory (b c1632, d 13.04.1675)
  The barony of Wentworth later passed into the Noel family through this marriage.
  (4) Dorothy Lovelace probably of this generation
  m. Henry Drax of Barbados then Boston (dsps)
  b. Francis Lovelace, Governor of New York (a 1670)
(1) William Lovelace of Hurst (d 1676)
  BE1883 identifies William's wife as Mary King (dau of William King of Iver) but TCP identifies her as ...
  m. Mary Nevill (sister of Sir Edward Nevill, Bart of Grove)
  (A) John Lovelace, 4th Lord, Governor of New York (d 06.05.1709)
  m. (c20.10.1702) Charlotte Clayton (d 12.04.1749, dau of Sir John Clayton by Alice, dau of Sir William Bowyer, Bart)
  (i) John Lovelace, 5th Lord (d young c20.05.1709)
(ii) Nevil Lovelace, 6th Lord (b c1708, d unm 28.07.1736)
  (iii) Martha Lovelace (d 05.03.1788)
  m. (25.06.1739) Lord Henry Beauclerk (b 11.08.1701, d 05.01.1761, Colonel)
  c. Elizabeth Lovelace
  m. Henry Martin (son of Sir Henry)
  d. Martha or Margaret Lovelace
  m. (22.04.1633) Sir George (not John) Stonehouse, 3rd Bart (b 1608, d c1675)
  ii. Henry Lovelace had issue
  iii. Ursula Lovelace
  m. John Hercy of Cruchfield
  iv. Colubery (Celiberry) Lovelace apparently of this generation
  m1. Richard Beke of Haddenham
  m2. Simon Mayne of Dinton
  v. Anne Lovelace probably of this generation
  m. John Mayne of Elmdon
  B. Henry Lovelace
  i. Richard Lovelace
  C.+ other issue - John, Thomas (dsp), Arthur, Elizabeth
2. William Lovelace of Culham
  A. issue - John (b c1541), William, daughters
3. Joan Lovelace

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : CountyGen (Kent. Berry, p474+)
(2) For lower section (originally uploaded 01.11.04 into LZmisc04) : TCP ('Lovelace of Hurley'), BE1883 ('Lovelace of Hurley')
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