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Families covered: Packer of Donnington, Packer of Shellingford, Pulleyne of Burley, Plumer of Lilling Hall, Pockley of Burton Agnes

William Packer of Twickenham, Middlesex (d 1601) mentioned by HoP
m. Elizabeth
1. John Packer of Westminster (b 12.11.1572, d 09.02.1649, Clerk of the Privy Seal, MP, 3rd son) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. (c07.1613) Philippa Mills (dau of Francis Mills (Mylles) of Southampton)
  A. Robert Packer of Shellingford, Berkshire (bpt 12.09.1614, d 25.02.1682, MP)
m. Temperance Stephens (d 1705, dau of Edward Stephens of Little Sodbury, son of Thomas of Lypiatt by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of John Stone of Loindon & Bourne Hall)
  i. John Packer of Shellingford (b 1656-7, d 1687)
  m. Elizabeth Stephens (dau of Richard Stephens of Eastington)
  a. Robert Packer of Shellingford & Donnington, Sheriff of Berkshire (bpt 10.02.1678, d 04.04.1731, MP)
  m. (27.02.1700) Mary Winchcombe (dau/coheir of Sir Henry Winchcombe of Bucklebury, 2nd Bart)
  (1) Winchcomb Howard Packer of Donnington & Shellingford (b 20.11.1702, d unm 21.08.1746)
  (2) Elizabeth Packer apparently of this generation
m. (1735) David Hartley of Bath (b 1704, d 1794)
  (3)+ other issue (all dsp?) - 4 sons (1 dvp)
  b. Temperance Packer possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Gisborne of Derby (b 1680, d 1760)
  ii.+ other issue - Anne (d young), daughter
  B. Philip Packer of Groombridge, Kent
  m. Isabel Berkley (dau of Sir Robert Berkley (judge))
  i. Isabella Packer who married ...
  m. Thomas Vincent (b c1651)
ii.+ other issue - Robert, John, Elizabeth, Katherine, Temperance
  C. William Packer of Denington, Berkshire (4th son)
  m. Jane Sanders (dau of Thomas Sanders of Woolston)
  i.+ issue - John, Martha
  D. Elizabeth Packer
  m. John Browne (clerk in the House of Lords)
  E. Katherine Packer
  m. John Gell of Hopton
  F.+ other issue - John (physician), son (dvp), daughter (dvp)
2.+ at least 2 sons (1 dvp)



Thomas Pulleyne of Burley, Otley (d 24.05.1709)
m. Ann Fairfax (dau/heir of Captain John Fairfax)
1. Thomas Pulleyne of Burley (b 22.08.1701, bur 24.10.1759)
  m1. (08.10.1725) Frances Hammond (dau of William Hammond of Scarthingwall)
  A. Frances Pulleyne (b 05.12.1726, d 10.02.1784)
  m. (06.03.1752) Thomas Moseley (b 21.03.1722, d 15.04.1784, vicar of Wigginton, rector of Stonegrave)
  B. Thomas Hammond Pulleyne (b 17.12.1729, d infant)
  m2. (18.10.1739) Mary Stern (b 01.1698 (1703-4?), d 31.07.1786, dau of Richard Stern of Woodhouse)
2. Mary Pulleyne (b 1703-4, d(sps) 16.07.1731)
  m. (Edward) Wormley of Riccal
3.+ other issue - John (d infant), Charles (b 1706, dsp 02.1725), Frances (d young)



"descended of a Scottish family" was ...
Thomas Plumer of Bedale
m1. ?? (Mrs. Heaton, widow)
m2. (14.12.1710) Alice Hall (b 30.06.1678, d 07.04.1756, dau of Francis Hall of Dunnington & East Lilling, sister/coheir of Thomas of Lilling Hall)
1. Thomas Plumer of Lilling Hall (b 08.10.1711, d 17.03.1781)
  m. (15.06.1751) Ann Thompson (b c1720, d 10.03.1795, dau of Henry Thompson of Kirby Hall)
  A. Hall Plumer of Lilling Hall 'of Stockton Hall' (b 03.06.1751)
  i. Frances Plumer
  m. (1810) William Preston (vicar of Bulmer)
  ii. Eliza Plumer
m. (1814) Thomas Price (son of Sir Charles, Bart)
  iii. Lucy Plumer
  m. (18514) _ Keary (Captain)
  B. Sir Thomas Plumer (b 10.10.1753, d 24.03.1824, Attorney General, Master of the Rolls, MP)
  m. (27.08.1794) Marianne Turton (dau of John Turton of Sugnal Hall)
  i.+ 5 sons + 2 daughters
  C. Lucy Plumer (b 24.12.1757)
  m. George William Anderson (cleric, son of Sir William, Bart)
D. Catherine Plumer (bpt 16.01.1759)
  m. (1784) Edmund Anderson (son of Sir William, Bart)
  E. Anne Plumer (b 17.03.1761, d unm 11.08.1806)
2. Francis Plumer in London (b 14.02.1713, a 1773)
  m. Susanna Green (dau of Armel Green of Upton Shandsbury)
  A. Francis Plumer (b 05.12.1769)
3. Joseph Plumer of Oporto (b 09-10.08.1713)
  m. Mary Smith (dau/coheir of William Smith of Oporto)
  A. Mary Plumer
  m. Francis Smyth
4.+ other issue - Benjamin (dsp), William (d young)



Lancelot Pockley of Burton Agnes, Yorkshire
1. Lancelot Pockley of Burton Agnes (d c1645)
  m. Jane Pearson (dau of John Pearson of Yorkshire)
  A. John Pockley of Burton Agnes (d c1657)
  m. Helen Taylor (dau of Robert Taylor of Creme (Crambe))
  i. John Pockley of Thorpe Willoughby, Yorkshire (b c1625, a 08.1665)
  ii. Anne Pockley
  m. Sir Jeremy Smith of Hemingbrough
  iii. Ellen Pockley
  m. Edward Thorpe of Colton
  iv. Alice Pockley
  m. Henry Mese of Skerne
  B. Jane Pockley
  m. Peter Rudston of Carnaby
  C. Margaret Pockley
  m. Mathew Taylor
  D.+ other issue - Richard, Mathew
The above is what is reported by Dugdale. The following comes from FMG. George was most likely connected to the above family. We show the connection was at this generation but this is wholly speculative.
2. ?? Pockley
A. ?? Pockley
  i. George Pockley of Thurnham in Burton Agnes
  a. Thomas Pockley of Ulram in Barmston (b c1657, d 04.03.1703)
  m. (11.02.1688) Isabella Ripley (d 25.12.1705, dau/coheir of _ Ripley of Harsthorp)
  (1) Robert Pockley of Brayton (bur 22.11.1744)
  m. (20.01.1708) Theodosia Osbaldeston (bur 07.06.1738, dau of Richard Osbaldeston of Hunmanby)
  (A) Theodosia Pockley (bpt 02.08.1715, bur 31.07.1753)
  m. Gabriel Brooke (b 1710-1, d 12.04.1781)
  Their son inherited Hunmanby and assumed the name Osbaldeston.
  (B) Elizabeth Pockley
  m. _ Morley
  (C)+ other issue - Robert (b 1727), Richard (bur 1740), Ellinor (d 1715), Mary (b c1716, d 1735), Isabel (bpt 1720)

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